NEO automatically organizes your email to make messages easier to find and manage. An alternative interface for the email component of Outlook, NEO is meant to enhance Outlook, not replace it.

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NEO is a productivity add-on to Outlook
NEO automatically organizes your email to make messages easier to find and manage.An alternative interface for the email component of Outlook, NEO is meant to enhance Outlook, not replace it.NEO works with Personal Folders and with all Exchange Server mailboxes using Outlook 98, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32 bits) and all versions of Exchange Server. Note that NEO does not work with Outlook Express.
NEO will not affect your Outlook mail
No need to worry… NEO doesn’t change anything in Outlook – just the way you look at it. NEO is only an interface to your email messages, which are retained in Outlook message stores.NEO organizes your email by creating a separate catalog that is completely independent of Outlook. Outlook continues to collect your messages while you are using NEO. You can safely use NEO without any worries about losing messages or getting out of date.NEO does not make copies of messages. Only indexes to the messages are created and stored. Your Outlook messages continue to be updated.
Continue to use all your Outlook features
All Outlook features work just as before. You can use NEO alongside Outlook (and switch conveniently back and forth), or use it instead of Outlook.
How NEO works visual description
How NEO works visual description
How NEO works visual description
NEO Pro Features
Here are 10+ reasons to use NEO Pro:
Multiple PST'sŒ Include all data files
You can include all your data files (Exchange mailboxes, PST's and IMAP).
Removes Outlook's limited ability to view and search across data files.
Make Your Favorites Quickly AccessibleMake your favorites Hot
Put any NEO or Outlook folder into your Hot view for easy access.
Especially useful for frequently used Outlook folders and correspondents you are communicating actively with.
Manage your Outlook categories in Category ViewŽ Manage your Outlook categories in Category View
Select a category from the Folder List on the left and all the messages containing that category appear on the right.
Easy to rename, group and manage categories.
Three Additional ViewsDifferent views
Automatically created folders for different organizations.
Messages are easier to find because the same message is organized in different ways.
The Filter ToolbarAdvanced filtering
Flexible advanced filters.
Zero-in on just the messages you want to see. For example, allunread messages exclusively to me in the past 5 days.
Keep messages you don't want deleted.Message Keep
Keep messages you don’t want to accidentally delete - for those important messages.
To delete a kept message you must remove the Keep status first.
Freedom to dock various views. Place preview pane to the righthand side for wide screens.Undockable views and preview pane to the right
Undock any view to dock onto the workspace surface. Place preview pane to the righthand side for optimal usage of wider screens.
The layout on the left is optimized for use with Categories and Search, while placing the reading pane on the right-hand side.
Active Mail and To DoActive Mail & To Do
Two special Status folders.
Can be used with or without Quick File to give additional workflow control.
Save your searches.Saved Searches
For searches you need often, you can save them and rerun them by right-clicking and choosing Refresh Search.
You can also provide your own names and organize them into folders (e.g., Design, Meetings).
You can even make them Hot so they appear in your Hot view.
More FeaturesMore Features
Okay, so we couldn't fit all the NEO Pro features into 10 items.
Here are three more …
Awesome organizing power! A seamless view to all your messages - automatically organized for easy access.
  • Revised User Interface - Ribbon or Toolbars
  • Conversation view - view messages in their email thread
  • Add personal notes to your messages
  • Import / Export your Outlook categories to synchronize with other systems
  • Automatically organized email - by correspondent, date, attachment and status
  • NEO search: lightning fast and available in all views
  • NEO rules: assign categories or move emails into Bulk Mail
  • Correspondent view, Filters, Automatic Workflow actions, Undockable tabs and more ...
  • Implement time-management compliant workflow principles.
  • Compatible with Outlook 2010 (32 bits), 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000, 98 and operates on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME or Windows 98 - with or without Exchange Server (all versions)
NEO Find
The only tool available not just searching your emails, but automatically organizing them so you know exactly where they are.
  • All your messages organized by Correspondent
  • Sent and received mails always automatically together
  • Search for Conversation and Advanced Filtering
  • Caelo's patented lightning fast search capability
  • Runs unnoticed in the background
  • Compatible with Outlook 2010 (32 bits), 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000, 98 and operates on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME or Windows 98 - with or without Exchange Server (all versions)
NEO Pro Pricing
Volume Discount
Price per license (USD)
2 to 9
10 to 49
50 to 99
100 to 249
NEO Find Pricing
Volume Discount
Price per license (USD)
2 to 9
10 to 49
50 to 99
100 to 249
For quantities above 250 licenses for both editions or for site and enterprise licensing please contact us at
An E-Policy Institute survey of office workers found the average employee spends 2 to 4 hours a day on email Source. We've seen the studies, and we all know that way too much time is wasted managing email. Why is this? It's because all popular email client programs were designed decades ago when we received only a handful of messages per day. They are based on an out-dated model, an overflowing Inbox, complicated features and virtually no ability to find messages quickly.
That's where email organizers come in. Think of email organizers as 2nd generation email clients. Email organizers are designed to automate email organization, to accommodate peoples' need to permanently save their email, to give immediate email retrieval, and to promote effective ways of managing email workflow. Importantly, email organizers do this with good to excellent performance even with hundreds of thousands of messages.
As an add-on product to Microsoft Outlook, NEO (Best Email Organizer - CNET 2002) gives you the best of both worlds. You can reclaim those thousands of hours employees waste looking for messages, while still benefiting from all that Outlook does well. In short, you leverage your investment in Outlook by turning it into an email organizer with outstanding collaboration capability.
How NEO Works with Outlook
A MAPI-compliant add-on product, NEO is a client-side program that works alongside Outlook. Users of NEO may continue to use Outlook, and may switch conveniently between NEO and Outlook. NEO does not affect or restrict the use of Outlook in any way. 
  • Client-side product. No part of NEO is stored on the server.
  • Messages are not stored. Only indexes to messages are stored in NEO’s catalog.
  • Message stores. NEO works with an Exchange Server mailbox, an offline store (OST), and one or more personal stores (PSTa) in both Corporate and Workgroup and Internet Mail Only modes. Unlike Outlook, all of NEO's features operate seamlessly across all message stores.
  • Interfaces. NEO uses Microsoft’s MAPI interface to read the contents of message stores and to process message related events. Outlook’s automation interface is used to implement additional functionality including message composition, printing and message transport.
Using Microsoft Windows Installer, NEO installs and uninstalls in interactive or silent mode. The NEO installation is fully compliant with the Microsoft Windows Application Specification requirements and passes all Internal Consistency Evaluators. All details regarding installation and configuration including install/uninstall procedures and complete installed object inventory are provided in the NEO Installation Guide. NEO installs simply, unobtrusively and worry-free - all aspects are documented.


