UltraSentry is a powerful secure delete utility that will permanently delete files using its powerful wipe engine. UltraSentry can permanently remove any type of file, entire folders, and even your Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox cookies, temp files, download history, recently visited, and cache files.

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Secure folder/file delete, internet history eraser, registry cleaner, and more.
Have you ever deleted a password, personal information, classified document, financial record, self-written diaries, internet browser activity, downloaded images or temp files from your PC or browser?
If your answer is yes, think again. Unless you used a secure file deletion utility like UltraSentry, the files you thought you deleted are still on your PC. Use UltraSentry for true deletion…also integrated with UE/UES.
Prevent hackers and identity thieves from going through your deleted files and finding your passwords, credit card numbers, and other private information.
UltraSentry is a powerful secure delete utility that will permanently delete files using its powerful wipe engine.
UltraSentry can permanently remove any type of file, entire folders, and even your Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox cookies, temp files, download history, recently visited, and cache files.
UltraSentry deletes data to Department of Defense standards.
UltraSentry was designed to delete file and folder data to United States Department of Defense standards, which is why we call it a military-grade cleaning application. What does this mean? Well, many electronic files and data are highly-sensitive or private, and when deleted, the data itself still remains on the disk, making it recoverable or accessible by anyone. UltraSentry eliminates that risk by overwriting the file data repeatedly, completely destroying all traces of the sensitive file data, making it completely unrecoverable. The standards to which the data is overwritten are compliant with Department of Defense standards, and are the same standards the U.S. military and government use when deleting top-secret or proprietary electronic information.
UltraSentry is three applications for the price of one:
three security applications for the price of one
UltraSentry features at a glance
  • 3 Different wipe profiles to choose from including Total System Scrub
  • Define your own custom wipe methods.
  • Easy to use wizard. Delete any file or folder in just a few simple steps.
  • Shell integration, including integration with the Recycle Bin.
  • Ability to wipe all the free space, .ini, and selected registry items of any selected hard drive.
  • Integrated scheduler that allows you to schedule the secure wiping of files and folders.
  • Works on memory cards, usb drives, and other types of removable media.
  • Integrated file summary lets you review the target files before deleting them
UltraSentry features a “set and forget” scheduler
Schedule UltraSentry to watch over your computer, sensitive files, and protect your privacy while you are away. Set the native profiles (Total System Scrub, Log-off Clean up, & Privacy Guard) to completely erase not only your internet browser history, but the registry entries, swap file, and free disk space that can point back to your recently used documents, search history, and deleted email.
UltraSentry provides pre-configured or user-created cleaning profiles which you can set to run daily, weekly, monthly, or upon system events such as logging on/off or restarting. 
UltraSentry incorporates the best of breed features available in file deletion utilities plus the advanced range of commands which are necessary to ensure total computing security and privacy. All of this from a company that has spent a decade building a reputation for quality software, superior support, and value pricing.
UltraSentry’s wizard makes cleaning operations simple and fast.
UltraSentry’s powerful wizard includes an intuitive interface with options for basic through advanced disk cleaning operations. Some of these include:
UltraSentry application cleaningApplication cleaning for 40+ popular Windows apps.
UltraSentry internet history deleteBrowser cleaning for over all popular browsers.
UltraSentry email clean upSecure email clean-up for Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and Thunderbird.
UltraSentry Microsoft Office clean upSecure file deletion from within Microsoft Office, including Office integration.
How UltraSentry works
Any information you've ever viewed, received or sent is stored in your computer hard drive.
 When you delete a file or send it to the recycle bin, you are only removing the reference(address) from your system's file table.
So while the address may be gone, the information is actually still there. Recovering, viewing and reading deleted data is quite easy to do. Does this pose a privacy or security issue with you?
UltraSentry works by overwriting the file/data with a series of repeated digital codes until the data is completely unrecoverable. In other words, when you use UltraSentry to delete a file, you can be sure it's gone... and stays gone forever!
Use UltraSentry's default security level of [DoD Level C] to permanently eradicate data from your system or create your own security level to exceed it.
Either right click and delete with UltraSentry from within Windows Explorer or use the profile builder to create your own file cleaning routine and schedule it to run daily, weekly, monthly or on event such as logoff or restart. It's that simple!
Securely delete your sensitive data with UltraSentry's intuitive interface. Delete specific files/folders, clean the recycling bin, or launch specified cleaning operations and profiles!
