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StaffCop Standard is corporate security software that allows you to monitor company computer activity and prevent unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information.

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StaffCop Standard is corporate security software

StaffCop Standard allows you to monitor all activities on company computers and prevent the unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information.
Corporate information security has always been a top business priority. There is a growing need for solutions that provide the functionality to analyze employee activities during business hours, and protect the company’s confidential information.
StaffCop software allows you to effectively prevent, detect, respond, monitor and review measures to reduce perceived risks of corporate data loss. IT professionals who use StaffCop can adequately monitor company resources for data breaches or prevent these breaches from occurring.
Main Features of StaffCop Standard:
  • Social Network Monitoring – all actions taken in Facebook, Twitter, Classmates or VKontakte are tracked and analyzed. You are able to see private messages, photos and other materials viewed by the user.
  • Search Term Tracking – it is possible to track and analyze all searches performed in Google, Yahoo, Yandex etc.
  • Analytics modules generate charts and statistics on how much time is spent playing games, running applications, visiting websites, or chatting in IM.
  • Screen Capture – screenshots are taken every few minutes and may be accessed through the admin panel.
  • IM and email correspondence is tracked and analyzed, and may be accessed through the admin panel.
  • Built-in key logger provides you with user passwords for social networks and other login-only websites.
  • Stealth Mode – in this mode the entire StaffCop system is hidden from the PC-user, so it is very hard to locate all StaffCop processes.
  • It is possible to track all file activity, printed documents, USB connections, application installation and much more.
Implementing StaffCop Standard allows you to evaluate and increase your company’s work efficiency, and also increases the level of corporate data security. StaffCop Standard software allows the tracking of email correspondence, including content and attached files, as email is one of the main data loss channels. All PC user activity is tracked and monitored by StaffCop Standard, allowing you to evaluate his work time efficiency.
Screenshot recording
StaffCop software allows you to run surveillance of the company network by taking periodic snapshots of computer screens. You can access computer desktops remotely in real time, and view screenshots from different time intervals. When it's time to generate reports, the Report Wizard will download all screenshots to the admin's computer.
Application Monitoring
View the list of applications run in the network or on a particular PC. StaffCop creates performance reports that track many hours are spent in different applications. Thus, you can easily learn more about company performance and also optimize your resources. StaffCop tracking software calculates the total time spent on using every program and provides detailed reports.
Email Correspondence Monitoring
The feature allows you to establish control over the life cycle of corporate correspondence, preventing leaks of sensitive data. StaffCop records the time a message was sent, from whom and to whom, and includes, the message's contents and attachments. Attachments can be saved if necessary. All types of email clients are supported.
Website Monitoring
StaffCop records the page address (URL), title, time of access and time spent on the web site. All types of Web browsers are supported. You can see a list of open Web sites when needed, or access a report of all sites visited by users in a specified time range.
The advantage of StaffCop tracker is that it doesn't use the easily forged browser history to collect information about user web traffic.
Chats/IM activity monitoring
StaffCop user module logs all chats in popular instant messengers, such as SKYPE, MSN Messenger, ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger.
StaffCop records both incoming and outgoing messages (most IM loggers can only detect outgoing messages). In the reports, you may sort chat history by contact,time of day, length of time spent chatting, etc
USB Device Monitoring
StaffCop logs the use of USB devices, recording the device name and the time of connection or disconnection.
All types of USB devices (Flash drives, MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, cameras, etc.) are supported.
StaffCop performs monitoring of removable data devices, such as USBs, flash memory drives, and memory cards. StaffCop allows you to track the names of devices and their connection and disconnection times.
The comprehensive reporting feature enables you to view and track the connection of USB flash drives, MP3 players, printers, scanners, and other devices to networked computers. You can generate reports detailing any files that have been copied to removable data devices.
Clipboard monitoring
StaffCop Standard allows you to monitor the user's clipboard. If a user copies any kind of the information to the clipboard (CTRL+C, Copy), you will be able to track this information in logs and reports.
When user copies something to his or her clipboard, StaffCop saves a shadow copy of the copied file or item so it is possible to track these actions.
It is possible to set a limit for the maximum size of a copied file, and to set a memory limit for file storage.
In addition, the agent's settings allow you to turn clipboard monitoring on or off.
Social Network Monitoring
In today's world, people spend more time on social networks. This becomes a significant part of their lives. It is important to monitor work visits to social networks so that employees do not spend their work time socializing. It also important to ensure that children do not spend too much time on social networks and do not communicate with potentially dangerous strangers.
Search Term Tracking
A separate type of monitoring is Search Term Tracking. All queries made by users in search engines are available in a separate tab of the event log, so you can see what interests the user and what information he is looking for. Search Term Tracking supports most popular search engines, such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Yandex, etc.
File and Folder Tracking
StaffCop detects all file operations on PCs in the network. You can easily customize the report by tracking particular file types and events only, e.g. accessing Word or Excel files in My Documents or executing files in Program Files.
When files are created, copied, opened or deleted, this information is tracked by StaffCop.
Keystroke recording
All keystrokes are recorded to prevent possible data leaks. You can see the key logger reports in real-time as well as access them through a schedule.
StaffCop also captures passwords and system keys (CTRL, SHIFT, ALT, CAPS LOCK, etc), increasing the level of information protection.
