Incoming Mail Organizer


Incoming Mail Organizer


Stay under the 32k rules limit with ease with this add-in! It takes over simple rule functions, freeing up valuable space.

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  • Organizes your email by keeping related emails together
  • Moves the emails based on who sent it, or…
  • …keywords in the email, or…
  • …have it prompt you where to save
Product Description
Do you have too many rules in Outlook?Have you exceeded the 32k limit in Outlook Rules Wizard?Or do you just need a quick and efficient method of getting your emails to their correct folders?You can significantly lower the amount of space your rules take by using the Incoming Mail Organizer. It moves incoming emails into folders that you designate. Similar to our Sent Items Organizer, you can have the add-in automatically move the email to folders based on who it’s From (or To), keywords in the subject or body of the email, or you can have it ask you each time an email comes in (that it doesn’t know how to handle).

You can then remove the rules from Outlook Rules Wizard, freeing up valuable space in your rules and simplifying the rules process.

Features and Benefits
Features of the Incoming Email Organizer add-in include:
  • Organizes your email by keeping related emails together
  • Sorts your inbox into your chosen Microsoft® Outlook® folders based on email addresses (optional)
  • Associate Outlook folders to keywords (e.g., project names or project ids) (optional)
  • Have it prompt you for the folder to save it to whenever email arrives (optional)
  • Optionally move the email to a specific folder you designate with no prompting
  • Includes a “Run Now” to help you quickly organize your existing inbox
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002, or Outlook 2000
  • Integrates directly into Outlook and is invoked from within Outlook
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange but does not require it
To help you further, after you set up the add-in the way you like you can run it on all your existing emails. This way you can quickly become organized and operate more efficiently.And best of all, you decide in what order these filters run – and if no email meets the requirements, then it stays in your regular Inbox folder just like Outlook does now.Fast. Easy. Productive.


Stay under the 32k rules limit with ease with this add-in! It takes over simple rule functions, freeing up valuable space.
Incoming Mail Organizer for Outlook 2007/Outlook 2010 (32-bit)
Incoming Mail Organizer for Outlook 2010 (64-bit)
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When it comes to return on investment, there's no better value than our volume licenses. For volume licenses of this add-in, we customize the installation to make it easier on your system administrators (a custom MSI deployment package specifically for your company), this is a free service for a volume purchase of at least 100 licenses. In addition, phone and email based priority tech support is free for the first two years. This support is invaluable for pre-sales IT planning as well as for post-sales deployment and rollout. For the custom builds, these are some of the available options that customers have asked for over the years. We are not limited to this list, and we can customize your add-in solutions to meet almost all requirements:
  • Pre-set any add-in defaults so that your options are set upon first install
  • Disable any (or all) user settings to prevent users from altering the settings
  • Hide the main Software toolbar to save space and to avoid confusion
  • Disable removal in the Control Panel listing to prevent users from uninstalling the solution
  • Hide entry from the Control Panel listing altogether to prevent users from seeing the add-in entry
Reflecting our commitment to keep you up and running in the face of changing operating systems, Microsoft Office versions, and service packs, on the second anniversary of your purchase you will receive an invoice for 20% of the sale (optional), for the upcoming year's worth of upgrades and technical support. This includes any upgrades in the software during the year that are released, as well as access to our highest priority servicing for any technical problems that may arise from a changing IT environment. 
Worried about compatibility? The software is compatible with (at least) these third party products: 
Avaya Modular Messaging
Captaris Rightfax Client Extension
Cisco Unity Viewmail Plug-In for Outlook
Interwoven Extensions (both Filesite and Worksite)
MessageOne Outlook Extension
Nortel CallPilot Outlook Add-In
Redemption Helper Outlook Extension
ShoreTel IP Phone System
Symantec Enterprise Vault
Workshare Protect Outlook Extensions
Note: This is not a complete list, just a sample. The Software is compatible with all the leading third party Outlook solutions and the leading anti-virus offerings like Norton Anti-Virus, McAfee Anti-Virus, ESET's NOD32, etc.