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The Productivity Suite consists of 82 add-ins to help you in using Excel along with our downloadable books on how to write macros. We sell as a collection to provide you with over 90% savings off of the otherwise individual prices.

Time saving and specialty add-ins for Microsoft Excel
The Productivity Suite consists of 82 add-ins to help you in using Excel along with our downloadable books on how to write macros.  We sell as a collection to provide you with over 90% savings off of the individual prices.
If you purchase the Productivity Suite and Add-ins LLC releases new add-ins (all new add-in products are automatically included in the Productivity Suite) or new versions of existing add-ins.
The add-ins in the Productivity Suite do not expire or require renewal after a year; they continue to work for years and years with just the one time purchase.  

We received the following feedback from Keith Krenichen, one of the customers, on the Productivity Suite:

“We purchased your Productivity Suite of Add-ins for Excel last week.  I have a very analytical and extremely “glass half full” mind set and was skeptical about your product.  After one week using your add-ins, I must tell you that they are fantastic.  My glass is overflowing.  I have found myself using features that I didn’t even realize I wanted or needed.  Your products will save me a bare minimum of one hour per day.  Thank you and keep writing those awesome time saving automations.”

The following is a list of all the add-ins in the Productivity Suite:
Downloadable books and add-ins on macros for Microsoft Excel:
  • Macros Made Easy - A downloadable book (Windows help file format) on how to write macros for Microsoft Excel
  • Macro Examples - Get over 1200 macro examples for Microsoft Excel in a downloadable book (Windows help file format). These examples are new and not a repeat of the ones in Macros Made Easy.
  • Macro Button Assistant - Choose from over 1800 buttons for your macro buttons. Easily create buttons in Excel 2007 and 2010 (Microsoft removed this capability, so we added it back.)
Analysis related add-ins for Excel:
  • Loan Assistant - Determine the cost and cash flows of loans. Analyze loan payments and cash flow
  • Multi-Cell Goal Seeker - Do goal seek on multiple cells automatically.
  • Risk Analyzer - Do decision and risk analysis the easy way.
  • Sensitivity Analyzer - Do numerous "what if" and sensitivity analysis cases in seconds.
Charting add-ins for Excel:
  • Box and Whisker Plot Creator - Create quartile, percentile, or statistical box and whisker plots
  • Bubble Chart Creator - Quickly and easily create bubble charts to illustrate your data
  • Cascade Chart Creator - Create charts that compare quantity or volume to unit rates such as price/unit or profit per unit.
  • Chart and Picture Assistant - Export charts and ranges as pictures, import many pictures at once. Reorganize and resize.
  • Chart Labeler - Easily label and re-arrange your chart points
  • Cluster Stacked Column Chart Creator - Easily create clustered stacked column charts.
  • Dot Plot Creator - Easily create dot plots with or without connecting lines and uncertainty bars.
  • Histogram Creator - Turn your data into a histogram instantly.
  • Mekko Chart Creator - Create Mekko charts that show three dimensions of data
  • Multi-Chart Creator - Create hundreds of charts quickly and easily
  • Panel Chart Creator - Use panel charts to make complex multi-line charts easy to understand
  • Quick Chart Creator - Use just one chart for hundreds of rows of data.
  • Sensitivity Chart Creator - Easily create sensitivity or tornado charts.
  • Waterfall Chart Creator - Create charts that help you explain your data, such as changes in earnings or cost from one period to another
Data related add-ins for Excel:
  • Address Assistant - Easily split addresses in one cell into multiple cells. Fix zip codes needing leading zeros.
  • Colored Cells Sorter - Sort rows based on background color.  Or display only rows matching selected colors
  • Compare Columns Assistant - Easy compare one or more columns in a list or between lists.
  • Compare Lists Assistant - Compare lists in excel and quickly identify the differences.
  • Consolidation Assistant - Consolidate worksheets from multiple workbooks.
  • CSV File Creator - Create CSV files the easy way.
  • Data Assistant - Convert data into a form usable by pivot tables.
  • Data Cleaner - Eliminate tedious manual cleaning of data.
  • Data Consolidator - Easily combine many rows of data into a few.
  • Data Extraction Assistant - Extract data from one worksheet to multiple worksheets based on row entries.
  • Data Loader - Make Excel data loading easier.
