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The Spreadsheet Assistant® is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel® that adds over 200 time saving features and functions to Excel to make it even easier to use. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.

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An add-in product for Microsoft Excel
  • Add over 200 time saving features into Excel
  • Adds back the classic Excel menu to Excel 2007 and 2010
  • Most popular features are on a new toolbar
  • All features are available from menus
  • Create your own toolbars to quickly access features you use most often
  • Easy to learn with the help and exercise file
The Spreadsheet Assistant add-in lets you quickly perform an incredible number of time saving tasks.  For example there are File Assistants for quick access to your favorite workbooks and directories, Select and Copy Assistants that select and copy cells without scrolling the screen, and an Any Math Action Assistant that performs any arithmetic changes on an entire range. The new features are nicely integrated into the Excel menus on the new Assistants menu and can be easily assigned to buttons.
  • James Powell the editor of WinMag says “the Spreadsheet Assistant is a Must … Bottom Line: A worthwhile time-saving addition to Excel.”
The Spreadsheet Assistant comes with an exercise workbook with step by step instructions that helps you quickly learn many of the new features it adds to Excel. There are exercises on the new file features, the new edit features, and the new select features to name just a few. The exercise workbook contains many exercises designed to give you hands on training with the new time saving features.
The following videos show two features of the Spreadsheet Assistant. The first is a demo using the Fill Feature and the second is a demo using the Select Feature. These are just two of the many features included with the Spreadsheet Assistant.
Spreadsheet Assistant’s toolbar 
Many of the Spreadsheet Assistant’s features are accessed directly from the Excel menus:
  • Edit Menu
  • View Menu
  • Insert Menu
  • Format Menu
  • Tools Menu
  • Data Menu
  • Windows Menu
  • Cell Popup
  • Sheet Tab Popup


The Spreadsheet Assistant Top Ten Features
1) Selecting or filling ranges without the screen moving! Just highlight the initial cells in the range right click on the range and pick the select or fill feature that you want to run!  The screen does not move when you select or fill a range!  Eliminate the wild screen scrolling you used to do (unless you enjoy it).
2) Perform any math action on a range of cells! Highlight a range of cells select the Any Math Action feature and enter the action (/ 100 * 1000 ...) you want to take. Bingo! The cells are changed instantly. Now think about how long the same change would have taken you to do manually.
3) Insert Sticky Notes anywhere in your worksheets for quick reminders. Simply select Insert Sticky Note from the menus. You have a choice of colors and features.  Even better the sticky notes do not print unless you want them to.  If sticky notes are useful for your paper work you can imagine how useful they are in your complex spreadsheets.
4) The new (optional) Spreadsheet Assistant toolbar that puts 30 of our favorite features available with just the click of a button:
5) The Favorite Directories feature and Bookmark feature which lets you quickly access your favorite directories. We know that is two features but they are companion features!  These features are especially useful if you have files in different directories such as on your PC and on a network.
6) The Hide and Un-Hide Sheets feature surprised us and we wrote it! Now when you are working on two widely separated sheets in a workbook just hide the sheets between the ones you are working on.  This makes it easy to move from one sheet to the other with just a single mouse click. You will not believe how much un-needed sheet scrolling this one feature eliminates! And clicking on those small tiny sheet scrolling buttons is a pain. We liked it so much we also put it on the workbook tab pop-up menu.  And we make it easy to un-hide many sheets at one time!
7) The Save or Close Multiple Files features. Instead of having to go to each individual file and save or close it just run one of these features instead.
8) The special pivot table features found under the Data Menu. Our favorites are the extend the pivot table data range feature, the refresh all pivot tables feature, the format pivot table fields feature, and ... well you get the picture. Check them out!
9) The set print area and titles features. These features are the easiest way to set the print area and titles that you can find. A runner-up on our top ten list is the "Display bottom of Print Area" feature.
10) The rename or delete the active file features.  The first feature allows you to rename a file after you have opened it. You can even use this feature to move the file to another directory.  The delete the active file feature allows you to delete a file after you open it.  Now you do not have to close the file go to File Manager or Windows Explorer find the file make certain it is the right file and then finally delete it.
Honorable mention goes to the Conditional Select features. For example these features allow you to select just number cells (a great way to find out which cells are the input cells) select just formula cells or select just the cells containing #REF values (you've probably been there before). There is even a special select cells feature that selects cells based on an IF test.
Some other features that almost made the top ten list are:
  • Toggle grid lines off and on feature found under the View Menu. Grid line haters will love this feature.
  • The quick format features under the Format menu.
  • The paragraph fixer feature. Now you can use Excel like a real word processor!
Did we mention the Spreadsheet Assistant allows you to easily assign any feature to a button for even faster and easier use? And to help you save time finding just the right feature we put a "find a feature" feature at the top of the Spreadsheet Assistant's feature list. 
That is a lot of features but that's what the Spreadsheet Assistant gives you.
Spreadsheet Assistant
The following is a list of many of the new functions that the Spreadsheet Assistant adds to Microsoft Excel.  You can use these in any formula that you need to write:
  • Growth Rate Function
  • Look For Text Function
  • Number To Currency Function
  • Date In Month Function
  • Date To Day Function
  • Extract A Word Function
  • Contains Function
  • Background Color Function
  • Font Color Function Between XY Function
  • File Exists Function
  • File Name And Sheet Name Functions
  • Insert In String Function
  • Special Lookup Functions:  High N Cells and Low N Cells
  • Visible Cells Function
  • Remove All Spaces Function
  • Trim Left and Trim Right Functions
  • User Name Function
  • Last Cell In Column and Last Cell In Row Functions
  • Fixed Length Function
The Spreadsheet Assistant Toolbar
The new Spreadsheet Assistant toolbar puts 30 of of the Spreadsheet Assistant's features on an optional toolbar for easy use with just the click of a button. The Quick button displays a customizable menu that lets you put your favorite features on it for fast access.  And you can even put menu items that run your own personal macros onto the Quick menu.
  •  Bookmark files and worksheets
  •  Save all files and close all file buttons
  •  Save all files and close all file buttons
  • Zoom in
    + or - 5% Increments
  • Display just selected Windows
  • Relocate cell to top left
  • Perform any math action
  • Paste just formulas
  •  Insert formula operators like + - * /
  •  Customizable menu - add your favorite Spreadsheet Assistant commands to it for quick access
  • Change letter case
  • Quick  number and % formats
  • Select without scrolling
  • Copy and Fill without scrolling
  • Insert or delete rows
Spreadsheet Assistant for Microsoft® Excel - License Price
  • US Dollar: 39.95 USD
For larger quantities or enterprise licensing please contact us at sales@unitedaddins.com.