Create one InfoPath XML file for each row in your Excel spreadsheet! Excel to InfoPath Migration Tool.

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  • NEW! Create repeating data in your InfoPath form from Excel rows
  • NEW! Upload resulting XML files directly to SharePoint

The Excel to InfoPath Tool lets you easily convert repeating row data from an Excel sheet (XLS file) to one or more repeating groups in your InfoPath forms (XML documents). You specify the mapping and run the tool. You can choose to have the outputted XMLs uploaded to SharePoint, saved locally, or to your SQL database.

This tool can be used to do one-time conversions of Excel data into XML files, such as when migrating processes from Excel to InfoPath. The tool can also be used on a regular basis to interface data into an InfoPath solution. Many legacy systems support exporting data to Excel format. You can save these Excel files, create a configuration, and set up a task to process the Excel spreadsheets on a regular basis. Since the tool checks for duplicates, only new data rows will result in new XML documents.

What Our Customers Say

"The tool worked perfectly - it saved us a huge amount of time with our project. As a school we don't do a huge amount of work of this type so it was a bit of a one-off, but we were very thankful to have your tool to avoid a significant amount of manual work." - by Stephen W.
"My customers are amazed at how quickly I am able to convert the Excel data over to InfoPath seamlessly. If you are using SharePoint as I do, this makes for a very handy tool." - by Chris N.
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