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Transform rich media PowerPoint content into stunning Flash presentations with voice overs, video narrations and custom branding.

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iSpring Pro is a powerful PowerPoint-based tool for creating professional mobile-ready presentations. iSpring Pro 7 turns PowerPoint projects into web-ready presentations to be viewed on all devices: mobile, desktop or iPads. With iSpring Pro 7 users can easily enrich their presentations with voice overs and presenter video using an advanced and convenient narration editor.
Installed as a PowerPoint add-in, iSpring Pro 7 accurately converts all PowerPoint animation and transition effects, triggers and hyperlinks. iSpring-generated online presentations can be easily uploaded to any server or SCORM or Tin Can-compliant LMS.
  • Creates online presentations with synced video, audio, Flash movies or YouTube videos
  • Accurately converts PowerPoint animations, effects and media content
  • Build effective branching scenarios
  • Add references and attachments
  • Allows multiple publishing destinations: Web, CD, LMS, iSpring Online (LMS by iSpring)
  • Design custom player look to reflect company brand: use logos, corporate colors, company info
  • Set up advanced protection features: watermark, password, domain and time restriction
  • Develop E-Learning courses compatible with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004, AICC and the Tin Can API
  • Section 508 support
Intuitive Interface
iSpring Pro enhances PowerPoint with numerous advanced features, available on its intuitive interface on PowerPoint ribbon. Take your time creating content in PowerPoint and go to the iSpring Pro tab as soon as your presentation is ready for publishing.
PowerPoint to Flash add-in with intuitive interface
Perfect Support of PowerPoint
Create sophisticated, beautifully-designed presentations with rich media, using the total capacity of PowerPoint. iSpring Pro ensures excellent support of all advanced PowerPoint features and precisely maintains presentation’s appearance and functionality.
  •  Animations and Triggers
  •  Transition Effects
  •  Embedded Multimedia
  •  SmartArt Objects
  •  PowerPoint Styles
Insert Flash, YouTube or Web Object
Supplement your presentation with eye-catching Flash movies, attractive YouTube videos and useful Internet resources and services. Inserted with a single click of your mouse, these multimedia components will better illustrate your idea and make your presentation more functional.
Insert web objects into PowerPoint
Create Narrations