UltraSentry Feature Map
UltraSentry's intuitive wizard makes cleaning operations simple and fast. Clean your browsers, applications, email clients, MS Office, INI files, page file, slack space, and more...
Configure and schedule UltraSentry to run at your convenience -- once day, week, or month, or on events such as log on/log off. Configure cleaning operations to match your preferences.
Modify and create profiles to easily execute a multitude of cleaning tasks! With four pre-configured profiles and the ability to edit these or add your own, you can have the ease of mind that your privacy is secure.
Corporate electronic information retirement requirements
UltraSentry and corporate security compliancyBusiness, enterprise, government, education, and consumer: Are you compliant with new information privacy acts?
New regulations require you to have a customer privacy policy in place. Your policy must include secure document retirement in order to be compliant with recent acts, including:
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • The Patriot Act
  • Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act
UltraSentry uses the same disk sanitizing methods developed by the U.S. Department of Defense.
Private client data is a sensitive matter in almost every corporate sector of today's business world. Not only must your clients' personal information be protected; you must have the tools and procedures in place to ensure their privacy and secure their identity. Using UltraSentry's military-grade data deletion features, you can begin your strategy for corporate security.
So what is a "secure document retirement policy"?
Secure document retirement ensures that deleted electronic files or discarded paper documents are rendered unrecoverable. Most companies already have a policy to destroy paper documents, however, few companies have such a policy for electronic files. A compliant secure electronic document retirement policy will ensure that both paper and electronic information are properly disposed of.
How important is a secure document retirement policy, and how can UltraSentry help?
A single improperly discarded computer or electronic file can contain hundreds or thousands of sensitive customer records. The failure of companies to properly discard customer information is contributing to one of the fastest growing crimes in the world: identity theft. UltraSentry can be used to sanitize discarded machines and archived files thus minimizing the risk of a potential compromise and ensuring your corporate compliancy with federal electronic document retirements.
Compliance in the news
"The National Association of Independent Insurers calls the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act the 'newest class-action cash cow.' Non-compliant institutions can have their FDIC insurance terminated. Corporate officers and directors can be held personally liable for civil and criminal penalties of up to $10,000 and fines of up to $1 million." - National Association of Independent Insurers
Corporate peace of mind
By incorporating UltraSentry into your electronic file retirement strategy, you can securely overwrite and erase ALL sensitive information, giving you not only compliance but peace of mind.
Purchase an UltraSentry technician license to decommission an unlimited number of machines
Many corporate customers find a technician license highly satisfactory for decommissioning multiple user personal computers or electornic data. Find out below how an UltraSentry technician license can help you.
UltraSentry technician license - for use with multiple PCs
UltraSentry technician licenseWith the addition of many professional strength features added to UltraSentry, users have asked us to provide a license designed to accommodate technicians servicing floor machines and server farms. To this end, we offer a technician license for our technician users. The technician license may be purchased from our online store and is a great option for corporate clients looking to securely dispose of decommissioned electronic data.
Technician license FAQ
  • What is the purpose of the technician license?
  • Why should I use a technician license?
  • How can I use the technician license?
  • How many computers can I use the technician license with?
What is the purpose of the technician license?
IDM's technician license is for permanent file deletion operations meant to securely delete all data prior to the decommission of a computer or reconstitution of a computer. It is not meant for installation on multiple computers by multiple users for on-going daily use. The core purpose of the Technician License is for hard drive sanitization.
Why use a technician license?
The technician license provides the technician with the right to use UltraSentry on an unlimited number of computers. This license is registered to you, the user/technician, so only you would be licensed to use the registered software.
The benefit of the technician license versus a standard license is that it is not limited to use on a single system. The technician license allows each unique technician to use the license with an unlimited number of computers.
How can the technician license be used?
  • Decommission computer(s) - completely and securely scrub and remove personal data from computers for reuse within a company
  • Reconstitue computer(s) - clean corrupted hard drive data to reinstate sanitized computers
  • Hard drive sanitation for an unlimited number of computers
How many computers can I use the technician license with?
The technician license may be used by a single technician on an unlimited number of computers.
Standard (prices shown are per-user and in USD)
With 1 year upgrade
With unlimited upgrade
1 - 24
25 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 199
200 - 399
400 - 499
Enterprise (prices shown are total, not per-user and in USD)
With 1 year upgrade
With unlimited upgrade
500 - 800
801 - 1,000
1,001- 1,500
1,501 - 2,000
2,001 - 2,500
2,501 - 5,000
5,001 - 10,000
10,001 - 25,000