System Event Monitoring
StaffCop tracks and analyzes data about the following system activities:
  • Computer start-up and shutdown, including exact time of events.
  • User login and logout, including exact time of events and the names of users.
  • Software installation and removal, including names of the users performing tasks.
  • Connection of USB devices and other media.
Whitelists and Blacklists
It is possible to block or allow websites and applications by adding them to blacklists or whitelists.
Blacklists allow you to prohibit access to exact websites or applications. Whitelists grant the access to websites and applications specified in the whitelist only - all the other websites and applications will be blocked and unavailable to use. Whitelists are good for strict corporate security policy, i.e. banks, where only few websites or tools are available for use at work. Blacklists are good for all other companies, which want to restrict the access to social media and social network websites, different games, etc.
PC Activities Reporting
Report Wizard is an integral part of StaffCop that helps to analyze the performance of the company, a particular department, or an individual employee for a defined time range. For any work-day, week or month, you can view the applications launched and used and calculate - the time spent effectively. StaffCop creates comprehensive time sheet reports organized by application. The same report can be compiled for websites, documents, keystrokes, and so on.
Stealth Mode Installation and Monitoring
StaffCop can work in an invisible or stealth mode. If launched in the visible mode, the Staffcop icon will display in the system tray and show an alert when the user logs in.
Strong Security
StaffCop module runs as a Windows system service. If a user doesn't have administrator credentials, then it is not possible to stop, bypass or get rid of it.
Information is encrypted on the Agent side and decrypted on the Admin side, so it is impossible to intercept and view data.
Alert Notifications
As an additional feature, StaffCop allows the sending of instant messages from the administrative module to any user module. This feature simplifies communication with computer users. This also makes it possible to update the user about any violations and prevent any further company-prohibited activities.
Remote Install / Uninstall
You can install StaffCop user modules on all computers of the network or uninstall the same way if you have admin credentials.
The remote install/uninstall feature makes it possible to set up the whole system without bothering your employees – they will not even notice it. This feature becomes especially useful if your network has a large number of PCs.
Terminal Server Support
StaffCop can be installed and hosted on a terminal server.
Terminal server support brings security to a higher level, it becomes harder to attack data from the inside. This also reduces administration costs and electricity bills.
StaffCop Standard Demo Videos
Here you can find demo-videos on how to set up and take advantage of StaffCop Standard. Demo-videos provided below will help you to understand main features of StaffCop Standard, and also will visually demonstrate how separate features work.
Here you can find usage examples of StaffCop in different companies and organizations. For reasons of confidentiality the names and company names are hidden.
Implementation examples by CEO/CTO
Niche: Household appliances
Problem: CEO of the company noticed that managers spend a lot of time using Instant Messengers. They explained it as a part of their work.
Results: After implementing StaffCop monitoring software the truth came out – 70% of the time Instant Messengers were used for private needs. Even more, two of the employees started virtual relationships and spent more than an hour every day on this.
Niche: Bank, Analytics Department
Problem: Head of the Analytics Department was worried by the fact that his employees have different performance level. It was impossible to compare their achievements, because of their unique tasks.
Results: After implementing StaffCop monitoring software and generating first report he was shocked – employees spent a lot of time in social networks chatting, commenting photos and playing built-in games.
Implementation example by Corporate Security Manager
Niche: Online Marketing services
Problem: Corporate Security Manager noticed that too many clients started declining deals, too many refunds appeared. Even corporate clients started to close their accounts. Some employees were suspected, but there were no chance to prove they break the in-house laws and business laws.
Results: After implementing StaffCop monitoring software Corporate Security Manager noticed that every evening customer database was copied to a USB-device. Employee was selling it to a competitor company.
Implementation example by Human Resources Department
Niche: Shopping Mall
Problem: HR department didn’t know that one of the best employees isn’t satisfied with the salary and is seeking for a new job sending a lot of CV’s and motivation letters.
Results: After implementing StaffCop monitoring software HR department realized that they can lose their best employee and after consulting with a CEO offered him a promotion, including bigger salary. Employee was extremely happy, because he liked his job and the only issue was a salary.
Implementation example by System Administrators
Niche: Shopping Mall
Problem: HR department didn’t know that one of the best employees isn’t satisfied with the salary and is seeking for a new job sending a lot of CV’s and motivation letters.
Results: After implementing StaffCop monitoring software HR department realized that they can lose their best employee and after consulting with a CEO offered him a promotion, including bigger salary. Employee was extremely happy, because he liked his job and the only issue was a salary.
Implementation example by System Administrators
Niche: Oil Refinery Factory
Problem: Too many viruses appeared on staff’s PCs. All the computers were secured with a firewall and antivirus, but this wasn’t enough. IT department spent a lot of time and money on cleaning PCs once a week. And what’s the worst – there were Trojans among other viruses. Company starts losing sensitive data regarding their deals and business.
Results: After implementing StaffCop security software IT department noticed that all the viruses come from a USB-devices that employees use to transfer data from home PCs to work PCs and from an adult-content websites which was visited daily by few employees.
Implementation example by Parents
Niche: Family
Problem: Parents noticed that their kid’s marks are decreasing, as he was a straight A pupil before, but they couldn’t find the reason it happened.
Results: After implementing StaffCop Home Edition parental control software and checking the first generated report they realized that their kid spends days and nights playing online games, not studying languages as he always told to his parents. It was impossible to find out this before, because of kid’s IT skills – he was successfully erasing all the browsing history and temporary files.