Voice Overs

Add voice overs into PowerPoint
Record or import informative audio narration to comment and explain your presentation. Synchronize voice over with animations and slides to build a logical story.
Video narrations
Video Narrations ManageDeliver your presentation in person using video narration. Record and synchronize your video and take full advantage of your own presenting style and skill.
Use Right-to-left LanguagesMulti-language support
Deliver your presentations internationally with iSpring’s solid support of Eastern European and Greek languages, hieroglyphs in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and right-to-left languages.
Provide References 
Add attachments and insert hyperlinks
Make your presentation easier to take in by providing more detailed information as attachments.
 Web Links
Include Web links to quickly refer to useful Internet resources and services.
Use Branding
Company Logo
Brand your presentation with corporate logo to create professional look.
Presenter Info
Include detailed presenter information to introduce viewers to presentation’s authors.
Insert logo in presentations
Adjust Slide SizeSet cusotm PowerPoint slide size
Customize the size of your slides according to your requirements. With iSpring you can optimize your slides for wide screen playback or define custom slide width and height for your project. iSpring allows creating content with standard 3:4 or wide screen 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio
Customize Player
Player Layout
Choose one of the many presentation layouts provided by the Streamline player. You can also enable panels of the player and customize their position.
Marker Tools
Highlight the most important details while giving a live presentation. You can use a convenient set of highlighter tools that includes pen, highlighter and eraser.Marker tools
Color Scheme
Customize every color of your player to make it unique and stylish or to adjust it to your corporate style. Player also provides beautiful color presets.
Color Scheme
Player Elements
Flexibly vary all elements of each panel according to your special requirements. With these customization opportunities you make your player functional and understandable.
Choose player elements
Player Messages
Localize all player messages to make your presentation available in different languages. The list of translated messages can be saved into a preset for further use.
Localize player messages
Settings Export
Export all settings to a file to create a backup copy or to reuse player settings on a different computer.
Settings export
Enhanced ProtectionPublish presentation online
Take advantage of iSpring’s time restriction feature to make your presentation even more secure. By setting a time restriction, you can specify the period during which your presentation can be played.
Publish Presentation for Web
Easily share your presentation on the Web, using iSpring’s flexible publishing opportunities:
Publish presentation online
  • Publish to ’My Computer’ for uploading to Web
  • Publish for Web directly via FTP
  • Send via email
Use More Publishing Options
  • CD/DVDBurn your presentationto a CD/DVD disk fordistributing among limitedaudiences.
  • LMSUpload generated eLearningcourse to any SCORM orAICC-compliant LMS to trackviewers’ activity.
  • iSpring OnlineUpload courses toiSpring Online LMS directlyfrom PowerPoint and receivemore detailed reports.
  • Trigger animations
  • 189 of 199 PowerPoint 2003/2007 /2010 animation effects
  • All PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010 slide transitions
  • Animations by words and letters
  • Animations and slide transitions disabling
  • YouTube videos insertion
  • External Flash movies adding
  • AVI/WMV/MPG/MP4 video clips
  • PowerPoint 2010 Trim and Crop video feature support
  • MP3, WAV and WMA audio
  • PowerPoint 2010 Trim audio feature
  • Presentation background audio
  • On click sounds support
  • Sounds for animation effects and slide transitions support
  • Multimedia compression control
  • Web Objects Insertion
Advanced Options
  • Multiple presenters & company info
  • References and attachments management
  • Publishing presets
  • Presentation Explorer to manage presentation structure and media
  • Presenters Export and Import
  • Completion Statuses for LMS
Publishing and Delivery
  • Publishing for SCORM/AICC compliant LMS
  • Publishing specially for BlackBoard LMS
  • One-click publishing to iSpring Online LMS
  • Local folder at My Computer
  • Publishing to CD/DVD
  • Publishing for Web
  • Sending via Email
PowerPoint Content
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 support
  • Vector representation of standard PowerPoint objects
  • Slide Masters with interactive elements
  • Hidden slides
  • Right-to-Left languages
  • Hyperlink screentips
  • Slide notes styles
  • On mouse over actions
  • Custom aspect ratio for slides
  • Narration Editor for advanced audio and video management
  • Presenter video recording or importing from file
  • Synchronizing single video with all slides and animations
  • Audio narrations recording or importing from file
  • Audio narrations synchronizing with slides and animations
  • Sound volume control
Playback & Navigation
  • Fully customizable Flash-based player
  • 11 Flash player templates
  • 3 Presenter video view modes
  • Player template for Flash banners
  • System fonts display
  • Multilevel navigation
  • Flash movie preloader
  • Flash context menu disabling
  • Keyboard controls customization
  • Resume presentation option
  • Settings Export and Import
  • Navigation Disabling
  • Marker Tool
Presentation Protection
  • Password protection
  • Custom watermark
  • Allowing playback in the set domains
  • Time Restriction
Output Formats
  • Single Flash file (.SWF)
  • Flash file for each PowerPoint slide
  • .EXE file - no Flash Player required
  • HTML page
  • ZIP archive
Attention Grabber
Attention Grabber
Have your attention totally grabbed by this demo presentation provided by Eyeful Presentations. Check out sophisticated graphics, animations and background audio, originally created in PowerPoint and turned into captivating Flash presentation by iSpring Pro.
Top Ten Facts about TexasTop Ten Facts about Texas
"Top Ten" presentation about Houston for nationwide attendees has been kindly provided by SlideBoom Presentation Contest 2009 Winner Visual Content Solutions (ViCoSo), Long Island, NY. Original content with animations developed 100% in PowerPoint.
Auton ProAuton Pro
Check out how iSpring accurately keeps animations and interactivity of this demo presentation of the "Auton Pro" pocket computer by Auton. The presentation was created in PowerPoint and converted to Flash with iSpring Pro.
Intro to iSpring ProIntro to iSpring Pro
Enjoy this beautifully designed introduction to iSpring Pro by m62 visualcommunications professionals to find out about how iSpring Pro can help you with your business in the most engaging way.  
Rich Media
Rich Media
View this attractive and dynamic iSpring-generated Flash presentation, provided by iSpring customer – m62 visualcommunications, world's leading presentation company that renders professional services that help companies all over the world make the most of their presentation opportunities
Featured customers
Thousands of users have chosen iSpring as the quality solution for PowerPoint to Flash conversion, and we are proud to note that the following internationally respected companies are among them.
Rolls Royce
20th Century Fox
General Electric
Dassault Systems
Rapid Intake
Fraft Foods
Tesla Motors
Johnson & Johnson
Texas Instruments
University of New Hampshire
Golden Key International Honour Society
Unversity of Nevada Las Vegas
San Francisco State Unversity
University of Delaware
Cornell University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Florida
Unversity of Winnipeg
University of Iowa
Unversity of Kentucky
Unversity of Oslo
The University of Edinburgh
University of Alabama
The Unversity of Illinois
The University of Manchester
  The University of Minnesota
Arizona State University
North Carolina State University
Bombardier Aerospace
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