PowerPoint Shortcut Tools


PowerPoint Shortcut Tools


PowerPoint Shortcut Tools allows you to control Microsoft PowerPoint by user defined keyboard shortcuts. In addition PowerPoint Shoftcut Tools provides several new innovative commands such as make objects same size, add up text fiels, or paste unformatted text by just pressing one keyboard shortcut. 

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Control PowerPoint with Keyboard Shortcuts
PowerPoint Shortcut Tools is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint, which allows you to work much more efficiently when creating your presentations.
Set user defined shortcuts for your most used commands (e.g. align objects, group objects) to control PowerPoint with your keyboard.
In addition PowerPoint Shortcut Tools includes several helpful new commands (e.g. make objects same size, sort objects)
Compatible with
PowerPointMicrosoft PowerPoint
XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 (32bit)
Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows
XP, Vista, 7 (32 & 64bit)
PowerPoint Shortcut Tools Commands
The list below contains all commands available through PowerPoint Shortcut Tools. The column predefined shortcut contains the shortcut assigned to a particular command after installation. You can replace predefined shortcuts by user defined shortcuts.
The following categories are available:
Alignment shortcuts 
Object shortcuts 
Resize shortcuts 
Text shortcuts 
Format shortcuts 
Slide shortcuts 
Insert shortcuts 
PowerPoint built-in shortcuts
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The price per license is 29.90€. If you would like to buy a certain volume, please contact us at sales@unitedaddins.com.