United ADDins is a software reseller for Microsoft Office add-ins as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 products. We supply quality software backed by extensive technical expertise from our vendors to enterprise, business and government customers globally

Proactive software sales is the core of our expertise. Thus, we constantly analyze the vendor market in search of quality applications, we carefully select products from different manufacturers that we believe the business users will find valuable, and will keep on improving and perfecting in order to enable growth for our vendors and partners while increasing the productivity or manage cost efficiency for our clients.

Vendors benefit from our customer relationships, established channels, and global knowledge. Our partners benefit from our close relationship with vendors, product and licensing expertise and technical support. End user customers benefit from best of breed software, enterprise licensing and volume pricing..

We will be pleased to support you in the evaluation of the offered software solutions and in finding the best deal for your company. On our web site you will always find the complete overview of the current range of products, as well as information on specific details, licensing and pricing.

We are happy to provide you with professional advice, suitable licensing, rapid reaction times and attractive prices in the currency of your choice.