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    aHa! Word2Map

    The aHa! Word2Map add-in enables you to quickly create a mindmap structure from a Word document to get through scanning and clicking with the mouse.

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    aHa! XLS import

    The aHa! XLS import allows you to convert Microsoft Excel data in Mindjet MindManager. Available for importing are the rows, columns and data from the cells into a structured folder.

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    aHa!1Way XLS

    (Time Management & Meeting Management) The aHa!1Way XLS add-in exports Mindjet MindManager’s task information into task lists in Microsoft Excel while maintaining the hierarchic structure of your map.

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    aHa!2Way XLS

    (Project planning & Time Management) The aHa!2WayXLS add-in for project planning is an effective method to export your project and task information from Mindjet® MindManager to Microsoft ®Excel while maintaining its hierarchical structure and visualizing your project in the form of a Gantt chart

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    aHa!Matrix export

    (Strategy & Dashboard) The aHa!Matrix export automatically generates a simple matrix view of the information of your Mindjet MindManager maps.

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    aHa!Visual web export

    (Knowledge Management) The aHa!Visual web export allows you to publish the results of a brainstorm, meeting, project-dashboard or a strategy session in the same visual format the participants saw on the beamer when they left the conferencing room.

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    The ideal add-in for MindManager. Now you can export map content using MindManager Excel Export and after reviewing and updating data in Microsoft Excel you can then update your Excel Sheet data back to your MindManager map.

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    MapFolderMaker 2012 provides a powerful easy use function for saving you hours in time by now being able to create corresponding colour coded and logically ordered folder structures files for any MindManager map.

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    Manage all of your media needs directly in MindManager with MediaNoteTaker. Record, edit, manage, play and download  your video and audio media using a choice of seven multimedia tools.

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    MindManager Utilities
    OPTi-Add-ins is the new add-in platform which offers you a selection of add-ins completely free of charge, as well as others which can be purchased as needed individually or in money saving bundles.

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