  • Duplicate Finder & Deleter - Quickly find, copy, and delete duplicates in one list or between two lists.
  • Filter Assistant - Easily filter your data with just a click of a button
  • List Searcher - Search lists for matches to key words or phrases
  • Lookup Assistant -  Match data from one list to another the easy way
  • Merge Assistant - Merge (concatenate) multiple cells many different ways.
  • Multi-Column Sorter - Sort up to ten columns at once!
  • Name Splitter - Easily split names into individual cell entries.
  • Pivot Table Assistant - Make using pivot tables easier.
  • Price List Updater - Easily and quickly update prices or cost between two lists.
  • Row Assistant - Hide or show rows based on many different search criteria
  • Row Extractor - Extract rows of data into columns for easy review and printing.
  • Row to Column Viewer - View all the data on a row at one time!
  • Text File Importer - Import ASCII or text files with over a million lines!
  • Unique Extractor - Determine the number of occurrences and frequency of data entries.  Extract matching entries based on an IF test.
Specialty add-ins for Excel:
  • Add-In Information Lister - Provides information on all installed add-ins for Microsoft Excel
  • Backup Assistant -  Automatically backup files when you open them and before you modify them (or back them up at your convenience).
  • Colored Cells Assistant - Create equations that identify colored cells.  Sum cells based on color.
  • Conditional Format Assistant - Easily format cells based on multiple tests.
  • Directory Lister - Windows Explorer in an Excel worksheet.
  • Checkbook Assistant - The easy way to do your bank statements in Excel
  • Flash Card Assistant - Learn by using flash cards
  • Formula Checking Assistant - Check your formula logic with a formula map
  • Link Finder - Easily find and remove links to any workbook  
  • Macro Remover - Remove macros from any workbook.   
  • Password Assistant - Easily lock and unlock worksheets.
  • Random Number Generator - Random numbers the easy way.
  • Random Sampler - Easily select a random sample of your data.
  • Randomizer - Easily create multiple randomized copies of your lists
  • Report to Data Assistant - Convert reports to worksheet data.   
  • Scrollbar Fixer - Fix scrollbars when they scroll to far
  • Significant Digit Assistant - Add a key feature Microsoft forgot.
  • Y Value Estimator - Fix missing chart data problems.
Time saving add-ins for Excel:
  • Cell Color Assistant - Create your own toolbar of buttons to quickly and easily format cells and rows.
  • Column Assistant - Easily move and re-arrange your columns
  • Column Navigator - Quickly and easily find and go to any column on a worksheet via a descriptive list of all the columns!
  • Comments Assistant - Make comments easy to manage and modify.
  • Copy Move Assistant - Copy or move rows between worksheets with just a single click!  
  • Data Cleaner - Eliminate tedious manual cleaning of data.
  • Favorite Bookmarks - Bookmark your favorite files and folders for quick access
  • File Assistant - See a list of the past 100 files you have opened!  Easily re-open any file
  • Gold Assistant - Change your entire approach on to do list management.
  • List Assistant - Effortlessly re-arrange rows and cells.      
  • Quick Notes Assistant - Create quick note paper in a grid or mosaic layout
  • Report Runner - Automatically print multiple Excel reports.
  • Sheet Navigator - Move from sheet to sheet with great ease. View a list of all your sheets with one click!
  • Spreadsheet Assistant - Add over 200 time saving features to Excel.  
  • Time Saving Solutions - Great how to solutions for many Excel problems.         
  • To Do List Assistant - Easily manage and re-arrange your to do lists.
  • Word Shifter - Shift words from one cell to the next with just the click of a button.
  • Workbook Print Assistant - Print multiple worksheets from multiple workbooks at one time
To make learning and using the Productivity Suite's add-ins easy, all the add-ins come with exercise files with step by step instructions to provide hands on practice in using their features. The exercise files and help files are easily accessed from the opening dialogs. And, all of the add-ins are menu driven for ease of use.
To open the add-ins in the Productivity Suite, simply click on the add-in manager button on the add-in manager toolbar:
, and select the add-in you wish to open from the following dialog:
For example, if you wanted to open the Address Assistant, you would select/highlight it and click on the "Open /Redisplay toolbar" button. A description of the add-in is displayed in the right hand window when you click on the add-in.  This helps you quickly identify the add-in you want to open.
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