SPECTOR 360 monitors, captures, and analyzes ALL user and user group activity including: email sent and received, chat/IM, websites visited, applications/programs accessed, web searches, file transfers, and data printed or saved to removable devices.

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Monitor All Employee Activity Across PCs, Macs, Laptops, and the Internet
IT professionals, Risk Officers, and HR staff have more worries than ever: insider theft, inappropriate communications, inefficient processes, employee investigations, and compliance requirements. These pressing issues demand a reliable, automated, advanced technology capable of showing user, department, and division activity no matter where the users are or what devices they are using. SPECTOR 360, the de facto corporate User Activity Monitoring solution, addresses these issues and meets this demand.
SPECTOR 360 monitors, captures, and analyzes ALL user and user group activity including: email sent and received, chat/IM, websites visited, applications/programs accessed, web searches, file transfers, and data printed or saved to removable devices.
SPECTOR 360 features automated, remote installation of the Mac client.
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Monitor everything they do
SPECTOR 360 captures every activity, including snapshot videos of the screen, at the source: the user’s computer, automatically storing the activity data centrally for further auditing. 
Stay up-to-date on all activity

Receive scheduled reports to provide insight into monitored activity. Instant Alerts are also sent based on specific keywords, program activity, printing and more.



Every activity, in complete detail
Drill down and see the individual activities in question. Replay their screen like a DVR to see exactly what they were doing.
Never miss a thing
Because SPECTOR 360 runs on your Mac and Windows clients, you capture every single screen, keystroke, file transfer, Facebook entry, etc…
Know what they’re really doing
SPECTOR 360 differentiates application usage into Active, Focused and Total Time to tell exactly how the user was interacting with each program. Active when it’s open, Focused when they are working with it and Total being the sum of the two.
We’re always watching…so you don’t have to
SPECTOR 360 has over 90 individual activity types to alert you via email to exactly who is copying sensitive files, surfing Facebook, printing documents, downloading files and more.
Informed…without the effort
Scheduled reports via email help you keep track of activity trends so you can see your top producers, top offenders and everything in between.
Dig into the details
SPECTOR 360 uses dashboards and Event views to help you navigate to the user, activity or specific action to identify exactly what is happening in your organization.
Activities in Context

Video playback of screen captures tells the story around the actions in question, providing context where lists of actions alone fall short.

Not everyone needs to see everything
Because the reviewing needs of HR, IT and management are all different, SPECTOR 360 allows you to restrict which users, groups and activities are visible to. Usernames can even be obfuscated to allow for reviewing of trends without exposing specific users’ activities.
Why SPECTOR 360?
The Top 5 Reasons organizations turn to SPECTOR 360 User Activity Monitoring:
  1. Track and enforce electronic Acceptable Use Policies
  2. Protect valuable Intellectual Property and trade secrets
  3. Identify security breaches and risks
  4. Monitor and audit compliance requirements
  5. Benchmark user productivity
You can also use SPECTOR 360 to:
  • Recover lost communications such as email, chat, and IM
  • Assist Help Desk with computer recovery
  • Eliminate or minimize legal liability
  • Obtain data to support accusations of wrongdoing or provide proof of innocence
  • Eliminate or minimize security breaches
  • Detect the use of organization resources to conduct illegal or unethical activities
Active or Focus Time: A Key Distinction
SPECTOR 360 also distinguishes between active time and focus time. This means that you can tell the difference between an application opened and left idle, and one that is opened and actively used. When working to optimize productivity, improve training, and gather application metering data, this distinction is invaluable.
Capture and Analysis in Detail
To learn more details about each of the capture and analysis capabilities in SPECTOR 360, click on the icons below:
Icon Email/Webmail Icon Online Searches Icon File Transfers
Icon Chat/Instant Messages Icon Keystrokes Typed Icon Document Tracking
Icon Web Sites Visited Icon User Activity Icon Network Activity
Icon Application/Program Use
Keyword Alerts, Audit Trails, and Peace of Mind
Beyond its powerful capture and analysis functions, SPECTOR 360 offers instant keyword alerts and complete audit trails so you can dig deep into the issues most critical to your organization. Keyword alerts are an invaluable way to quickly and instantly learn if users have acted in ways that require immediate notification or action. The keyword alerts can be customized, allowing you to insert tokens for the key data fields you are interested in, including fields such as “triggering event,” “user” or “user group,” “time stamp,” or “computer name.”
Additionally, SPECTOR 360 offers complete Administrator Audit trails and reports of Control Center Activity. This feature ensures all vital changes, such as client installs, client uninstalls, changes in profiles, and changes in user group members are captured and displayed in an intuitive “before” and “after” manner.
