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Convert OST to PST files and connect converted files to Microsoft Outlook*.

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Back up Microsoft Outlook Exchange .ost files to avoid data loss if the Server is not available or corrupt or user’s profile is damaged.
Open your data from Exchange (.OST file) in Microsoft Outlook.
If you are looking for a freeware that will convert OST to PST file format quickly and easily, OST2 is what you need. After a couple of clicks, you will be able to open the converted PST file in Outlook.
Convert connected OST file to PST fileOur OST converter is useful if, for some reason, Microsoft Exchange Server data needs to be moved and opened in Microsoft Outlook. This free converter is able to do it simply and easily. Convert files in a couple of clicks – select an OST file and choose the location where you want to save the PST file. OST2 will automatically connect the converted files to Outlook*, so you won’t need to import .pst files manually.
Convert orphaned OST files to PST format using OST2 Enterprise Edition. It means that you can convert OST files that are not connected to Outlook. 
OST to PST conversion can be a solution of problems caused by Exchange Server. In case of your Exchange Server downtime, accidental user account deletion, the server crashes and your data is not accessible, you may want to convert OST to PST file format.
All your emails, calendars, contacts, tasks etc. can be opened in Outlook after the OST2PST conversion. To prevent Offline Storage .ost file’s data loss, it is useful to back up data in the Personal Storage file format. Back up Exchange data using this simple OST to PST converter.
Main features of OST2:
  • Free OST to PST converter. OST2PST software tool.Free OST to PST converter. OST2PST software tool. Convert OST to PST (Exchange Offline Storage files to Personal Storage) files. Use OST2 as ost to pst converter to transfer data from Exchange to Outlook, make your Exchange account emails, calendar, contacts and other items accessible through Outlook. OST file must be connected to Outlook, in order to convert it. If you want to convert files that are not connected, please check OST2 Enterprise Edition.
  • Back up Exchange data with automatic OST converter.Back up Exchange data with automatic OST converter. Use this OST converter tool to back up data as a .PST file in case something happens to Exchange Server. For fully customizable Microsoft Outlook and Exchange backup, see our Safe PST Backup Enterprise Edition software.
  • Recover Exchange mailbox data with OST PST Converter.Recover Exchange mailbox data with OST PST Converter. In case Exchange Server crashes, you will be able to recover Exchange mailbox folders by opening the converted PST file in Outlook. Our OST PST converter allows keeping your precious data accessible to you.
  • Restore and convert OST files.Restore and convert OST files. By converting OST files to PST format, the Exchange mailbox can be restored even after accidental Exchange user mailbox deletion. Convert OST file and open Exchange mailbox emails, contacts, calendars and other folders in Outlook easily.
  • Convert OST to PST and connect files to Outlook after OST conversion*.Convert OST to PST and connect files to Outlook after OST conversion*. After OST file is converted to the PST file format, it can be automatically connected to your Outlook. So you won’t need to import the PST file to Outlook manually. OST2 is able to import a single file or a batch of files at once.
  • Easy-to-use OST file conversion tool with very simple interface.Easy-to-use OST file conversion tool with very simple interface. Select the OST file you want to convert and choose a location where you want the converted PST file to be stored. The conversion can be done in a couple of clicks.
  • Scan for OST files connected to Outlook*.Scan for OST files connected to Outlook*. OST2 can automatically detect OST files on your computer, so there is no need to browse for a file manually. A scan of OST can be done by clicking the icon on the program’s interface.
  • Comprehensive settings for your OST conversion needs*.Comprehensive settings for your OST conversion needs*. OST2 Pro/Enterprise Edition allows you to choose advanced conversion settings. With Pro Edition, you can convert multiple OST files; schedule a conversion to run at the specific time interval; make conversion hidden from an end user (“silent mode”). 
  • Convert OST on your corporate network*.Convert OST on your corporate network*. OST2 supports network location, so you can choose any OST file from your network and select any network location, where the converted files will be stored.
  • Advanced OST to PST conversion configuration settings*.Advanced OST to PST conversion configuration settings*. Create and edit one configuration file to set up OST to PST conversion on several network computers. Customize conversion the way you want using scripts and command line parameters.
  • Convert OST files of any Exchange version to PST files of any Outlook version.Convert OST files of any Exchange version to PST files of any Outlook version. It does not matter which version of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook you or your company are using. OST2 converts ost files created with any version of Exchange and Outlook from 2002.
Advanced, fully customizable OST2 version for business and corporate environment.
Fully customizable OST to PST Converter
Enterprise Edition of OST2 Converter is a fully customizable OST files conversion tool developed with business needs in mind. The Enterprise Edition allows you to convert OST to PST format filesautomatically, with accordance of your custom scenarios, to meet your company needs. In case your Exchange Server crashed or is down; or you are transferring your Microsoft Exchange to Outlook - our OST PST enterprise software is the right solution for you, especially if the company has many workstations.
The Enterprise Edition of OST2 PST Converter can be deployed and configured on many PCs in a corporate network at once. The OST to PST conversion settings can be customized easily using one configuration file. Manage conversion of many workstations from one place. Schedule conversion at any time interval. Make the software interface completely hidden for selected end users. OST2 Enterprise Edition allows to convert OST files that are not connected to Outlook, so called inaccessible or orphaned OST files. 
Contact us, and we will create custom OST to PST conversion solution designed for your company needs.
For example:
  • OST files viewer - which allows opening and reviewing the OST files without converting them.
  • Custom Exchange backup tool for enterprise network.
  • Custom OST conversion solution integrated into your Corporate Environment.
Main features of OST2 Enterprise Edition:
  • Reliable Exchange to Outlook conversion software.Reliable Exchange to Outlook conversion software. Convert OST files to PST file format on your corporate network safely. Having more than 10 years of experience we created a competitive and trusty tool that can prevent your data loss from Exchange Server or save your data after Microsoft Exchange crashes. Easily transfer Microsoft Exchange files to Outlook and customize the process to your corporate needs.
  • Easy deployment and management.Easy deployment and management. Automatic installation is available using the MSI file, as well as automatic uninstallation from a number of workstations. Manage the conversion settings for several network computers easily from the administrator’s computer, by creating and changing the .config file. Customize conversion the way you want using scripts and command line parameters. Configure OST2 so that only the administrator could change the settings.
  • Administrator’s tool for converting OST files in corporate environment.Administrator’s tool for converting OST files in corporate environment. In case lots of OST files need to be converted on different workstations (i.e. Exchange crashed and many users need to restore their data), OST2 Enterprise software works as a perfect tool for administrator. Conversion process can be managed by administrator without any input of end user.
  • Convert inaccessible OST files to PST. Convert orphaned OST files.Convert inaccessible OST files to PST. Convert orphaned OST files. Enterprise Edition allows you to convert orphaned OST files. It means that even not connected to Outlook (standalone) OST files can be easily converted to PST format. Recover Exchange account mailbox data using OST2 Converter. Convert orphaned OST files to PST file format to retrieve all your data in unchanged form.
  • Personal Microsoft Outlook Exchange folders backup.Personal Microsoft Outlook Exchange folders backup. Enterprise Edition allows you to backup Microsoft Exchange folders in case of a server crash. Convert Microsoft Exchange OST files to local PST files even if the server is not accessible. Import the backup PST file to any account in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Custom OST - PST conversion rules for your needs.Custom OST - PST conversion rules for your needs. Create custom rules of conversion with OST2 Enterprise Edition. For example, specify where to scan for OST files or where to save converted files.
  • OST conversion for your corporate network.OST conversion for your corporate network. Because OST2 network location support, it is possible to select OST file that you want to convert from any network location. The converted file (PST) can be also stored at any network location.
  • Comprehensive settings.Comprehensive settings. Enterprise Edition allows to set up the conversion process the way you want. The OST to PST conversion can be scheduled at the specific time interval. It is possible to convert multiple OST files or hide the programs interface from select end users completely.
  • Automatic detection of connected OST files.Automatic detection of connected OST files. Scan your computer for an OST file connected to Outlook just by clicking the icon on the main OST2 dialog. The program automatically detects the OST file location and you don’t need to browse for it manually.
  • Import of converted files to Outlook.Import of converted files to Outlook. OST2 Enterprise Edition can automatically connect the converted PST files to Outlook. Import a single file or a batch of PST files at once by checking the box “Connect converted PST to Outlook” on the main interface. There is no need to import files to Outlook manually.
  • Experienced customer support.Experienced customer support. Every customer is provided with technical support via Live Help and email. We have an experienced team of professionals who have worked for over 10 years on providing solutions for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Please contact us for custom support options.