Quick Quotes Case Studies

"I love your product. I can't imagine using Outlook without NEO any more. Thank you."

Warren F. Porter Iron Gate Toronto, Canada 3 November 2011

"You guys are the BEST! I can't thank you enough for making my job a little more manageable with your products. THANK YOU!!"

Michelle D. Clinical Research Manager Genentech Inc. 18 October 2011

"Your service is wonderful. I've never had a service to your level. In addition, your product has not been matched by any of your competitors. NEO Pro has allowed me to save from 30% to 50% of the time spent on my email. I hope you keep your leadership. Thanks"

Filippo Bonanni Italy 9 June 2011

"I love NEO Pro! I love having an empty inbox (go Active Mail!). I also like the way I can create To-Do and Follow-Up list items using the ALT-1,2,3 shortcuts and Flags (I’ve been through the training!). Thanks for a great product!"

Steve Evans Director Technical Services VistaOne Corporation Richmond, VA, USA

2 May 2011

"Over the last 5 months I tried living without Outlook. The 'losing Outlook' part was easy however none of the alternative email clients had a functionality comparable to NEO Pro. I really tried several options but with this new computer decided to go back to Outlook only because of NEO. "

Pepijn Konings Avenda Promotionele Producten Almere, the Netherlands 27 April 2011

"Thank you so much! I don’t know what I would have done without NEO Pro, it’s a life saver!"

Kayla Woehler HCA Physician Services Augusta, GA, USA 11 April 2011

"Your software has saved me countless hours. Everyone is amazed at my productivity."

Dave Finland 15 February 2011

"I REALLY like the new Ribbon bar in NEO Pro 5.0. Thanks for all of your hard work. I have been using NEO Pro for 8 years and I can’t count how many times your program has saved my skin. Thanks a ton."

Paul Pitcher System Performance Analyst Knoxville, TN, USA 14 February 2011

"I’ve just completed my upgrade to NEO Pro 5 and I have to thank you for helping me manage my life. With sending / receiving up to 100 emails a day on a Blackberry while working as a consultant it is refreshing to come home to my PC with all the emails neatly arranged with no need to re-filing and saving.