In the final analysis, SPECTOR 360 offers what is perhaps the most elusive and valuable business benefit of all: the peace of mind you attain by having captured, analyzed, and acted … appropriately, decisively, and with confidence.
Easy-to-Read Reports… Just Click!SPECTOR 360 Quick View Chart
SPECTOR 360 takes the recorded activity from each user’s PC, Mac, or laptop, feeds that information into a database and provides more than 75 built-in, easy-to-read, comprehensive Quick View reports. Plus, it’s easy to create unlimited custom reports to suit your organization’s specific needs.
Using SPECTOR 360′s powerful Quick View reports, you will quickly find answers to questions such as:
  • How are users communicating with customers and each other?
  • Are employees or contractors visiting inappropriate or dangerous websites?
  • Which applications are used most? See this information detailed by Active Time, Total Time, andFocus Time
  • Who is accessing, transferring, and printing sensitive IP?
  • Who is ignoring Acceptable Use Policies by posting information to Facebook on organization time?
  • Who is leaking confidential information or valuable trade secrets … accidentally or for personal gain?
  • Which users are disclosing information in violation of industry compliance rules and regulations?
  • Who is involved in antiquated, outdated, or inefficient work processes?
  • Which users are transferring data to removable media like USB drives, CDs, or DVDs?
Plus … Internet Filtering
In addition to the most advanced and comprehensive User Activity Monitoring available, SPECTOR 360 permits you to proactively control how users access the web by integrating Internet Filtering. Using SPECTOR 360′s Internet Filtering feature, you can block access to specific web sites or to categories you deem inappropriate. With more than thirty predefined Internet Filtering categories, using SPECTOR 360 you can restrict Internet access by individual, group, department, division, or the entire organization.
Capture, Analyze, and Act
Global organizations of all sizes and industries use SPECTOR 360 to address the following top-of-mind issues:
  • Protect their assets and reduce insider theft
  • Improve efficiency and optimize productivity
  • Track and review activity around compliance and regulatory mandates
Record Computer & Internet Activity
Spector 360 incorporates SpectorSoft's award-winning computer monitoring technology that automatically records everything including emails sent and received, chat and instant messaging, web surfing, keystrokes typed, files transferred/printed/saved, and more! All this is performed silently, without the employees being aware they are being monitored.
The Spector 360 Recorder contains a series of powerful recording tools:
  • Email Recorder
  • Web Site Recorder
  • Online Search Recorder
  • Chat/Instant Messaging Recorder
  • Keystroke Recorder
  • Program Activity Recorder
  • Network Activity Recorder
  • File Transferred Recorder
  • Document Tracking Recorder
  • Snapshot Recorder
  • User Activity/Inactivity Recorder
  • Keyword Detection & Reporting
All of these tools record simultaneously, undetected by triple-level security. The Recorder is highly configurable and can be customized to record only those events of interest.
In addition to monitoring and recording, Spector 360 has an advanced Keyword Detection and Reportingsystem that will instantly notify you when a computer user being monitored has strayed from acceptable use of the computer or Internet.
Email Recorder
Spector 360 will stamp out abuse with cutting-edge email recording capabilities designed to ensure that you have a clear record of all email being sent and received from company premises. In addition to recording business standard MS Exchange and Outlook email, Spector 360 includes industry-first web mail capturing. This includes web mail services such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL Internet Email.
Whenever an email is sent or received, Spector 360 creates a hidden duplicate (including file attachments) and stores it away for later review. Spector 360 also keeps a copy of deleted email.
Recorded email attachments can be securely transferred to the Data Vault using data encryption.
If you want to limit the amount of email recorded, this tool has a filtering capability so emails can be captured when they are sent or received or if there is a particular pattern detected in the To/From/Subject/Body. Other controls allow you to filter email based on the format used or if attachments are detected.  In addition, there are granular settings to filter based on attachment characteristics such as size.   If you only want to capture email from a specific source you can filter the emails received from designated account types such as MS Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, MS Exchange, or IMAP.
Web Site Recorder
The Web Site Recording tool in Spector 360 will continually monitor every web page that is accessed by the computers on your network and save a record of those URLs and domain names.
Spector 360 will also track every file and program download that occurs over the Internet (such as file/music swapping services, software download sites, pornographic images, etc. …)
Spector 360 is significantly more sophisticated than the History feature of your web browser, providing you with important details including: Time of Last Visit, Duration of Time on the Web Site, Active Time on Web Site, Total Number of Visits to the Web Site, Page Title and more!
Additionally, you can use the Spector 360 Control Center to create a Whitelist of web sites that your employees are permitted to view. Any web site not included in this list will be blocked. Alternately, you can create a Blacklist of web sites that they are not allowed to visit. If the web site is not included in this list, they will be able to access it. These policies can be customized for different employees.
