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OPTi-Add-ins is the new add-in platform which offers you a selection of add-ins completely free of charge, as well as others which can be purchased as needed individually or in money saving bundles.

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The Next Generation of MindManager Add-ins!
OPTi-Add-ins is the new add-in platform which replaces our popular OPTi-Suite add-in for users of MindManager 2012 and future versions. This new platform offers you a selection of add-ins completely free of charge, as well as others which can be purchased as needed individually or in money saving bundles.
The new platform lets you to choose the add-ins you unlock and display in your OPTi-Add-in menu, so you can enable only those add-ins you need on a regular basis or you can have all add-ins on show and accessible 24/7.
How it works!
First, you need to download the OPTi-Add-in installer. Download the file, unzip and run the installer to install the add-in. Once installed you can access the OPTi-Add-in menu within MindManager as shown above.
Extending your collection!
With OPTi-Add-ins installed you can see all available add-ins by selecting the Info/Options item from the menu. This will display a dialog showing all the current add-ins and show which ones are unlocked, enabled or disabled. You can click links on unlocked add-ins to visit the web page for that particular add-in to see step by step how it works or if the add-in is yet to be unlocked you can click the links to visit the website to purchase an unlock code.
OPTi-Addins Options
The add-ins are split into three categories; BasicPremium and Free.
  • Basic Addins – offer additional functionality to MindManager that is simple but effective. They are priced lower than Premium add-ins because they require less development time.
  • Premium Addins – are often more complex in their development and offer a greater functionality and are great time savers for some common repetitive tasks
  • Free Addins – included with OPTi-Add-ins and already unlocked and enabled for use. Over time we will add more free add-ins as they become available.
You can choose which add-ins to unlock and when to enable them using the small check-box located next to the add-in name. When you close the dialog OPTi-Add-ins will update to reflect your changes.
Basic OPTi-Add-ins
The Basic OPTi-Add-ins are versatile and provide very useful functions for the everyday MindManager user. These add-ins are available for a small cost and can be purchased either individually or in bundles where available.
The current Basic OPTi-Add-ins are:
Topics2 DateTopics2 Date
Add a dated Topic (with/without the day of the week) or create a range of Topics automatically within a chosen date range, again with or without the day of the week.
Topics2 MarkersTopics2 Markers
Convert a Topic into a Map Marker Group and populate the group with Map Markers from the Sub-Topics.
Topics2 TotalTopics2 Total
Select a range of Topics with numerical Topic Text and then calculate the total. Display the result or choose to have it inserted into the Map as a new Topic.
Task Pane Selector
Select the Task Pane tabs to display in your MindManager session to improve access and save time.
Premium OPTi-Add-ins
The Premium OPTi-Add-ins have required a greater amount of development time and are priced accordingly dependent on the level of complexity and value to the user. Again these add-ins can be purchased individually or in bundles where available.
The current Premium OPTi-Add-ins are:
Topic CalculatorTopic Calculator
Select a Topic with numerical text and calculate various mathematical functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. Also allows common conversions for weight, speed, length etc.
Link2 AttachmentLink2 Attachment
Convert locally hyperlinked files such as Word documents, Excel sheets etc into an Attachment which becomes embedded in the Map. Allows you to also keep the hyperlink as well or have it removed in the process.
Topics2 Linked MapsTopics2 Linked Maps
An alternative Send To Linked Map function that can batch process multiple marked Topics within the same map to quickly create multi-map structures.
Topics2 NotesTopics2 Notes
Converts all Sub-Topics into content that becomes displayed within the Notes attribute of the selected Topic.

