Mindjet and Microsoft Word combined to make an extremely powerful authoring solution. Creating and authoring full, rich documentation has just become powerful and easy with Word4Maps. Create Topic based documents from a single line to a complete book. Create Dashboard Maps for frequently required documents enabling quick access editing & document production. Utilize the full power of images, tables, foot notes and more… Create feature rich text to use as alternative/additional Topic Notes & export your maps with the built-in export to produce high quality documents the way you want them!

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The New way to use Mindjet & Microsoft Word
Word4Maps allows you to create Mindjet Maps with Topics that contain individual Microsoft Word documents that are accessible by clicking a small icon located on the outside of the Topic border.
Tight integration of Word & Mindjet desktop means you can really go to town on the content of your Topics using fully working Table structures, HTML, Charts, Shapes and Graphics either alongside existing Topic Notes or as an extended alternative.
The In-built Word4Maps export allows for very quick exporting to a single Word document based on the order of your Map Topics.
So why develop this add-in for Mindjet 11 and MindManager 2012?
MindManager 2012 and Mindjet 11 Topic Notes  does not provide full document editing capabilities. Neither does it export your map correctly using the Export to Microsoft Word function. This means that you need to spend a lot of time reformatting an exported map document in Microsoft Word.
This is where Word4Maps comes to the rescue.
We developed our Word4Maps add-in that provides a simple document editing solution for keeping all of your maps and Word4Maps “Notes” perfectly formatted  using Word4Maps hyperlinks. This provides an additional MindManager document editing functionality of being able to create, save and export a map using MODi Word4Maps export functions that maintain document formatting integrity.
Ideal for creating : 
  • EBooks
  • Audit and compliance documents
  • School assignment work
  • Academic writing ( Imagine you have the capability of END NOTE direclty in Mindjet 11 and MindManager 2012!!
  • Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Business Plans
  • Project Plans
  • Strategic Business Documents
Creating a Word4Maps Topic
Word4Maps Topics can be created by one of two methods:
Word4Maps Ribbon GroupRibbon Menu Method: Select the Topic you wish to add a Word4Maps document to. Next, select the Enable Word4Maps option from the Word4Maps Ribbon Group located on the Home Ribbon Menu.
Word4Maps Conect Menu ItemsContext Menu Method: Select the Topic you wish to add a Word4Maps document to. Next, right-click to access the Topic Context Menu. Select the Enable Word4Maps item from the options.
Word4Maps Topic IconBoth of these methods will apply a Word4maps document to your chosen Topic and the small Word4Maps icon will be displayed on the outside of the Topic border.
Once you have assigned Word4Maps to your Topic you can then start working directly in the document within your installed version of MS Word inside of the Word4Maps Task Pane.
Word4Maps Task Pane
You can use the convenient Task Pane width icons located across the top of the Task Pane to automatically size the Task pane to a more convenient size while you work on your documents with a simple click of the mouse.
Word4Maps Task Pane Presets
Full screen gives you a full view of Word within Mindjet desktop allowing you to focus on your document content. Half-screen mode allows you to keep the Map Topics in view if desired so you can keep track of the particular Topic subject you are creating within your document.
Word4Maps Task Pane (Normal)Word4Maps Task Pane (Half Screen)Word4Maps Task Pane (Full Screen)
Selecting Word4Maps Topics
One you have assigned some Word4Maps documents to your Topics you can select them by left-clicking on the Word4Maps icon located outside the Topic border. As you change your selection the Word4Maps Task pane will change to display the associated Word4maps MS Word document for that Topic.
Having MS Word content directly associated with your Topics allows you to fully take advantage of the power MS Word gives you. Whereas the in-built Topic Notes of Mindjet desktop provide basic features, Word4Maps allows you to really get the most out of your Topics by having full feature Tables, Graphics, Charts, Formatting etc.
You also benefit by having access to any Word add-ins or plug-ins you may normally use – right there inside Mindjet desktop and at your fingertips.
Word4Maps Creates Great Documents
Word4Maps Word ExportWhen you have created your Map and Topics with Word4Maps content you can then use the in-built export to create a single MS Word document containing the content from each individual Topic.
Access the export from the Word4Maps Ribbon Group located on the Home Ribbon menu in Mindjet desktop. Select the Export item and then sit back as your document is created from your individual Topics.
OPTi-Word Task PaneExtending the Power of Word4Maps
Of course its always nice to be able to do a little bit more than just create the document, so we have integrated Word4Maps with OPTi-Word. The bringing together of these two Microsoft Word focused add-ins really unlocks the power of using Mindjet desktop with Microsoft Word.
OPTi-Word gives you the ability to add Topic elements such as Task Information, Topic Notes etc as well as individually styling the Topic text with your Word templates.
Download a trial today and start seeing why most Mindjet desktop users add this powerful application to their software of choice list!
7 Day Trial
Word4Maps Trial DownloadDownload a fully functional 7 day trial which can be unlocked with the purchase of a licence key to see why so many Mindjet desktop users choose these great add-ins from MODI. Get Word4Maps Now!
If you would like to try Word4Maps and see just how powerful this easy to use add-in really is then you can download a 7 day trial below. The trial is currently available for Mindjet® MindManager® 2012.Downloads are supplied in .Zip format which helps to maintain download integrity and are the full product, fully functional for 7 days. Trials can be unlocked with a purchased licence key.
Download Word4Maps in .zip format for Windows
Available versions:
Download Trial for MindManager 2012
User Guide
Word4Maps User GuideDownload/view the Word4Maps User Guide to gain a better understanding of how the application interfaces with Mindjet desktop. Download
Getting Started
View the 1st of several video’s showing how to use Word4Maps. View the Video
MODI Word4Maps Overview
 Word4Maps™ Business
Offering great productivity benefits Word4Maps lets you quickly create & tailor frequently used documents & manage them in a Dashboard Map.
Quickly add new documents or amend existing ones & utilize powerful notes with access to all of MS Words capabilities.
 Word4Maps™ Personal
Get organized by creating Maps organizing personal letters &correspondence you often need to write. Maintain fuller, richer text notes within your MindManager Maps and benefit from tighter support for images, tables& HTML.
 Word4Maps™ Education
Studying for a Phd? Word4Mapsmakes the perfect control center to collate & organize all the knowledge & information you require – in one place.
Quickly capture & organize your data with MindManager & then use the built in export to create the perfect dissertation.
Word4Maps™ Government
Word4Maps can help you keep track of RFP’sPolicies & Standards as well as help you produce clearly formatted & structured documents quickly.Create departmental records and access them with ease when required & modify them on the fly.
Word4Maps is priced at $79.00 USD per license.
For larger quantities a multiple licensing is possible.
Please contact us at sales@unitedaddins.com to get an attractive quote including volume discounts.