With Spector 360’s advanced and intuitive Web Site recording, you will get a quick yet exact picture of each employee’s web surfing behavior, which is also used by the Dashboard to formulate trend data across your organization.
Online Search Recorder
Online Search ActivitySpector 360 records online searches from any web site where known search techniques are used. Spector 360 looks for standard searching techniques, captures the search phrase entered by the employee, the search results URL, and other information. Using the Dashboard, you can tell whether the employee actually accessed the web site as a result of an online search. Use the information to understand why an employee is at a web site. For example, find out whether an employee is searching a job web site for professional growth information or to find a new job.
Chat/Instant Message Recorder
Spector 360 ensures that all Chat and Instant Messages are automatically recorded to provide you with an information trail of every computer-based conversation that is taking place within your company or with your customers. Spector 360 records the name of all parties involved in a Chat/IM session and saves a complete copy of the conversation. This information is recorded for AOL, MSN, ICQ, and various other Chat/IM programs.
Keystroke Recorder
Spector 360 includes a sophisticated keystroke logger that saves keystrokes by application, date and time.
With Spector 360, you will know what was typed, where and when it was typed, and you will also know WHO typed it because Spector 360 keeps a record of who is logged into the computer.
The Spector 360 Keystroke Recording tool will document every key typed on the computer keyboard. Spector 360 not only captures standard alphanumeric keystrokes, but also records "hidden" characters and keystroke combinations, such as the Shift and Ctrl key, as well as those keystrokes that aren’t typically displayed on the screen such as when a password is typed echoing back asterisks on the screen.
Program Activity Recorder
Spector 360 includes a monitoring tool that provides a clear and concise overview of the programs being used on your office computers. Spector 360 will track the day and time a program is launched and the total duration of activity in that program. Program specific information is also recorded including the window title.
Network Activity Recorder
Spector 360 records information about all Internet connections made on a computer. You will be able to see at a glance which applications are connecting to the Internet, when the connections are made, the Internet address they connected to, what ports are being used, and the amount of network bandwidth consumed by those connections.
This Internet connection activity can provide valuable insight into:
  • Which employees may be violating company policy by consuming network bandwidth with streaming media, file downloads, or other Internet activity.
  • Applications connecting to the Internet which you may not have been aware of and which could have security implications.
  • Which Internet resources are most often connected to.
Armed with this information you may decide to block access to TCP ports or Internet domains, remove offending applications from computers, or tighten your company’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
File Transferred Recorder
There are multiple serious security concerns for businesses when employees use company computers to download files from the Internet, transfer files across the Internet and access peer-to-peer services which are loaded with pornographic images, Spyware, Adware, and pirated music, video and software.
One major concern is whether employees are sending company confidential information over the Internet.
Another concern is whether employees are placing the company at legal risk by downloading copyrighted materials, like music, movies and commercial software. In addition, there is potential risk when an employee downloads pornographic images that will reside on company computers and may be viewed by another employee who would consider such material highly offensive.
Finally, any time a file is downloaded, there is great risk that Spyware and/or Adware will be installed, especially where P2P services are involved. (Dell Computer Corporation has identified Spyware as its single biggest source of technical support incidents, because Spyware will redirect web browsers and eventually slow computers down to a crawl, not to mention the potential for security breaches. Most Spyware enters into computers via downloads from the Internet.)
Spector 360 records Files Transferred over the Internet by keeping track of HTTP, FTP and P2P file transfers. You will be able to see who is downloading or uploading files, what file protocol is being used, which service is being used, the name of the file being transferred and the type of file being transferred (audio, image, video, software, document).
Document Tracking Recorder
Intellectual Property Theft and the leaking of Company Confidential information has become an increasing security threat for companies in recent years as technology has made it relatively easy for employees to copy files to floppy disks, Zip disks, CDs, DVDs, USB drives, memory sticks or to simply print out these documents and transport them off company premises.
Spector 360 includes a Document Tracking feature which allows you to determine whether files/documents may be exiting your company via removable media such as floppy, zip, CD, DVD or USB storage devices and memory sticks. The Document Tracking feature also allows you to track documents that are printed and who is copying or printing potentially sensitive files or documents.
Snapshot Recorder
Online Search Activity
Imagine surveillance cameras pointed directly at every computer on your company network, filming all Internet and general computer activity, and storing this in a secure area for later review. That is the idea behind the Snapshot Recorder tool in Spector 360.
Spector 360 takes hundreds of snapshots every hour on each networked computer, very much like a surveillance camera. Snapshots are taken of whatever is on the computer screen at the frequency you choose – as often as once per second.
That means you get detailed visual recordings of all chat conversations, instant messages, emails typed and read, all web sites visited, all programs run, all keystrokes typed – all activity on all computers.