Basic OPTi-Add-ins

Topics2 Date
Topics2 Date
A simple add-in that lets you insert the current date into a Topic with the option to include the day of the week. The add-in lets you do this to a single selected Topic or you can create a range of new Topics each with the date and day of week between a chosen start and end date.
When you select the Topic2 Date option from the OPTi-Add-in menu you will see a dialog that allows you to choose what action you wish to perform.
Topics2 Date
The result for a single Topic is shown below
Topics2 Date
When selecting a date range, you insert multiple dated Topics into the Map.
Topics2 Date
The result of selecting Create Date Range is shown below.
Topics2 Date
This add-in is useful if you are a MindManager user who likes to create Map calendars or weekly plans.
Topics2 Markers
Topics2 Markers
If you are an avid user of Map Markers in MindManager this add-in might be for you. It enables you to create Map Marker Groups and populate them with Map Markers from Map Topics.
One useful application of this add-in is when you use MindManager to map meetings and you have an attendee Topic within your Map. With Topics2 Markers you can select the Attendee Topic and automatically create and populate a Map Marker Group which can then be used to assign users to Tasks etc.
Topics2 Markers
The new Map Marker Group and its Map Markers
Topics2 Markers
With the Map Markers now in the Map you can start assigning them to Topics
Topics2 Markers
Topics2 Total
Topics2 TotalIf you use MindManager to track sales data or other financial information, you can use the Topics2 Total add-in to quickly calculate the total of multiple selected Topics providing that the Topics contain purely numerical Text.
Topics2 Total
With the Topics selected click the Topics2 Total menu button
Topics2 Total
A dialog will appear that shows the calculated total and gives you the option add a Topic to the Map
Topics2 Total
If you select the option to display the result as a new Floating Topic in Map then you get the following result
Topics2 Total
You can now drag this Topic to a new location and edit the text to suit your subject.
Task Pane Selector
Too many Task Panes making it hard to see which is which?…
…Task Pane Selector is the cure!
Task Pane Selector is the latest function added to the Basic range of OPTi-Add-ins.
Sometimes when you have installed several 3rd party add-ins that utilise the Task Pane collection of MindManager you can find that as you add more the tabs of the panes become smaller, sometimes to the point of obscuring the captions on the tabs making it harder to locate the correct pane quickly. Task Pane Selector changes all that by allowing you to choose which Task Pane tabs are visible in your MindManager session.
Simply click the Task Pane Selector icon from the OPTi-Add-ins menu and you will be presented with a dialogue that displays all of the currently enabled Task Panes.
Use the check-boxes to select the Task Panes you want to display and then hit the Apply button to update the settings.
Task Pane Selector also allows you to force tab visibility for some Task Panes that remain hidden until you activate a particular function. The Topic Styles Task Pane is sometimes handy to have accessible when formatting lots of map content saving you time and reducing the amount of mouse clicks to complete the process.
Task Pane Selector can be purchased as a single addition to unlock, as part of the Basic bundle or obviously included in our Master Unlock Code which not only unlocks all the current OPTi-Add-ins functions but also all those we release throughout 2012.

