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Mekko Graphics software allows you to create compelling charts with just a few clicks of your mouse, even using large, complex data sets. With seamless PowerPoint integration and strategy-oriented features, Mekko Graphics can significantly reduce the time you spend creating and editing charts.

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Complex Ideas, Sophisticated Charts, Powerful Message
When your task is to make sense out of complex data and present your results to top management or clients, you need a simple and powerful tool that turns data into a chart with a powerful message.
Our customers regularly state that charts that take hours in Excel are completed in minutes with Mekko Graphics and are their best solution for communicating and presenting information to the world.
Mekko Graphics is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint. Just click on the chart you want to create, add your data or copy it from Excel, and customize your chart with our strategy-oriented features.
If you’re a strategy consultant, marketing analyst, or investment professional, Mekko Graphics can significantly reduce the time you spend creating and editing charts. Mekko Graphics is an easy-to-use charting software package designed specifically to meet the needs of managers, analysts, and consultants.  With our 32 chart types and unique features, you’ll be able create that ‘million dollar chart’ that can sell your client or your boss.
Mekko Graphics has been purchased by:
  • Over 50% of the Fortune 100 (2012 list)
  • Seven of the top 10 consulting firms ranked in “Consulting Firm Rankings 2012: Vault Consulting 50″
  • Over 75% of the top 25 private equity firms as identified by Private Equity International
Typical job titles of Mekko Graphics purchasers are:
  • at strategy consulting firms:
    • consultant, team leader, manager and partner
  • at private equity firms:
    • associate, vice president, principal, director, managing director, director of research
  • at Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies:
    • Senior director, marketing operations
    • Senior manager, business operations
    • Vice president, strategic business development
    • Chief administrative officer
    • CEO and President
    • Category development manager
    • Marketing manager
    • Strategy analyst
    • Manager, merger and acquisitions
    • Manager, corporate planning
    • Market and business analyst
Types of analyses our customers use Mekko Graphics for:
  • Consulting firms
    • Corporate and business unit strategy
    • Customer segmentation analyses
    • Performance improvement
  • Private equity firms
    • Due diligence
    • Acquisition screening
  • Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies:
    • Profitability analysis
    • Market segmentation
    • Channel effectiveness
    • Cost reduction
    • Sales pipeline analysis
    • Merger and acquisition evaluation
    • Pricing review
    • Company or business unit dashboard
    • Supplier cost analysis
Features Exclusive to Mekko Graphics:
Quick Launch Feature
Use our Quick Launch feature to add a complex chart to your slide with one mouse click
Group segments into "Other" category
Create an “other” category to group smaller data segments and make your chart more readable
Data rows and columns
Automatically align data rows and columns (CAGR) with your chart’s data
Ability to sort segments within the chart to highlight key data
Ability to sort segments within the chart to highlight key data
Features that make Mekko Graphics the preferred tool for management professionals:
Ability to convert among 32 chart types to find the one that best tells the story.
Select from 32 chart types to best tell your story
Select from multiple color and shading palettes to quickly change the look of your chart
Quickly and easily change the look of your chart from 6 standard palettes
Fully Customizable
Promote brand standards by selecting chart colors and other features
Add Multiple Charts with a Single Click
Add one, two, three or four charts on a slide with one mouse click.
Market Maps Capture a Snapshot of Your Industry
Want to gain insights into how your market is structured—by customers, products, geography or channel—and identify competitive opportunities?
Download this presentation here: Segmenting your Market with Market Maps

Avoid paying high costs of constantly replacing existing customers with new ones.
Want to analyze customer churn and improve loyalty? Using these four simple Mekko Graphics charts you can examine revenue churn and determine its causes.
Download this presentation here: Improve Customer Loyalty and Reduce Churn
Sample Presentation
Use the slider below to view the sample presentation. More detailed information about the individual charts is presented below.
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The Bar Mekko Chart
Mekko Graphics charting software makes it easy to create Bar Mekko charts.
Bar Mekko charts display profit or contribution margin by industry. The wider the bar, the bigger the industry and the taller the bar the greater the margin.
Example Use Cases
  • Analyze profitability by segment
  • Compare price and market size
  • In this Example the largest market, automotive, has one of the lowest margins. The highest margins can be found in the smaller markets, including medical.
The Cascade (Waterfall) Chart
Mekko Graphics Charting Software makes creating Cascade charts easy.
Cascade Chart
Cascade (waterfall) charts map changes in key variables (profit, contribution or sales) between periods and show why they changed.
Example Use Cases
  • Show profit change between two periods
  • Examine current vs. estimated sales or profit
  • In this Example contribution increased significantly in 2012, despite reduced margins in automotive. Medical had the largest margin increase.
The Marimekko Chart
Mekko Graphics Charting Software makes it simple to create Marimekko charts.
Marimekko Chart
Marimekko chart maps the market by competitor and industry. The wider the bar, the bigger the competitor.
Example Use Cases
  • Examine market by competitor, industry or geography
  • Illustrate sales by pipeline and industry or stage
  • Look at box office receipts by studio and movie genre
  • In this Example the automotive market is the largest for all major competitors. The remainder of sales is spread relatively.