Snapshot Recording is the most powerful way to visually record and review everything they do online and offline.
User Activity/Inactivity Recorder
Online Search ActivityThis Spector 360 Recorder collects information on the activity and inactivity of the employee. Events such as when they log in, when they use the mouse and keyboard, and when they are not active on the computer are all recorded. Events that could potentially skew this information are also recorded such as an explicit clock change.
Keyword Detection & Reporting
Keyword Detection
Keyword Detection & Reporting allows you to specify words or phrases that might signal an immediate threat to the safety and integrity of your network systems, intellectual property, employees or customers. Keywords can also be used to indicate when an employee might be involved in an activity that is not condoned by your company or is in direct violation of an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
Create a list of "on alert" words or phrases and Spector 360 will continually monitor keyboard typing, URLs, incoming and outgoing emails, chat conversations and instant messages for these terms.
When a keyword or phrase is detected, Spector 360 immediately jumps into overdrive. Snapshot frequency is automatically increased to ensure that every detail of the offender’s actions is captured as evidence. Additionally, Spector 360 collects information regarding the offense and sends an instant keyword alert via email to the specified IT administrator or appropriate compliance manager.
Each keyword alert contains the following information:
  1. The keyword that was detected
  2. The time the keyword was detected
  3. The current user logged in
  4. Additional detailed information
Spector 360 also reports on the top keyword alerts issued and the top employees violating the keyword alert policy.
Additional Features
Stealth Mode
The Spector 360 Recorder can be placed into Stealth Mode, ensuring that the program cannot be detected by unauthorized users. Once in Stealth Mode on a Windows PC, Spector 360 will not appear in an employee's System Tray, Task Manager or in the Add/Remove Program Menu. When in Stealth Mode on a Mac, Spector 360 will not appear in the Dock, Desktop, Applications Folder, Force Quit Applications menu, or the Menu Bar.
Spector 360 Client Configuration Options and Parameters
The Recorder is responsible for logging all activities and screen snapshots from the monitored computer and relaying that information to the Data Vault. The Recorder is highly configurable and can be fine tuned for each deployment. Typically the Recorder is configured and then deployed by the Spector 360 Control Center.
Additional Options and Parameters:
Set Recording Parameters:
  • Set specific recording times
  • Set users to record on this computer
  • Set programs to record on this computer
  • Set Inactivity Timeout
  • Set Record Hotkey sequence
  • Set Snapshot Hotkey sequence
  • Set password
  • Set Hotkey sequence
  • Enable stealth mode
  • Include viewer with client installation
  • Remove references from Internet Explorer
  • Allow Limited Users UI Access
  • Enable Automatic Error Transmissions
  • Enable Spector when Windows starts
  • Enable Browser Extensions
  • Enable Logon Warning
  • Set Warning Text
  • Enable logging with detail level
  • Use Enhanced Security
  • Set File Security (None, Block, Stealth)
  • Set Network Initialization Delay
  • Set Service Monitoring Credentials
  • Set Data Files Folder (Random or Explicit)
  • Set file extension
  • Set password
  • Delete snapshot data files after <n> days
  • Set maximum snapshot data file size
  • Delete other data files after <n> days
  • Set maximum other file data size
Block Internet Access:
  • Block All Internet Access
  • Block Web Sites via HTTP/HTTPS
  • Block SMTP/POP Email
  • Block File Transfer via FTP
  • Block AOL and HTTP/HTTPS
  • Block AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
  • Block ICQ
  • Block ICQ Lite
  • Block MSN Messenger
  • Block Trillian
  • Block Windows Messenger
  • Block XMPP (Jabber)
  • Block Yahoo Messenger
  • Block Other Chat/IM and HTTP/HTTPS
  • Block Kazaa
  • Block Kazaa Lite
  • Block specific Outgoing ports
  • Block specific Incoming ports
  • Block specific Web Sites (Blacklisting)
  • Allow access to specific Web Sites (Whitelisting)
  • Import Web Site Access List
  • Export Web Site Access List
  • Block during schedule times
  • Block specific users
Server Communication:
  • Set Primary Server IP address and port
  • Set Data Vault IP address and port
  • Set send interval
  • Set max send period
  • Set client port
Spector 360 Employee Monitoring Software offers numerous benefits, most of which you will recognize as soon as you install the product.
The most significant benefit is the cost savings to your company. Your Return On Investment (ROI) will be realized almost immediately as a result of increased productivity coupled with the low cost of ownership. 
Besides saving your company money, Spector 360 has many other attributes that will directly benefit your IT staff and the Managers who actually use the tool.