Premium OPTi-Add-ins

Topic Calculator
Topic Calculator
The Topic Calculator add-in lets you perform simple calculations on Topics that contain purely numerical text. It will currently let you perform the following:
  • Basic calculations: – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Percentage, Squared,  Square Root, Cos, Sin & Log
  • Imperial t0 Metric/Metric to Imperial conversions – Length, Area, Volume & Mass
When using Topic Calculator, select a purely numerical Topic, then select the type of calculation either, Basic Calculus, Metric to Imperial Conversion or Imperial to Metric Conversion. If you select Basic Calculus you must enter a Factor to use in the calculation. So for example, if you had a numerical Topic of 25.00 and you wanted to add 365.87 to it then we would enter 365.87 as the Factor.
Topic Calculator
You then select the type of calculation from the drop down and the result is then displayed.
Topic Calculator
You can then choose whether to add the result to the Map as a Sub-Topic or a Call Out on the selected Topic.
Topic Calculator
The result is then added to the Map
Topic Calculator
Conversions do not require a Factor to be provided. Simply select the Topic and then choose between Metric to Imperial or Imperial to Metric
Topic Calculator
Select the conversion to perform from the drop down as before
Topic Calculator
The result is displayed as before and in this instance the result has been added to the Map as a Call Out.
Topic Calculator
Link2 Attachment
Link2 AttachmentThis add-in allows you to convert documents that are Hyperlinked to your Topics into an Attachment for the selected Topic so that it stays with the map, so if you email the Map to a colleague they will have access to the information. It also offers the choice to keep the original Hyperlink as well as adding the Attachment or to just simply replace the Hyperlinked document.
Select a Topic with a Hyperlinked document and click the Link2 Attachment command on the OPTi-Add-ins menu
Link2 Attachment
If you want to keep the Hyperlink as well as adding the Attachment then select Yes from the Option Dialog.
Link2 Attachment
The Document will be added to the selected Topic as an Attachment allowing you to distribute the map so that all readers can view the document.
The add-in will also handle Topics with multiple Hyperlinks on them.
Link2 Attachment
Note: This will only work with files that are Hyperlinked on a standard file path. Web-based files are not supported.
Topics2 Linked Maps
Topics2 Linked Maps
Sometimes Maps just become too big to manage. When this happens you can use the Send To Linked Map command within MindManager to create linked Map structures that you can navigate from Map to Map by Hyperlinks on the Map Topics. This function allows you to do this in a batch mode. It also works on Topics that contain multiple Hyperlinks which the inbuilt MindManager version does not.
First you need to mark the Topics you wish to create linked Maps from. To do this open the Map Markers Task Pane and mark the topics you wish to include with the OPTi-Send-To-Linked-Map Marker.
Topics2 Linked Maps
With the Topics marked you can then select the Topics2 Linked Map command from the OPTi-Add-ins menu to start the routine.
Topics2 Linked Maps
You can select options that allow you to keep the existing Topics or have them removed. You can also choose whether to have a reciprocal Hyperlink back to the source Map if you wish. Once you have confirmed your choices, click OK to start the process.
Topics2 Linked Maps
Wait for the process to complete, after which you will have newly created Maps located in the same root folder as your source Map.
Topics2 Linked Maps
You can choose View - Linked Maps within MindManager to see the result.
Topics2 Linked Maps
Topics2 Notes
Topics2 Notes
A great utility for condensing maps with too many Topics into a more manageable map. The utility takes all Sub-Topics of the selected Topic and adds them to the selected Topics Notes.
Topics2 Notes
The map structure above will result in the following Text notes:
Topics2 Notes
Getting started with OPTi-Add-ins
The section describes how to download and install OPTi-Add-ins. Please note this is only available to users of MindManager 2012, if you are using MindManager 7, 8, or 9 you will need to use OPTi-Suite (described on the next page).
  1. Download the OPTi-Add-ins installer.
  2. Unzip the download package to a temporary location. We recommend your Desktop as it makes it easy to find the extracted files.
  3. Double left mouse click the setup.exe file and follow the dialog prompts.
  4. Once the installer has completed, you can delete the install files and zip package from your download location.
  5. Open MindManager and you should see the OPTi-Add-ins ribbon tab located in the MindManager menu tabs collection.
  6. If you ran through the install dialogs and encountered no errors but the tab is not in view when you open MindManager then click on File – Options – Addins and make sure that the entry for OPTi-Add-ins is listed and that the check-box located next to the add-in name is checked.
Unlocking additional OPTi-Add-ins
Once you have OPTi-Add-ins installed you can start to use the included free add-ins or purchase some of the Basic and/or Premium add-ins available from the Info/Options dialog.
When you purchase an unlock for a locked add-in will receive an unlock code in your purchase confirmation email. Type this code(s) into the box provided on the Info/Options dialog next to the add-in name. If the unlock code is correct the box should be replaced with an “Unlocked” label and the click link should change to display “See how it works!”. You will also notice the check-box next to the add-in icon become enabled.
Select the check-box to display the add-in in the OPTi-Add-ins ribbon menu and click the Close button to close the form and enable the selected add-ins. OPTi-Add-ins should now display your newly enabled add-in(s) ready to go.
Note: You can enable and disable unlocked add-ins at any time by opening the Info/Options dialog and toggling the check-box next to the add-in icon. This way you can choose which add-ins are displayed in the OPTi-Add-ins menu.
Turbo-charge your copy of Mindjet MindManager!
Attention: MindManager 2012 users should use the New OPTi-Addins (described on previous pages)
OPTi-SuiteOPTi-Suite™ for Mindjet® MindManager® is a collection of utilities for MindManager® Pro 7, MindManager 8 and MindManager 9…..
Now updated and providing an additional 12 functions, the OPTi-Suite gives you new ways to make MindManager® even more productive.
This add-in is designed to be extended through user feedback and participation. The collection will be expanded where possible to meet user requirments and demands. This means that YOU, the user, has the chance to make the add-in a more valuable tool for you and others by submitting suggestions for improvements and new functions that we might be able top add.
OPTi-Suite for MindManager OPTi-Suite for MindManagerOPTi-Suite for MindManagerOPTi-Suite for MindManagerOPTi-Suite for MindManagerOPTi-Suite for MindManagerOPTi-Suite for MindManagerOPTi-Suite for MindManagerOPTi-Suite for MindManagerOPTi-Suite for MindManagerOPTi-Suite for MindManagerOPTi-Suite for MindManager
With the OPTi-Suite installed, MindManager becomes even quicker at creating and managing your information. With functions that help insert and manipulate data in your MindManager® documents you will find it easier than ever to turn Topics into Dates or Map Marker groups, analyze a numerical Topic and see what it represents in other formats such as Miles/Kilometers or Inches/Feet etc.
We are sure that you will like the functions we have included and look forward to making the OPTi-Suite an add-in of choice for MindManager® users around the world. Keep reading to learn more on the specific utilities included or try it yourself with a 14 day trial and see if you can think of a way that Mindjet® MindManager® could be extended to help you…
Take a look at the collection…
Here are the current functions OPTi-Suite add-in provides Mindjet® MindManager® users…
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerMap Topics2Left
This function allows you to open a map which has its Topic alignment set to Left so that all new Topics created are added to the left hand side of the map.
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerLink2Attachment
A handy utility that will convert a hyper linked document such as a PDF file or a Word document and change it to an Attachment (embedded within the map). The add-in also allows you to either keep the current hyperlink or have it replaced which allows for additional flexibility.
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerAuto-View Relationships
Toggle the ability to auto-view Topics when they are connected by a Relationship
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerAuto-View Task Information
Toggle the ability to auto-view the Task Management Task Pane when selecting Topics that contain Task information
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerTopic+Topic
Allows you to add selected Topics, (providing they have a numerical text title), and have the sum either displayed on screen or added to the map.
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerTopic Calculator
Use on a numerical Topic to display different conversions such as Miles/Kilometers, Inches/Feet etc. Also allows basic math calculations on the selected Topic and the result added to the map.
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerTopic Text Lock/Un-Lock
This utility allows you to select a Topic and then lock the text so it can not be changed by other users of the map, (unless they have OPTi-Suite installed). When a Topic is locked, it is indicated by a padlock icon on the Topic.
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerTopics2Map Marker
Creates Map Marker Group and Markers from Topics.
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerTopics2Text Notes
Takes the selected Topic and steps through the sub-topics and converts them into Text Notes of the selected Topic.
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerTopic2Vertical
Takes the selected Topic and makes the Topic orientation vertical. This allows the user to select the character spacing of the resulting Topic as well.
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerTopic2Date
Takes the selected Topic and inserts a user selected date. The user can select to have the day of the week added to the Topic if desired.
OPTi-Suite for MindManagerTopic2CallOut
Change Topics to Call-Out Topics or back again with a single click.