I cringe seeing my customers waste minutes flicking through folders and emails trying to find previous correspondence. I hope I never have to go back to Outlook as my email client!"

Stuart Colvin Senior Consultant Amersham, UK 29 January 2011

"NEO Pro is awesome. I started using NEO about six years ago and then had a few years away from it when I wasn't using Outlook. Now, new job - back to Outlook. At first I was terrified and tried a few other things (including Xobni). But nothing comes close to NEO. I am sure I save more than an hour a day thanks to NEO Pro."

Frazer Cambridge, UK 21 January 2011

"An incredible program... The most useful add-on I have that is actually a necessity to me."

Blair Hamilton Ontario Canada 20 December 2010

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you’ve put into NEO Pro over the years. It’s my top-used program on my PC and has made my life SO much easier. And I’ve found you guys to be very responsive to my problems and questions, which I appreciate. Thanks for a great product."

Carl Dierschow 16 December 2010

"I REALLY like the conversation view of NEO Pro 5. Can fly through email even faster."

Jim Commercial Real Estate 18 November 2010

"I’ve been using NEO Pro since 2004, and you guys REALLY outdid yourselves on Neo Pro 5.0! If this new interface doesn’t receive rave reviews from every Tech Blog and Journal I’d be very surprised. I often wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Caelo and now I know… PERFECTION in what is the best Email Organizer known to man. I salute your team of professionals."

Jim Jobin Writers Edge 17 November 2010

"I adopted NEO Pro a couple of years ago and it has become one of my most central and important work tools. The concepts and the implementation are so good I'm amazed Microsoft didn't steal them all and build them into the latest Outlook products."

Anthony Dyson Swiss Center for Telemedicine MEDGATE 12 November 2010

"Just a quick note of thanks for getting the Version 5 upgrade out. It is a huge improvement. I really like the e-mail conversation feature where the related e-mails stay together. Great tool for efficiency."

Jeff Project Manager 12 November 2010

"NEO Pro has become our foundation for email as a tool. With NEO, we’ve experienced a dramatic decrease in wasted time looking for old emails and has significantly cut the time it takes to process incoming email."

Brad Holtz President & CEO Cyon Research Corporation 11 November 2010

"NEO Pro has increased the productivity for my team and me drastically. With over 500 emails per day we needed to rethink the way people work and NEO was instrumental in increasing productivity and the efficiency of my team."

George Pamboris Senior Director Hitachi Data Systems 10 November 2010

"I can’t thank you enough for your remarkable product NEO Find. Not really sure how I lived with Outlook alone."

Bill Program Manager 28 October 2010

"Your program is so fantastic – why doesn’t everyone who uses Outlook use Neo?"

Molly Jacobson Vice President Maui Media 15 October 2010

"Thanks for a great tool. I still can’t believe you guys are the only ones doing this and doing it so well. I have tried other tools, like Xobni, but they are toys, not true efficiency/productivity tools. Nobody can touch NEO – it saves me weeks out of every year!"

Rob Marketing and Engineering Executive 29 September 2010

"NEO PRO is awesome! I have around 75% more productivity in all my work. Its an amazing tool to manage a lot of mails with efficiency. You are the best."

Juan M. Echeverria Ing. MsC. Development and Quality Assurance Director TERPAC LTDA, Pacific International Port of Guatemala 02 September 2010

"I LOVE NEO. It saves me an enormous amount of time each day, and greatly simplifies my workflow. I will insist my staff use your program. Keep up the great work."

Marion Briggs Executive Director Financial Planning Association of San Francisco 25 August 2010

"I’d just like to say how much I appreciate NEO Pro. In fact, it’s indispensable for my work and peace of mind. I know of no other programme that does as well. Many thanks and keep up the good work."

4 August 2010

"I have been using NEO Pro for nearly 5 years now and can't even imagine using Outlook without it. I absolutely LOVE this product."

Ben Kason Network Administrator Vancouver Island Regional Library 22 May 2010

"NEO Pro makes a massive difference to my email handling - I am very pleased."

CFO - UK Oil and Gas service company 21 May 2010

"NEO Pro is a wonderful tool and I would be dead in a sea of emails without it."

Igor Von Nyssen 26 April 2010

"I have used NEO Pro for years and still find new ways to make my day more productive. Frankly, I feel sorry for those not using it! Thanks for delivering a great product!"