Technical Benefits:
Complete Internet & PC Monitoring Every facet of PC usage is monitored and recorded at the workstation level providing you with valuable information about how your office PCs are being used.
Centralized Management PC recordings, including Events, Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments are transferred to a centralized depository (called the Data Vault) allowing for quick access, backup and review by the Spector 360 Dashboard application.
Scalable Architecture The flexible architecture of Spector 360 allows your monitoring and surveillance capabilities to expand as your company grows.
Rapid Deployment MMC-based deployment tools make installation, configuration and ongoing data collection easy.
Data Security & Integrity With multi-level user accounts, optional file encryption for Email Attachments and Snapshot files, and a centralized SQL database, Spector 360 offers multiple layers of security for your recorded data.
Transparent The client recorder installs in seconds and operates in “stealth mode” so your employees are unaware that they are being monitored.
Flexible Assign roles to those using Spector 360 to restrict their views when monitoring certain employees or departments. For example, you can restrict the view of a front line manager so he sees only the data collected from the employees in his department.
No Performance Impact The additional overhead incurred to monitor your employees is marginal and will not impact your network or the computers being monitored.
End User Benefits:
Intuitive & Easy to Use The Spector 360 Dashboard, with its feature rich User Interface and built-in Wizards, offers both a “High Level View” and “Detailed View” of how your employees use the Internet and Computer Resources.
Feature Depth Spector 360 provides you with numerous tools and capabilities, making it the most powerful Employee Monitoring package on the market.
Customizable You can create customized charts and reports to address the specific needs of your organization.
Powerful Powerful search capabilities are provided that allow you to sift through voluminous data to locate a specific word or string.
Information Accessibility There are more than 50 built-in charts and reports that can be generated quickly on demand.
SPECTOR 360 has been purpose-built to address productivity, ethics, security, and compliance concerns by monitoring the “human aspect” of computer and Internet usage across your entire organization.
With SPECTOR 360 you will:
  • Increase Employee Productivity by Reducing Frivolous and Inappropriate Activity
  • Conduct Investigations on Employees Suspected of Inappropriate Activity
  • Enforce Your Acceptable Use Policy
  • Meter Application Usage to Manage Software Licensing and Reduce Costs
  • Identify the Source of “Insider” Theft
  • Meet or Exceed Federal, Industry or Agency Compliance Requirements for Keeping Records of Company Communications and Transactions

Increase Employee Productivity by Reducing Frivolous and Inappropriate Activity
It is human nature for employees to think that it is ok to use a computer for personal use at work, especially if they believe it is not impacting work productivity. From a management perspective, however, viewing trend data from SPECTOR 360 can be very enlightening from day one.
SPECTOR 360’s high-level reports can shed light on mild to serious problems that impact business health and security, plus serious threats resulting from data theft, harassment, and compliance violations. Observing organizational usage over time gives IT and senior management critical data about business productivity and security, and importantly, the ability to use this data in a strategic manner.
Conduct Investigations on Employees Suspected of Inappropriate Activity
SPECTOR 360 monitors user computer and Internet activity around the clock. This information is securely archived and can be accessed/reviewed by any authorized user… directly from an executive, department manager, HR, Legal or IT staff member’s own desk.
SPECTOR 360’s powerful reporting features, detailed screen snapshot capabilities and easy-to-use reporting tools let management perform their own investigations by gathering pertinent information to better understand what someone said or did on a computer, in the exact order they did it.
SPECTOR 360 removes the burden placed on IT when an investigation is warranted by eliminating the process of manually sifting through email trails or browser histories on a user’s desktop in order to produce what is, at best, an incomplete report.
Enforce Your Acceptable Use Policy
Employees need to be educated on what they are allowed and not allowed to do with their computers and the Internet. An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) should be established within your organization to serve this purpose. The AUP should be written clearly and concisely and agreed to by every employee as a precondition of employment. In addition, every time an employee attempts to log into his computer, he should be presented with a screen that forces him to explicitly accept the terms of the AUP as a prerequisite for access.
For example, your AUP may state that under no circumstances will browsing of any gambling, pornographic or sexually oriented web site be tolerated but sports and news related web sites can be visited from 12 noon to 1 pm. It should state that each employee may be subjected to employee monitoring at any time and as such must not conduct any illegal or unethical act using company resources. The ramifications for various infractions also can be defined in your policy.
Just like any other policy that involves employees, definition is meaningless unless there is enforcement. Rest assured, the honor system will not work here. A well-defined and strongly worded AUP coupled with SPECTOR 360, will allow you to achieve your goals, leading to a significantly safer, more productive and secure environment for your employees.