Convert OST to PST to open Exchange mailbox in Outlook.

Open an inaccessible* OST file in Outlook using the native PST format.
Convert OST to PST format using OST2 converter and open all emails, contacts, calendars, tasks from Microsoft Exchange in Outlook without a hassle. OST file is used in Microsoft Exchange and also known as Offline Storage file. There might be many reasons to convert OST to PST files - Personal Storage files used in Outlook. If Exchange Server crashes or downtime occurs, OST files that contain all data from the Exchange account mailbox will become inaccessible. You can convert orphaned OST files using OST2 Enterprise Edition. Set up automatic conversion of OST to PST to always have a backup of your Exchange data available and accessible within several minutes. Converting files to PST also helps when an Exchange account is accidentally deleted. Restore OST data after mailbox deletion simply with OST2 by converting OST to PST file.
Open OST files in Outlook using PST format
Convert OST to PST to use as an Exchange Backup
Back up the Exchange Server account mailbox by converting OST to PST format. Convert OST file automatically and have it backed up in the PST format at any moment. In case something happens to Exchange Server, you will be able to open all your precious data in Microsoft Outlook. Save time and money by using this simple tool for data loss prevention. If you need more advanced Outlook and Exchange backup tool developed for businesses, check out our Safe PST Backup Enterprise Edition.
Move Exchange mailbox to other computer
Convert Exchange OST files to PST files and transfer them easily. In the situation when Exchange mailbox must be transferred to Microsoft Outlook, OST2 is your best choice. For example, if you use Exchange Server at work and want to have your mailbox data on your PC at home, you can simply move it as a PST file.

OST to PST conversion from any Exchange to Outlook version

Convert OST files from Exchange to Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002
The product is compatible with all Microsoft Exchange Server versions, including the latest Exchange 2010. Using OST2 Free version OST to PST conversion can be done with files of any Exchange versions, as long it is connected to Outlook. For the not connected OST files conversion, purchase our OST2 Enterprise Edition. Converted PST files can be opened in any Microsoft Outlook version starting from Outlook 2002.
Convert OST files from Exchange to Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002
Demo Videos
Conversion of connected OST file to PST file
Customization of conversion using configuration file
Main OST to PST converter dialog
Select the location of OST file you want to convert and specify where to save the PST file
Scan for OST files connected to Outlook
Click the “scan” button to find connected to Outlook OST files on your computer
OST to PST conversion options
Set up scheduled conversion and select files to be converted
Outlook data conversion settings
Click the “browse” button by the file name on Options dialog and select folders you want to convert
Full Standalone Installation - Internet connection is not required during installation
Microsoft Outlook 32-bit        
     Microsoft Outlook 64-bit**
Price per license (USD)
3 to 5
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For quantities above 250 licenses additional volume discount apply. Please contact us at sales@unitedaddins.com to get a quote.