Richard Franzwa 23 April 2010

"Your product is the only thing I can count on to put sanity into Outlook."

Ted Ferragut 21 April 2010

"I just purchased your NEO Pro software after having tried everything similar on the market and really love how easily your team has made it to work with email."

Michael Shor 6 April 2010

"This is to give you my thanks for this life-saving product. I know, I've said it before, but practically everyday I am thankful for it, as it has allowed me to be organized and to run my business in a way that would be practically impossible without it."

Joseph Davidovic 14 January 2010

"I'm such a huge fan of NEO Pro. Whenever I talk to a co-worker or friend who is struggling with their Outlook I tell them about NEO Pro and how it has saved me a TON of time over the years. It's by far the best email solution that I have ever seen. I really do love your product."

Paul Pitcher Telecommunications Engineer 6 November 2009

"I cannot resist the temptation to contribute to the many expressions of thanks for your product. In the past week, I have rid myself of over 200 Outlook folders, sub-folders, sub-sub-sub-sub-sub folders while making old files more accessible to me than they ever have been. It really is liberating! The online training was very helpful and offered at a bargain price. I have also really appreciated both your excellent customer service and your well-written, well-organized, help tools. Thank you!"

3 November 2009

"I recommend Neo Pro to every serious business owner I know. Being able to quickly search for any email based on subject, content, date, or keyword makes this an essential tool for anyone who cares about productivity. I also like the user interface and the seamless operation with Outlook. Unlike other Outlook add ons, Neo Pro works immediately and does not interfere with the function or speed of my most important program. I receive an average of 300 emails per day, and I am totally lost without Neo. The customer support is friendly and quick, and the tutorials are comprehensive and very helpful. I would never consider running my business without Neo Pro."

Molly Jacobson Vice President Maui Media, LLC 27 July 2009

"I have just started using Neo Email Finder to help me manage my insane mailbox and I can honestly say its superb, I will be recommending it to my friends. My life will be that much easier now I am not messing around trying to find emails from months even up to a year ago."

Stuart Ross 8 July 2009

"This is one heck of a good program. I use it continually. Saves me time and aggravation. It's the BEST!"

19 June 2009

"Hello ? I wanted to let you know you have a great product! I am constantly on the lookout for complementary products to Outlook to help me manage the volume of mail I receive on a daily basis and I always come back to NEO. I purchased NEO several years ago and use it consistently but try the new products when they come along (Xobni ? most recently). None of the other products are as easy to use or as functional as NEO ? although they are marketed better! I tell everyone that will listen to go to your website and download the trial version!"

Dana Miron Bell Microproducts 20 May 2009

"I am totally reliant on NEO Pro for finding anything - great program"

Ian McChesney Camco 6 June 2008

"Savings hours, weekly, is just one of the advantages! Finding anything I want in seconds is another"

5 June 2008

"Returning to NEO's new version reminded me of its superiority - in the extreme - relative to anything else on the market. I have used every trick that Outlook offers and the product still deserves a D whereas NEO is an A. What I have tried Outlook to do over many years and can't (it can't be done) is done with simplicity by NEO."

Stephen J. Kohn 5 June 2008

"Thanks. I have downloaded NEO Pro 3.2 yesterday and it is even faster then 3.1 - I cannot envisage life without NEO"

Dr. Hanan Alon Strategic Consulting 21 May 2008

"The right hand side preview pane is awesome - keep up the good work"

20 May 2008

"Congratulations - you've done a fine job of making a fantastic product even better"

18 May 2008

"I have just heard that the new version of NEO is due out. I'm using 3.1 and could not manage without it. This is the first time I have written praising a software package"

Keith Negal Managing Director Interface Solutions International Ltd. 10 May 2008

"NEO is a life saver for me at work and such a huge improvement on trying to organize e-mails"

10 May 2008

"In our company we say we NEO'd something much more than we say "googled" something. Customer calls in that we haven't spoken to in months... I say to my assistant to find the info: NEO that please"

Mark Gross 09 May 2008

"I love your software and don't know how I would live without it"

08 May 2008

"NEO Pro has revolutionized email for me. Thanks for ALL you do to help me keep my life (and email) organized."

Gilbert E. Parrish Founder and CEO Parrish, Brumfield & Associates 08 May 2008

"NEO Pro is an absolutely essential tool to help me keep control of my email. What a terrific product!"