Meter Application Usage to Manage Software Licensing and Reduce Costs
Employees need to be educated on what they are allowed and not allowed to do with their computers and the Internet. An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) should be established within your organization to serve this purpose. The AUP should be written clearly and concisely and agreed to by every employee as a precondition of employment. In addition, every time an employee attempts to log into his computer, he should be presented with a screen that forces him to explicitly accept the terms of the AUP as a prerequisite for access.
Identify the Source of “Insider” Theft
No matter how strong an Acceptable Use Policy you have in place, without enforcement using Employee Monitoring Software, theft of your company assets eventually will occur – it’s inevitable.
Most employees believe that digital theft is extremely difficult to detect. Furthermore, they believe that if they contribute to something at work they are entitled to a copy of it. If an employee thinks that they can copy a proprietary or confidential document to removable media, or print it out without detection, they will do so. The risk of this activity is the highest in the days leading up to the employee’s resignation. In an unmonitored environment your assets and proprietary, confidential information are at a huge risk for digital leakage.
Activities such as frequent access to removable media, unusually high printer usage, or unusually high volumes of email with attachments can be indicative of digital theft. From the SPECTOR 360 High Level View, quickly identify the employees who are performing these activities and then drill down to see if the corresponding data is company related.
Meet or Exceed Federal, Industry or Agency Compliance Requirements for Keeping Records of Company Communications and Transactions
Archival of certain transactions are required for a company to achieve most Federal, Industry, or Agency compliance requirements. SPECTOR 360 records and archives email that has been sent or received by employees, including attachments. Once archived, these emails can quickly and easily be searched for occurrences of certain words or phrases at any time. No more tedious days tracing log files, browser histories or email backups. Because SPECTOR 360 is continually monitoring and capturing computer and Internet activity, IT and management can quickly conduct an archive search on all email sent or received with precise granularity, such as all inbound email from a specific domain with attachments.
SPECTOR 360 can also alert IT and management to exposed confidential information as it traverses your systems, either in email or web mail, file transfers, or via the act of copying or moving a file or directory. The bottom line is that SPECTOR 360 provides you with the tools and flexibility to increase productivity, security and achieve compliance, without placing additional burden on the IT staff within your organization.
Introduction to the SPECTOR 360 Evaluation
A quick introduction to the SPECTOR 360 Evaluation. SPECTOR 360 monitors, captures, and analyzes ALL user and user group activity including: email sent and received, chat/IM, websites visited, applications/programs accessed, web searches, file transfers, and data printed or saved to removable devices.
Blackburn Rovers Football Club
Spector 360 Helps Blackburn Rovers Show Red Card to PC and Internet Abuse
View PDF
After the Blackburn Rovers "took web filtering as far as it would go," the English Premier League team scored big and kicked PC and Internet abuse to the sidelines with Spector 360.
"Productivity is up ... you can see it. You look at a person's day, and all that shows up is business apps," said Senior Systems Administrator Ben Hayler. "Spector 360 delivers just like the name says ... it provides a complete all-around view ... 360-degree protection."
Level Up!
Spector 360 Helps Take Philippines Gaming Company to Next Level
View PDF
Online Gaming Company, Level Up!, credits Spector 360 monitoring software for creating a strong sense of balance and fairness with a younger generation of workers, while improving security and efficiency."Spector 360 has allowed us to balance productivity with a level of motivation and fun," said Christopher A. Syling, Chief Operating Officer. "With Spector 360, the net effect is better margins... it helps keep us profitable."
Beijing Yoshinoya Fast Food Co., Ltd
Spector 360 Provides Fast Food Company with Recipe for Success
View PDF
Despite being "half-a-world away," Beijing Yoshinoya Fast Food Co., Ltd of Beijing, China experiences the same points of pain as Western business ... and also the same resulting surprise and exultation accompanying the implementation of Spector 360. Deputy General Manager Chris Tay declared:
"The number of hours on non-work related sites has come down so fast that it is unreal. Productivity on the computer has gone up ... the change happened almost overnight."
Ajax Boiler Inc.
Monitoring Software Helps Keep a Lid On It at Ajax Boiler Inc.
View PDF
President and CEO Jane Terry was startled to find something she never expected: industrial espionage. Now Terry wouldn't consider operating without Spector 360 as a technology ally.
"Spector 360 ideally suits my purpose," said Terry. "From spreadsheets to email, I see what's moving across the desks. I absolutely cannot see being in a senior management position without it."
HighTec HVAC
Spector 360 Helps Clear the Air at HighTec HVAC
View PDF
Spector 360 has become a vital business tool at HighTec HVAC because of its demonstrated ability to eliminate PC and Internet abuse, resulting in significant productivity savings. Said President and Owner Edward DeAngelis:
"Spector 360 is so important to me that if somehow the program was not working, I'd be freaking out."
INCA (Industrias Nacionales C. por A.)
