Create and stick notes to Outlook e-mails, tasks, contacts, and appointments.

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Preparing answers to your emails or attaching your thoughts to contacts, tasks and meetings by simply clipping the Notes2 “sticky” notes to them is like using Post-It™ notes, but without paper.
Compose a response to an e-mail message by auto-inserting notes, when replying or forwarding, without copying the text from your Word documents and pasting it into the response. 
Display existing Notes2 clips immediately when you select an Outlook item with notes.
Customize its look and behavior with many options helping to organize your work and save your time
If you are a manager, secretary, sales person or just looking to improve your collaboration this Notes2 Outlook tool is for you.
Main Features
  • A fully integrated software add-on for Microsoft Outlook. Easy and convenient to use. The Add Notes button becomes available with the mouse right-click or from the Microsoft Outlook toolbar
  • Create, manage and attach notes (text snippets) to Microsoft Outlook in context with the Notes2 emails, contacts, tasks, appointments, and meetings
  • Customize notes with different colors or text fonts
    Prioritize and prepare your thoughts and ideas, colorize to distinguish them.
  • Attach documents and files to the Notes
    Before you compose your reply, organize your answers to important e-mails by collecting and attaching all necessary documents to a Note.
  • Auto-insert content of the linked note, when replying or forwarding e-mail.
    Without copying and pasting, compose your response with a single click.
  • Easy items filtering by note presence
    The single-click filter button on the Outlook toolbar allows you to see and sort items with Notes.
  • Date/time stamp
  • Manage, search, sort and filter all notes and linked items in one folder
    The Notes2 program folder is available from the e-mail folders list with all the Notes (comments) made across the Microsoft Outlook folders.
  • Notes reminder. Plan your work by adding Outlook reminders to the Notes
  • Auto-mark with the flag an Outlook item linked to your Note.
    Make your item with the Note more visible with a flag of your choice.
  • Print e-mail with Note.
  • Print Note comments
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