Joshua Stein 08 May 2008

"Many thanks for a wonderful tool"

 08 May 2008

"THANK YOU for releasing a new updated version. My version of NEO didn't support Outlook 2007 so I was completely lost without it. I couldn't find anything in a reasonable time. As soon as I got your message about the updated NEO Pro version I installed it again. In fact, as soon as I installed it, I found a document I lost all hope of ever finding. I was out of luck with Outlook. Not anymore, I have NEO again!"

Ed Dolejsi 08 May 2008

"NEO Pro is the only reason I continue to use Outlook and Windows"

Daniel Shurman 07 May 2008

"It is a profound mistery how anyone can cope with Outlook alone - ie: without NEO"

23 April 2008

"Thanks again for making a great product which helps organize and control the ever growing amount of emails I receive much better than Outlook alone"

Rick Johnstone Software Engineer 21 April 2008

"With NEO the world has become a friendly place. It is a wonderful and highly functional product"

Nicky Szápáry 15 April 2008

"You provided the most unbelievable service anyone can ever expect... you obviously understand customer service!"

13 April 2008

"I LOVE NEO! And couldn't run my life or business without it."

Kate Edmonds Executive Coach and Managing Director Inner Leader Ltd. 9 April 2008

"I cannot live without this software, I love it."

Brad Pearsall 3 April 2008

"I'm just wild in love with NEO. It's just what I would have invented to improve Outlook on whatever I wanted."

Dr. Gilbert Brenson-Lazan Managing Partner 2 April 2008

"NEO is without a doubt the most practical program I have ever used. I have difficulties thinking of working without it"

31 March 2008

"I love your product it saves me at least 4 or 5 hours a week."

31 March 2008

"Every day I am so thankful you created this program because I would not be able to run my business without it."

27 March 2008

"If NEO had a million bugs and error messages I would still think it was the best software in the world."

27 March 2008

"How I love this product!"

25 March 2008

"You have a great product and great support. I will gladly encourage people to get up and running with NEO Pro!"

20 March 2008

"We continue to love NEO Pro. It saves us a tremendous amount of time"

16 March 2008

"I am an enthusiastic user for almost 5 years"

16 March 2008

"NEO Pro works like people think. I always remember where emails are depending on who sent it, or if there was an attachment, or general windows of time. I love the interface"

11 March 2008

"NEO is such a great product"

5 March 2008

"NEO is the only program I have that DOESN'T need changing. I love it as is."

14 February 2008

"BTW thanks for a great product that continues to have a major impact on my personal productivity."

8 February 2008

"Although there are some great new features in Outlook 2007, when it comes down to brass tacks, NEO organizes my email better in addition to giving me easier and faster search capabilities. Thank you for all your efforts to improve an already great product"

29 January 2008

"I love the program and tell everyone I know about it."

21 January 2008

"I really think this is the best Email-Manager in the world! I call it an Email-Manager since it does so much more than a mere email client."

17 January 2008

"I have been a NEO Pro user for a year now and I love it. I truly love it!"

17 January 2008

"NEO is a Godsend."

16 January 2008

"Every day I scratch my head wondering how other people can possibly function without NEO. This is a revolutionary product."

15 January 2008

"I love the NEO product. It takes over when Outlook lets me down."

9 January 2008

"I cannot stress how important NEO has become in my daily routine. It truly has revolutionized how I work on a daily basis. THANKS"

December 2007

"I absolutely love NEO and think it is the best application every invented. I tell all my friends about it. It is near perfection."

November 2007

"Thanks for introducing me to NEO. I've got everything organized and it's the best reason I've found to switch back to Outlook from Eudora!... I will definitely be using (and recommending) this program to my associates."

Kim Haas - CEO, Consultant

"This NEO is the quintessential email manager. I love it! For people required to manage >25 emails per day; the product pays for itself in one-day, and provides ROI on the Second-Day."

Roy Walcott 

"NEO is without doubt the best e-mail add-on I've ever come across, and I've been searching for months to find something like this. I was already ready to give up and just live with my 1000+ e-mails in my inbox, when I finally found NEO (I don't even remember how and where, but the minute I read the description I knew that my search was over!). - Thanks for this great program. I don't know how I could live without it."

Michael Killinger 

"NEO Pro kicks ass, that's about all there is to say about it. Of course, there are few things that I'd like to see, but without a doubt, this thing has changed my computing and time management life. I've already purchased a copy and am in the process of getting the rest of my staff on it...cheers and keep up the great work!"