1 user - £25.00
3 user - £50.00
5 user - £75.00
10 user - £125.00
For quantities above 10 or for Site Licensing please contact us at: sales@unitedaddins.com.
Start doing more with MindManager 2012 today!
You can purchase unlock codes for individual – or purchase a Master Unlock code which allows you to unlock all the current add-ins. Anyone purchasing a Master Unlock code also has the ability to unlock all new add-ins as they are released without any further payment.

                                            Basic OPTi-Add-ins
Topic2 Date
Insert dates into Topics & generate dated Topic ranges between two dates
Price: £5.00
Topics2 Markers
Create Map Marker Groups and Map Markers from Map Topics
Price: £5.00
Topics2 Total
Calculate the total of selected numercial Topics in your maps
Price: £5.00
Task Pane Selector
Select Task Pane tabs to show/hide during a MIndManager session to improve access
Price: £5.00
                                            Premium OPTi-Add-ins
Link2 Attachment
Convert hyperlinked files to Topic Attachments that stay with your Map
Price: £10.00
Topics2 Linked Map
Create Multi-Map structures using automated Send To Linked Map function
Price: £10.00
Topics2 Notes
Manage large Maps by converting Sub-Topics to Notes content
Price: £10.00
Topic Calculator
Carry out basic calculations on numerical Topics
Price: £10.00
                                            OPTi- Add-in Bundles
Basic Bundle
Includes: Task Pane Selector, Topic2 Date, Topics2 Markers and Topics2 Total
Price: £10.00
Premium Bundle
Includes: Topic Calculator, Link2 Attachment, Topics2 Notes & Topics2 Linked Maps
Price: £30.00
Master Unlock Code
Includes: ALL Basic & Premium addins PLUS ALL FUTURE 2012 RELEASES
Price: £35.00
Master Unlock Code - Volume Pricing
1 user - £35.00
3 user - £70.00
5 user - £105.00
10 user - £175.00
For quantities above 10 or for Site Licensing please contact us at sales@unitedaddins.com.