StaffCop and Security Curator product comparison

Here you can find the comparison table of DLP/Corporate Data Security and Monitoring software:
StaffCop Home Edition - Parental control and monitoring software. Made for home use on 1 PC, so there is no possibility to LAN-connect agent to admin's panel.
StaffCop Standard - PC user activity monitoring and corporate data security software. Best for small and large companies.
Security Curator - Corporate data security software with advanced application and process blocking feature. Security Curator may notificate of any violation of security policy. Designed for medium and large companies.
Probably the most frequently asked question is: "What is the difference between StaffCop Standard and Security Curator?"
Actually, StaffCop Standard is only about logging and monitoring - it tracks PC user activity - everything that's launched, opened, viewed, saved, uploaded, downloaded, visited, etc.
Security Curator - is much more powerful tool, that besides StaffCop's main monitoring and logging features, allows you to With keep your company's confidential information under control. The start of any activity, application or process may be denied or canceled - including blocking the launch of a program, restriction of access to all or certain websites, denial of access to certain files and operations (deleting, editing, copying), blocking correspondence with certain contacts in ICQ/MSN, etc. Implementing Security Curator allows you to restrict access to undesirable websites, programs and applications for a certain period of time or permanently. Also Security Curator provides administrators with the email/sms/other notifications of any violation of security policy of your company.
Features StaffCop Home Edition StaffCop Standard Security Curator
Applications and Programs
Application and Program run time
Email correspondence monitoring
Copying of files attached to the email
Web Site monitoring
IM and Chat (ICQ / MSN / monitoring
Skype monitoring
Social Network monitoring (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, VK, etc)
Search Term monitoring in Google, Yahoo, etc.
USB-device monitoring
Copying files from connected USB-devices
Interception of Printed files
Printed file monitoring
Installed/Uninstalled program monitoring
Work time monitoring (logging in / logging out)
Downloaded files / Uploaded files
File/Folder access monitoring
File/Folder activity monitoring
User activity monitoring
Screenshoting all activities (Skype monitoring opportunity)
FTP monitoring
Network connection monitoring (by Port and IP address)
System Flexibility StaffCop Home Edition StaffCop Standard Security Curator
Information Harvesting System customization
Adding more administrator modules
Terminal Server support
Monitoring customization (allows to track only necessary data)
Monitoring time settings (restrictions, customizations, sorting)
Operating on LAN (agent module connection to admin's panel via LAN connection)
Security StaffCop Home Edition StaffCop Standard Security Curator
Event Blocking (applications, websites, file activities)
Process launch blocking
USB-device connection/disconnection blocking
USB-device connection/disconnection blocking
Network connection blocking (by Port and IP)
File/Folder activity blocking
High security level for all modules
Data encryption
Password-protected Admin module
Password-protected connection with Agent
Separate encrypted information database
Stealth Mode
Alert SMS and Email notifications about all violations. User notification.
Additional Features StaffCop Home Edition StaffCop Standard Security Curator
Report creation wizard
Visual reports (statistics, images, charts)
Application run time control
Report creation planner
Reports to email
Reports to FTP
Module remote installing/uninstalling
Agent module grouping
Sending messages from Admin module to Agents
Data search by keywords
Data filtering
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StaffCop Software discounts – Volume, Migrate, Educational.

There are 3 types of discounts for StaffCop software.
Volume discount:
StaffCop is installed and used every dayВ on thousands of corporate computers worldwide. These large companies require special licensing schemes and low TCO. That's why we started offering a flexible discount scheme for companies. You can save by ordering a license for only 2 computers! See the discount scheme below:
Number of computers          
Price per computer    
1 computer
from 2 to 20 computers
from 21 to 50 computers
from 51 to 100 computers
from 101 to 300 computers
from 301 to 500 computers
more then 500
Educational discount:
StaffCop is frequently used in educational and non-profit organizations for computer use reports. StaffCop is very easy to install and does not require any additional training. To receive the educational discount, please send proof of your organization's status.
Please contact us about non-profit licenses by e-mail at: We will send detailed information by e-mail, or if you prefer, call you on the phone.
We offer discounts for the following types of organizations:
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Charity funds
  • Public museums
  • Public libraries.
In additional, we ofer a Migration discount:
If you already user computer monitoring software that is similar to the StaffCop solution, then you are eligible to upgrade to StaffCop with a 40% discount!
What is required to purchase the program at discounted price?
  • You must be a user of competing software with a valid or expired license (no more than 2 years should have passed from the date of purchase);
  • You must provide us with a proof of purchase (this can be your order confirmation information).