Kincy Clark - VP Operations, Software Industry 

"I love Nelson's simple and intuitive interface. I am an eBay seller and find NEO's Correspondent Tab incredibly useful. Once the 10-minute demo said I could "combine names", I silently stared off to space, thinking wow! Now I can track my conversation with a buyer no matter where the messages are located. You have saved me hours of confusion and headache! Thank you for a wonderful product. I use it religiously and am very happy with it."

Sun Kim - , Technical Architect, Human Resources Information Systems 

"With NEO, I have consistently found in two seconds every email I have wanted to find."

Joshua Stein - Attorney 

"You created a software package that not only lives up to the hype and promise, but surpasses it. Handily."

Don Smith - Sales Manager 

Average daily savings per case study user is over 1 1/2 hours per day!
As the service manager for a mining manufacturing company I manage directly some 20 units of mining equipment that represents a capital investment of 150M USD and some 280+ employees at 5 district locations in 3 countries. I receive on average more than 75 emails per day. Full Story
John Oliver – Service Manager - Mining Saves 1 1/2 hours a day
I manage staff both in London and in five regional centers around the globe. This "distant" management requires me to communicate constantly with the managers and staff in these officers. I have to prioritize the emails I deal with to ensure that urgent matters are dealt with. Full Story
Adam Platt – Director Saves 1 hour a day
ENGINEERING I use NEO every work day to manage my e-mail, as I get 50 to 60 e-mails a day. I never realized how difficult it was to keep up with the messages in Outlook until I tried NEO. Now I never look at my e-mail in Outlook. Full Story
Kurt Ricci - Civil Engineer Saves 1 hour a day
FINANCIAL I am a CPA and financial management systems consultant. I can have as many as 10 engagements going on at one time and primarily communicate with clients via email. A few clients prefer to send me an email when they are ready to begin conference calls and they are typically not at the previously scheduled time. Consequently, I need to only know about the most urgent emails that I receive. Full Story
Mark W. Shemaria – CPA Saves 3 hours a day
I use my computer to manage many interests in my life. With 70-90 e-mails a day, excluding Spam, going through my e-mail, picking out the important, the need to act, the must read, the hobby, the fun to read is an agony. Full story
Steve Kohn – Investment Banker Saves 1 hour a day
HUMAN RESOURCES With NEO, I commonly process (read and respond to) around 60 emails per day and that in just a few hours. As a personnel manager responsible not only for recruiting but also developing prospective employees, I have to track people over long periods of time - sometimes for up to three years. Full Story
Rick Byham - Personnel Manager Saves 2 hours a day
When I first came across NEO, I was amazed at how easy it made the email overload issue. I receive upwards of 50 emails on a daily basis. The way in which NEO helps to organize the emails is astounding. Full Story
Barry Rubenstein - HR Manager Saves a 1/2 hour a day
LEGAL I am the interface between 46 attorneys in the business law, securities and tax department of a 500+ attorney firm. The automatic "filing" of all messages is an invaluable aid. However, I also have access to all 46 attorneys Outlook mailboxes and it would be great if I could organize all of these (or at least selected ones) for even greater control. Full Story
Gavin Cullen – Legal Assistant Saves 2 to 3 hours a day
MEDICAL / PHARMACEUTICAL I have been using Microsoft Outlook since it was first introduced and I have tried other PIMs with email along the way. I receive over 150 email daily from professional mailing lists, correspondents, business suppliers, patients, all the staff and doctors in the 7 offices of my medical practice, family, and, of course, the usual junk. Full Story
Lawrence Gans, MD - Ophthalmologist Saves 1 hour a day
I use Outlook as my file cabinet and before NEO I was always struggling with finding stored information. I have over 40,000 emails stored and NEO has effectively categorized them so searching and retrieval of information, contacts, phone number...etc is extremely fast. The way NEO is setup also makes it easy to see important information and seems natural to me. Full Story
Kenneth Shaw – Medical Researcher Saves 1 hour a day
Sales & Marketing I handle the Marketing Communications for a small (50 employees) startup. The size and personality of the company means I do about a dozen different jobs from writing and publishing marketing collateral to boxing up and tracking shipments of t-shirts to sales people. Full Story