Spector 360 Helps INCA Keep It Real
View PDF
INCA management had questions about employee PC and Internet activity its IT department was unable to answer – until Spector 360 helped Senior IT Manager Franklin Arosemena "find out what's real."
Spector 360 identified cost savings opportunities, tracked inappropriate offsite use of company laptops, and uncovered a potentially catastrophic gap in security.
Carlile Transportation Systems
Monitoring Software Delivers for Alaskan Shipping Company
View PDF
Anchorage-based Carlile Transportation Systems prefers adherence to standard business practice when it comes to employees and their use of company PCs, especially email and Internet access.
"Your company policy determines the rules," said IS Manager Eugene O'Neal. "And Spector 360 enforces them."
Avonline plc
Spector 360 Taking Care of Business at Avonline plc
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With nearly 70 percent of the Avonline plc workforce on mobile laptops, staying in touch with employees is critical. Spector 360 helps bridge that gap, providing insight into employee activities and performance as well.
"Spector 360 clearly had the power to show us what we do and who we are," said IT Manager Nick Myers. "It's not just a tool to detect abuses … but a program that lets us see how business is being done."
F&B Communications
Spector 360 Identifies and Ends Widespread Abuse at F&B Communications
View PDF
It took just a week of monitoring with Spector 360 for General Manager Ken Laursen to determine that abusive emailing and excessive web surfing were putting a serious crimp in productivity at F&B Communications.
Laursen credits Spector 360 with helping him address a harsh economy with a "lean and mean" organization.
RCS Communications
Monitoring Software "Hands Down" Choice at RCS Communications
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Spector 360's ability to record and report on everything employees do at the PC and on the Internet provides this company with the insight necessary to eliminate employee game-playing and other inappropriate behavior.
"We distributed the pictures anonymously to demonstrate Spector 360's technology. The game-playing stopped cold."
IMV Projects
Spector 360 Helps IMV Projects Secure Network, Increase Productivity
View PDF
In addition to a need for increased network security, IMV Projects management sought a way to "determine the nature" of employee time on the Internet. According to IT Manager Ross Benov, Spector 360 has done what it was bought for, and "pays for itself many times over."
'Doing the math' places IMV Project's annual recoup of lost productivity at anywhere from $200K to more than $1 million
Cibola County
Spector 360 Helps Keep Cibola County Well-Seated
View PDF
It took a "pretty big deal" — complete with state police and the FBI — to bring on Spector 360, but now the county wouldn't operate without it. Said Information Systems Director Norm Ratliff:
"All you have to do is show employees the reports — evidence of what Spector 360 detects and the extent of it — and work habits change for the better."
Florida Commission on Human Relations
‘Can't Beat' Spector 360 at Florida Commission on Human Relations
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Spector 360 eliminated "excessive" and "explicit" Internet surfing and chatting, markedly improving productivity at the state agency. MIS Manager Fredrick Smith said:
"I just pulled up Spector 360 and I showed them the system ... and told them you can't beat the system!"
Law Enforcement Agency
Law Enforcement Agency Finds Spector 360 a ‘Real Life-Saver’
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A major Law Enforcement Agency in Great Britain uses Spector 360 to monitor every PC and laptop — approximately 9,000 — it deploys in the office and in the field.
“Given the highly sensitive nature of our data, if we’re preventing information leakage with Spector 360, we could be preventing loss of life,” said the Administrator tasked with daily oversight of the monitoring initiative. “In that sense you could say the mission is man-rated. Spector 360 could be a real life-saver.”
Montgomery County Hospital District
SPECTOR 360 'Nails It' for Montgomery County Hospital District
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Status as Emergency Medical Service provider holds Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) to an ethical higher standard, and Spector 360 is an integral part of the organization's never-ending effort to meet that lofty goal.
Chief Operating Officer Kelly Curry said MCHD looks to Spector 360 "to help us do the right thing." In addition, Curry said: "Thanks to Spector 360, day after day we are able to say we can."
St. Margaret's Somerset Hospice
Spector 360 Vital to Productivity, Security at St. Margaret's Somerset Hospice
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Despite best-laid plans, an 'information rights issue' cried out for monitoring software at St. Margaret's Somerset Hospice. Spector 360 to the rescue.
"Spector 360 was the only program with the ability to show us who has opened a file, edited a file, and printed a file," said IT Manager Nick Middleton. "With Spector 360, it was very easy to do, and it gave us so much more."
Hanley Center
Spector 360 a Valued "Extra Step" in Rehab Center's Sensitive Process
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In addition to complying with HIPAA regulations, world-renowned Hanley Center seeks to be at the "cutting edge of integrity and accountability when it comes to patient confidentiality and record-keeping." Based on the experience of Michael Counes, Director of Information Technology, Spector 360 gives Hanley Center all it needed in employee monitoring software … as well as a valuable “extra step.”
