DOE PRO XL Software integrates into Excel providing Design of Experiments (DOE) functionality. Features include computer-aided design selection, multiple response regression and optimization, prediction, and advanced plotting. Whether your needs are for Six Sigma, DFSS, or general use DOE PRO XL can help you design and analyze your experiments.

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DOE PRO XL includes multiple built in designs including full and fractional factorials, Taguchi, Box-Behnken, Central Composite Designs (CCD), and more. A computer-aided design selection feature can help you pick the design that best meets your needs. If you are working with historical data or would like to design your matrices, DOE PRO XL make this easy. 
DOE PRO XL is an Excel add-in which gives users powerful yet easy-to-use DOE (Design of Experiments) capabilities. From within Excel you will be able to create designs, analyze designs using multiple regression, plot results, optimize, and predict.
Create Designs
  • Hundreds of included 2 and 3 level designs – Includes full factorial, fractional factorial, Taguchi, Central Composite Designs, Box-Behnken, and more.
  • Computer Aided Design Selection Wizard – Helps you select the right design for your project.
  • Non-Computer Aided – Advanced users can go straight to the desired design.
  • Full and Fractional Factorial Builder – Build full and fractional factorial designs up to 11 factors and 128 runs.
  • Custom Designs – Create your own multi-level design. Choose between coded and standardized inputs.
  • Historical Data Analysis – Analyze existing data.
  • Up to 26 inputs and 20 Responses (outputs)
Analyze Designs
  • Multiple Response Regression with simultaneous modeling of both Y-hat and S-hat
  • ANOVA Analysis
  • Uncoded Regression Coefficients
  • Residual Analysis (Studentized, R-Studentized, Leverage, and Cook’s D)
  • Aliasing Pattern Detection (with 9 Factors or less)
  • Multiple Plots
Optimization Tools
  • Multiple Response Optimization for Y-hat, S-hat and Cpk – Optimize across all outputs simultaneously.
  • Surface, Contour, and Interaction Plots
  • Prediction with Confirmation Capability

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