Full access to Excel functionality from Java

Do you need to generate reports in the tabular format or process ready reports from Java code under Microsoft Windows in Excel format? JExcel library provides a simple and effective way to integrate Excel into Java Swing applications without a specific knowledge of Microsoft Office programming.
You can easily display, create, print, read, write or modify your Excel workbooks (both *.xls and *.xlsx) using a comprehensive Java Excel API. You’ll get an ability to customize various cell properties including text font, cell background and borders, text alignment and orientation, etc. In other words—with JExcel you’ll have a full control over Excel in Java.
Learn how you can benefit from JExcel and save your time and money!
Supported PlatformsEmbed Excel into Java Swing Apps
Using the JWorkbook class as an OLE container, you can embed an Excel workbook into a Java Swing application just like an ordinary Swing component for working with its content.

Full Control Over Excel in Java

With JExcel, you can work with whole files or specific ranges of cells, modify values, formats, formulas; convert cells and ranges, merge/unmerge cells, customize cell appearance, etc.
Listen and Handle Excel Events
With JExcel, you can add listeners to the events generated by a workbook or worksheet as well as process them by handlers to affect respectively the behavior of a workbook or worksheet.
JExcel library provides an effective way to solve various tasks related to tabular format reports processing using integration and full control over Microsoft Excel in Java Swing applications.
Manage Workbooks & PropertiesManage Workbooks & Properties
You’ll be able to perform  any operation on Excel workbooks—create or open, save, modify (not only the workbook data, but also name, title, author, file path, password protection, window caption, size, zoom, state and many other options).
Work with Cells & Ranges
Reference cells by coordinates, address or name, set and get values of different types, convert cells into ranges and vice versa, customize cell appearance, reference range, find values in ranges, obtain ranges intersection, merge/unmerge cells of a range, etc.
Manage Worksheets
Obtain worksheet by its name or index, obtain all worksheets in a workbook, add a new worksheet and assign the name of the new worksheet, move a worksheet to a specified position and remove a worksheet from a workbook etc.
Customize Cells & Ranges
  • Change a number format
  • Customize text alignment and orientation
  • Font customization—name, size, general styles, underline style, color, alignment style
  • Change background pattern and color in cells
  • Border appearance customization: border color, line style and weight.
Listen to and Handle Excel Events
Listen to and Handle Excel EventsWith JExcel Workbook and Worksheet classes, you can add listeners to the events generated by a workbook or worksheet as well as process them by handlers to affect respectively the behavior of a workbook or worksheet.Application EventsMicrosoft Excel sends notifications about the following application events: a new workbook is created, a workbook is opened.
Workbook Events
You can listen to workbook activation/deactivation, new worksheet adding to a workbook, workbook saving/closing events.
Worksheet Events
You can handle various worksheet events: activation/deactivation, changing values and selections, double-click and right-click events.
Embed a Workbook into Java
Using the JWorkbook class as an OLE container, you can add an Excel workbook into a Java Swing application just like an ordinary Swing component and receive functionality for working with its content: open and save an embedded workbook, print it by displaying the Print dialog or directly, display a workbook in a static mode (read-only) or in a normal mode, listen to JWorkbook events.
Ability to work with Native Peers and Thread Issues
Using the developer-friendly JExcel API, you can get direct access to any COM interface of the MS Excel COM API to implement functionality that is not yet available in the JExcel API. JExcel provides peers for the following classes: Application, Workbook,Worksheet, Range, and Cell.
High level mergeWorkbook() method
It allows copying all worksheets from the specified workbook into another workbook instance. Using this method you can copy worksheets only but you’ll be unable to do the same with VBA scripts.
JExcel Demo
Run the Demo
  • Microsoft Excel 2000 or later
  • JDK (JRE): 1.4.0 or later. Version 1.4.2 recommended.
  • Java™ WebStart. Version 1.4.2 recommended.
This section contains description of common problems, their causes and suggested solutions.
Installation Instructions
For installation instructions click the link above or see readme. txt file inside the JExcel delivery package.
Technical FAQ
Answers to commonly asked questions about getting started and working with JExcel.
Per Developer Licensing
Per Devoper LicenseThe license will be issued to an individual or a company.
The number of licenses should be equal to the number of developers who will use JExcel for development purposes. For example, if you have 10 developers involved into your project and only 4 of them work with JExcel, you should purchase 4 licenses only.

Unlimited License

In case if you have more than 10 developers working with our library, it would be more profitable for you to order the Unlimited License. This license allows unlimited number of developers to use JExcel on any amount of computers within your company.
No Annual Fees
Having once purchased JExcel license you can perpetually use it in all your projects without any annual renewals, subscriptions or additional fees to us.
Free Runtime Distribution
Please note that we license the development only. You pay only for licenses for your developers who will use JExcel for development purposes. You can distribute your software with JExcel enclosed to any number of end users without any additional payment to us. When purchasing JExcel license you get two license keys—the Development License Key and Runtime License Key. You need to have the Development License Key installed to use JExcel for development purposes. The Runtime License Key should be used when you distribute your software with JExcel enclosed.
Pricing in USD
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JExcel (Windows32/64-bit)
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