"Spector 360 provides us savings in several ways: No. 1 is overall productivity."
GI Associates & Endoscopy Center
Spector 360 Proves Good Medicine for GI Associates & Endoscopy Center
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From HIPAA compliance to unprecedented insight into employee productivity, GI Associates and Endoscopy Center gives Spector 360 a glowing report.
"Spector 360 is easily worth every penny."
Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority
Monitoring Software Receives "5-Star" Rating from Not-for-Profit
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Spector 360 helped the Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority discover detailed and extensive abuse of computer and Internet activity by an employee about whom they had concern. This employee was surfing porn, playing games, and spending almost no time doing work. The abuse was so extensive that there was no question that the appropriate action was to terminate the employee.
The savings to the company from this one discovery is more than $60,000 in the first year alone, or almost 20 times the cost of the software.
IBG Business Services
Spector 360 Yields Appreciable Returns for IBG Business Services
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From helping note the actions of a disgruntled employee to checking on regulatory compliance, IBG Business Services President John Zayac believes "Spector 360 has you covered." In addition, Zayac estimates Spector 360 has made a significant impact on company productivity:
 "If you gain back 1 hour a day … then the figure is $180,000 a year in recouped productivity for just 30 employees."
Dannible & McKee, LLP
SPECTOR 360 Helps Dannible & McKee Account for Productivity
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Dannible & McKee, LLP had no way to keep track of computer and Internet activity when employees worked with company-issued laptops in the office, at home, or at client sites ... despite using a popular filtering program and having a written Acceptable Use Policy.
Enter SPECTOR 360. Now Dannible & McKee Partners tell clients, peer law firms, and other professional service companies that thanks to SPECTOR 360...
 "We know our employees are working on client matters and being as efficient as possible."
Bexhill College
Spector 360 ‘Can Do the Lot’ for Bexhill College
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Because content filtering "was not up to dealing with the emerging proxies," Bexhill College administration feared many students were wasting time and hiding it. In addition, "general Internet misuse" plagued the English sixth form institution, leading it to search for and find Spector 360, a solution capable of both overview and depth.
"Spector 360 delivers quick reports about what's going on all the time ... it’s very good at spotting trends," said Systems Engineer and Network Administrator Bob Bailey. "With Spector 360 you can find something five feet down."
Plainfield Community School District
Spector 360 Minimizes Ill Winds at Plainfield Community School District
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Spector 360 immediately helped the Plainfield Community School District realize savings of approximately $40K a year. In addition, Network Administrator Russell Moore said:
"Spector 360 greatly enhanced our ability to keep students from doing what they're not supposed to do."
Lowanna College
Spector 360 Keeps Misbehavior Down Under at Lowanna College
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Spector 360's "amazing look" into student computer and Internet activity shocked Lowanna College staff, but ICT Manager Greg Gebhart feels the software's findings are indicative of many high schools in Australia and the world.
"We could see that three-quarters of the class were on the Internet ... we could see it in detail ... the games and all the rest."
New Castle Community Schools
Monitoring Software Helps Keep Good Kids Good
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Indiana's New Castle Community Schools system had only a clue as to what was going on within its own walls. Monitoring Software from SpectorSoft, however, provided significant insight into student activities as well as a strong link in the school system's effort to comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
"Spector 360 is such an eye-opener. Any school that thinks it doesn't have a problem is fooling itself."
Park Rapids Area School District
Park Rapids Area School District Finds the Perfect "Classroom Monitor"
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Spector 360 has "locked down" the computer environment, increased classroom productivity many-fold, and helped this school district maintain CIPA compliance. "Teachers praise our ability to monitor," said Jeff Hunt, Director of Information and Technology. "Classroom productivity has absolutely increased using Spector 360. Teachers now feel like they can talk TO the students, as opposed to having to stand BEHIND them."
"Spector 360 is one of the best software buys we've made since I've been here. Probably the best."
Hickman County Schools
Spector 360 Helps Hickman County Eagles Straighten Up and Fly Right
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The bottom-line assessment of Spector 360's impact on both the work and learning environment at Tennessee's Hickman County Schools is simple yet powerful: "major reduction of bad stuff happening."
"Thanks to Spector 360, we have tightened the work environment as well as the learning environment."
St. Anthony Parish
Spector 360 Keeps Parish Students, Employees Singing from Same Hymn Book
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Spector 360 monitoring software uncovered an "incredible" PC highjacking at St. Anthony Parish in Wisconsin, and has impressed both IT and administration.
"Spector 360 is extremely user-friendly and feature-rich. Spector 360 definitely has increased productivity."
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