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Synkronizer 11 is now available and comes along with significant improvements
  • Full support of latest Excel versions
  • State-of-the-art user-friendly GUI integrated in Excel
  • Redesigned difference report easier to read
Already the former versions have been used by thousands of users in small and medium sized as well as in large international companies such as globally operating banks and insurance companies. Once Synkronizer founds its way into those organisations it spreads like a virus which, for us, proves that it is a useful Excel tool
Synkronizer allows you to compare calculation models, data bases, lists or whole Excel spreadsheets automaticallly. Differences are highlighted and can be aligned. If desired, Synkronizer allows you to merge your spreadsheets
The advantages are obvious
  • Time saving
  • Accurate, reliable
  • Comprehensive
  • Easy and fast
Here are the Excel improvements you have been waiting for
  • Make sure you work with the latest versions of your Excel spreadsheets
  • Compare your Excel sheets automatically with a few clicks only
  • Use the difference report to examine the differences between two spreadsheets
  • If you wish, merge your two spreadsheets into a "new" single version and, hence, eliminate any differences or duplicates
Detection of differences: Select the two spreadsheets you wish to compare and Synkronizer does the rest within a few clicks
The following differences are recognized automatically
  • different cell entries
  • different cell formulas
  • different formats
  • added and/or deleted rows
  • added and/or deleted columns
  • duplicates
All differences are presented within a few seconds only
Selection form
Differences screen
Synkronizer offers three different possibilities for using the variations results
  • Highlighting of differences
  • Creation of a difference report
  • Merge differences
Highlighting of differences
Synkronizer highlights the differences of the underlying spreadsheets. Differences are highlighted with the following colors
  • different cell entries are yellow
  • different cell formats are orange
  • added columns and rows are green
  • deleted columns and rows are light blue
  • lavender for duplicate records are lavender
  • duplicates (redundant records) are grey
At one glance Synkronizer transparently displays all differences. At this point you might already decide with which version of the spreadsheet you wish to proceed
Highlight differences
Creation of a difference report
If desired, you can display the result of the comparison in a reader-friendly difference report
On this report you not only see the rows or columns deleted and/or added, but also each individual cell with different values
Furthermore the differences are directly hyperlinked to the underlying spreadsheets
The difference report displays the values entered on spreadsheet 1 and spreadsheet 2. This report is a great help for tracing differences and updating your Excel file
Difference report
Merge differences into one spreadsheet
The third and certainly most useful function of Synkronizer is the "Navigator" tool
After the comparison process the spreadsheets are displayed vertically or horizontally and a user-friendly form bar is displayed, with which you may easily navigate through the differences
Synkronizer ensures that both spreadsheets are displayed on your screen in order for you to directly compare all differences
You may decide with which version you wish to continue. With simple drag-and-drop you can transfer values from spreadsheet 1 to spreadsheet 2 or vice versa
This is the quickest way to eliminate all differences and you will have your Excel spreadsheet perfectly updated in an efficient and reliable manner
Navigator screen
Who needs Synkronizer?
Member of a controlling or reporting division in a large company 
As a member of a controlling or reporting division you deal with recurring reporting cycles. Reports are often of similar formats and have to be compared with previously delivered data. Or sometimes even within one reporting cycle you deal with a number of iterations. With Synkronizer X you will be in a position to immediately detect any differences between the data submitted.
Transaction data reconciliation 
Imagine you are working for a large financial institution dealing with massive amounts of daily transactions which have to be reconciled between various systems. Synkronizer will safe you a lot of time and, even more important, it will increase the quality and accuracy of your work drastically.
As the member of a research team you are often challenged with tremendous amounts of data. Synkronizer X efficiently allows you to have control over your data as it transparently shows all new or changed data items in a separate report. And you can navigate through all changes with the Navigator tool.
Programme Manager of a large-scale implementation programme with substreams 
Your programme plan is based on Excel and is a consolidation of the various project plans. With Synkronizer X will detect any changes between various versions of the project plans or your consolidated plan immediately and will guide you through each change. It will allow you to systematically discuss any changes with the project managers.
Database developer 
You create a database and wish to perform a comparison between two versions (e.g., plan versus actual). With a conventional database program (e.g. MS Access) such a comparison can not be achieved as no comparison tool is available or as zero-fields cannot be compared. For Synkronizer X this is no challenge. You simply export the data into Excel or Access and apply Synkronizer X to compare the data.
Customer or product database 
You maintain your customer database in Excel or Access. Imagine that you acquire additional customer data from a marketing office and wish to enter this data into your existing customer database. This database might be located on a central server. With Synkronizer X you can update the old databases literally within minutes and you will have immediate access to updated customer or product data within your company.
New customer or member data 
Imagine you are the administrator of a customer or member data and you receive updated data through an outside source without telling you what the new data is. With Synkronizer X you will have immediate information on what the changes are and you will be enabled to make systematic use of this information (e.g., separate initiative for new customers or member that have relocated).
Amendments of sales prices 
Assume that you need to amend the sales prices of your products. For controlling purposes you wish to have a detailed list which displays all amendments. Synkronizer X immediately lists all amendments in a separate report.
Database administrator 
You update a database in Excel. After updating you wish to see all changes made between the previous and updated version. Such analysis, which is normally extremely time-consuming, is performed by Synkronizer X within seconds.
For the purchase of Synkronizer 10 you must download the software which, at the same time, is your trial version
Please follow the below steps
  • On Windows 7 and Vista you'll to logon with administrator priviliges
  • Close Excel
  • Run the downloaded exe file. (no problems with existing Synkronizer installations)
  • Start Excel
  • In Excel 2010/2007 you'll find the Synkronizer button on the "Review" TabIn Excel 2003 (and XP) it's still located on the "Tools" Menu
Note:  Synkronizer 10.0 does not run with Excel 2010, 64-bit-mode. Synkronizer 10.0 runs with Windows 7, 64-bit-mode, but only with Excel 2010, 32-bit-mode.
Synkronizer 10.0 
Build no. 318.810
User manual
Non Admin Setup - download
This is suitable for some users who do not have "Administrator Rights" on their PCs, or if UAC is interfering in any other way.
Price per license (EUR)
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For quantities above 1,000 licenses please contact us at, and we will be happy to provide you with an attractive quote.