Susan Dennis – Marketing Communications Saves 2 hours a day
TECHNOLOGY Managing projects that span multiple offices globally, I rely mostly on email for communication. To keep track and to be able to find information, I created project and recipient folders in Outlook and moved the emails manually. NEO does this automatically. For projects I use the Category field. Full Story
Eric Hoddenbagh - Information Security Officer Saves .5 to 1 hour a day
NEO helps me process email the way I want. Outlook makes me process email inefficiently and make searching and finding old or related emails extremely difficult and slow. I always felt out of control and was often missing things I wanted to remember. Full Story
Daniel Endy – Technology Executive Saves 3/4 hour a day
As an IT professional, email has become the main channel of communication with customers, partners, project staff and consultants. While the rise of email as the dominant form of communication is largely due to its ease to be persisted (for archival purposes) among other factors, it is also the main contributing cause to the demise of email. Full Story
Tang Weng Sing – IT Manager Saves 1 to 2 hours a day
I am one of several people in my company that uses NEO as my email organizer. Being an IT manager, I get a lot of emails each day. Here are some points about the main uses and benefits NEO gives me. Full Story
Julian Moorhouse – IT Manager Saves 1 to 2 hours a day
I work as the technical consultant to several high-ranking managers at an IT federal consulting firm. My job is to review, consolidate and report on all IT projects currently on task. We currently support 6 main project groups and over 50 individual tasks. Full Story
Jenn Davis – Technical Consultant Saves 2 to 3 hours a day
NEO Tutorials - Make NEO work for you!
These tutorials will teach you how to use NEO functionalities.
NEO Quick Start
The fastest way to get you going with NEO Pro.
NEO Overview
NEO Primer - duration 8:52
  • Clearing the productivity bottleneck
  • See messages in the ways you think of them
  • Automatic folder creation
  • Active Mail
  • Hot View
  • Filter Bar
  • PowerSearch
  • Outlook integration
  • Unified Message Stores
NEO Workspace - duration 5:18
  • NEO View Tabs
  • Using Find bar within folder windows
  • Re-organizing tabs and windows
  • Reading pane
Using NEO’s TABS
Hot - duration 5:22
  • Prioritizing email
  • Top level folders - Current & Dormant
  • Automatic classification
  • Customize Current & Dormant
  • Navigation
Correspondent - duration 7:32
  • Correspondent folders
  • Group folders
  • Folder classification
  • New, Current & Dormant
  • List pane - all SENT and RECEIVED email
  • Jump to Correspondent
  • Finding Correspondents fast
  • Renaming Correspondent folders
  • Combining Correspondents
  • Folder list organizing
Bulk Mail - duration 8:00
  • Manage subscription mail
  • Unsorted Bulk Mail
  • Creating Bulk Mail folders
  • Viewing Bulk Mail in Active Mail option
  • Making Bulk Mail folders hot
  • New, Current & Dormant
  • Creating folder groups
Category - duration 8:44
  • How NEO Pro categories are different
  • Category folders
  • New, Current and Dormant - top level folders
  • Creating & removing category folders
  • Moving category folders
  • Creating category group folders
  • Adding categories to messages
  • Editing categories
  • Combining categories
  • Master & user-defined categories
Status – duration 1:33
  • Active Mail
  • To Do
  • Flagged
  • Kept
  • Unread
Date - duration 1:23
  • Automatic folder creation
  • Accessing old messages
Attachment – duration 1:28
Search – duration 7:29
  • Word Indexing
  • Keyword searching
  • Search within folders
  • Combine Filter Bar
  • Saved Searches
Other Key Features
Unified Message Stores - duration 3:54
  • How it works
  • Message store definitions
  • Adding & removing message stores
Active Mail - duration 4:38
  • NEO’s Inbox
  • Refreshing difference
  • Removing messages
  • Moving messages to Outlook folders
  • Working with "To Do" folder
  • Viewing older mail
Filter Toolbar - duration 9:25
  • Instant global filtering
  • Show only relevant messages
  • Filter by Class, status, recipient, sent/received & Age
  • Combine with search feature
Group Folders - duration 5:20
  • Better folder tree organization
  • Creating & editing
  • Moving group folders
Automatic Folder Organization - duration 3:32
  • New, Current & Dormant top-level folders
  • Auto-moving folders
  • Configuring top-level folders
  • Manually moving folders
To Do Manager - duration 1:45
  • To Do settings
  • Prioritizing
Search for Conversation - duration 1:36
  • Track email conversations
  • Save & refresh threads
  • Make email threads hot