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PDF Postman is probably the easiest and most cross-platform compatible way to send an encrypted message. PDF Postman unites Microsoft Outlook and email security with the ubiquity of the PDF document format. Use PDF Postman to send AES-128 bit encrypted messages to just about any computer, smart phone or tablet. The recipient only needs the password and a standard PDF viewer to access your message and file attachments. A great alternative to complex encryption schemes that burden the recipient.

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PDF Postman customizable message for recipient
The Easy to use Email Encryption and PDF Add-in for Microsoft Outlook
PDF Postman is an affordable, effective and business-practical solution to the dilemma of how to send a secure (encrypted) email message. If you need a simple, widely compatible way to send secure emails from Outlook in a way that won’t burden the recipient, and that can assist you with HIPAA compliance, then you should try PDF Postman.
PDF Postman in Outlook inbox, image
PDF Postman Email as the recipient sees it in her Inbox.
  • Sending secure email messages in PDF format is simple for the recipient
  • PDF Postman is compatible with the encryption in major PDF viewer like as Adobe Reader
  • AES encryption is a standard approved by NIST for protecting US Government documents
  • Protects email and file attachments with strong AES-256 or AES-128 bit encryption
  • Recipients can extract file attachments and edit them after entering the password
  • Send encrypted messages to recipients on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms, wherever PDF is supported
  • A simple way to deliver secure messages across device platforms
  • No complex certificates or private key exchanges, no special software for the recipient to download, no recurring subscription or re-authorization fees
PDF Postman settings template, accessed from within Outlook
Customize the PDF Postman cover message from the Template page in settings.
PDF Postman email encryption
Send secure email messages and file attachments using the strong AES 128 bit encryption found in PDF readers.
PDF Postman is the easiest way to send a secure message from Outlook. Nearly anyone on any computer or mobile device can receive a PDF Postman messagewithout installing any special software. All they need is the password. Click here for a full list of PDF Postman's features and benefits.
PDF Postman secures outbound email messages and file attachments using the Portable Document Format or PDF envelope. PDF Postman leverages the wide adoption of PDF Reader software, eliminating the need for special software on the recipient's computer.
In addition to converting the email and attachments to secure PDF, PDF Postman also gives you the option to convert attachments-only to secure PDF, or convert attachments to an unsecured PDF email attachment.
Easy to Use
To send a secure message, just type your Outlook email message as you normally would, select the "PDF Encrypt Email" button from the Outlook tool bar, and send your message.
Encrypted Email Sent confirmation
PDF Postman will convert your Outlook email and attachments into to a PDF file, then apply strong US Government approved AES-128 bit encryption.
PDF Postman is an alternative to complex email encryption programs that may require exchanging public keys and buying certificates from a certificate authority, installing special software or surrendering personal information during a registration process.
Whether you are a small office/home office user, or a corporate professional with an experienced IT department, you will appreciate the ease with which PDF Postman can be installed and used.
Cross Platform Convenience
More and more, the people you need to communicate with are utilizing a variety of devices: laptops, iPads, mobile phones, etc. You need to reach them securely on whatever device they happen to be using.
PDF Postman's secure PDF files are compatible with PDF viewers available for the Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, and popular mobile platforms like Android. Leveraging the ubiquity of the PDF format means your recipient already has the software needed to open your message.
Simple for the Recipient
To open your PDF Postman file, recipients simply click on the PDF file to open it. Their PDF viewer will prompt them for the password.
Recipient clicks on PDF file, and their PDF Viewer will decrypt the file.
Don't inconvenience your clients with expensive and complex em ail encryption solutions, or services that gather their personal information. Instead, let PDF Postman deliver your emails securely to any device the recipient wants to use.
  • Uses US Government approved AES-128 or AES-256 bit symmetric key encryption to protect your email messages

  • Works with Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later

  • PDF Postman PDF files are compatible with millions of computers and mobile devices that can view PDF files

  • Simple to send messages and files

  • Simple for message recipients. No special software or registration is required.

  • Preserves email formatting. Converts HTML, rich text or text email messages to a fully formatted encrypted PDF.

  • Protects file attachments by embedding them inside the encrypted PDF. Files can be extracted by the recipient using their PDF viewer.

  • Option to only protect file attachments (not message)

  • Configurable container (default) message

  • Password protect settings and password list

  • Remembers passwords for future emails

  • Option to Save unencrypted copy of email in Outlook's Sent Items folder

  • Option to Time Stamp the Message

  • Option to obscure subject line in the container email message

  • Easy to change passwords

  • Password generator for creating high entropy passwords

  • Enterprise deployment through MSI file

  • Option for users to work from a centralized password database.

  • Includes the ability to create an encrypted or unencrypted PDF from attached files

  • Compliments your existing SMIME or PGP encryption system by providing a more user friendly way to send secure documents to non-technical recipients.

Opening encrypted .PDF files.
How to open encrypted PDF files
Compliant PDF viewers are able to decrypt .pdf files that have been protected with AES-128 or AES-256 bit encryption standards. This makes the PDF format a practical way to send important messages or files. PDF Postman add-in for Outlook lets you easily convert your important email messages into an encrypted PDF document that virtually any compliant PDF viewer can decrypt.
The process of opening opening a PDF file that has been encrypted is easy. The reicpient only needs to click on the file. If a PDF viewer is present on the device it will prompt for a password. If the recipient does not have a .pdf viewer, they can easily obtain one from their favorite app store, usually for free.
To experience the process yourself using the PDF viewer present on your device right now, download this sample encrypted PDF file that was created by PDF Postman.
The password is: test123
Download a sample encrypted PDF file. Password: test123
Nearly every computing device has a PDF reader installed. Many free PDF viewers are available, such as Adobe Reader or PDF Xchange.
Opening an encrypted PDF file
If you click on an encrypted PDF file with Adobe Reader present on your computer you will see the following prompt. Enter the password to open the file:
Opening an encrypted PDF file with Adobe Reader
If you use the popular PDF Xchange viewer, you will see the a slightly different prompt, but the process is the same:
Opening an encrypted PDF file using PDF Xchange viewer
Type the correct password and PDF Xchange will decrypt the PDF file.
PDF File Attachments with Adobe Reader
With PDF Postman, email file attachments are embedded within the PDF file. This means that the embedded files can be extracted from the PDF and saved in their original format. To do this in Adobe Reader, click on the paper clip icon in the lower left corner of the viewer to reveal attachments.
To access the attachments, either double click on them, or "drag" them to the desktop.
Locating embedded documents inside a PDF file with Adobe ReaderPDF file attachments embedded within Adobe Reader
PDF File Attachments With PDF X-Change Viewer
To access embedded file attachments in a PDF file with the PDF X-Change viewer, first click on the paper clip icon to reveal the files. Click on the file, and select either "Open" to open the file, or "Save" to save the file to your disk.
PDF embedded file attachments within PDF XchangePDF file attachments within PDF Xchange
Don't inconvenience your clients with expensive and complex email encryption solutions or services that gather their personal information. Instead, let PDF Postman deliver your emails securely to any device the recipient wishes to use.
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