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Picture Portals
Picture portals make important information easy to find. Just start with any SmartDraw visual. Add notes, links or attachments to access whatever information you choose. Anyone you share the file with can open it in SmartShareTM and interact with any of the data or links in it.
Here’s an example of a picture portal allowing employees to easily access benefits information:
Picture portals 
There’s a universe of possible uses. The ways you can use SmartDraw picture portals to organize and access information are virtually unlimited. 
Predictable Projects
SmartDraw simplifies project planning and management to make projects more predictable. With SmartDraw, you can quickly build a detailed project plan then automatically convert it to a project chart and timeline.
Predictable projects 
Once the plan is complete, distribute tasks as action items to each team member using SmartShareTM . Everyone can view, update and comment on their tasks from the web or even their phone. 
Put SmartDraw to Work for Your Team
SmartDraw does more than make it easy to draw. It makes you and your team more productive every day. Put SmartDraw to work for your team.
Faster Visuals
How can creating over 70 different types of visuals with SmartDraw be so easy? It’s all in the unique, automated design. Just add shapes with simple commands and SmartDraw does the rest: automatically adding connecting lines and aligning shapes. Just click and type. 
Faster visuals 
Simple Sharing
The SmartShareTM cloud service lets you instantly share any visual you create with anyone, anywhere. They don’t even have to be a SmartDraw user. And you can connect to SmartShareTM from wherever you are using a web browser or a mobile device. 
Simple sharing 
Modern Meetings
Use SmartDraw to hold shorter meetings that get results. SmartDraw lifts meetings into the modern age. It replaces written notes and a white board with a meeting mind map displayed either on a projector or a virtual meeting platform such as WebExTM or GoToMeetingTM.
Modern meetings 
Decisions, action items and assignments are captured live in the mind map. Assign tasks and schedules as action items in the same document. With one click, send them to the people responsible—instantly—via SmartShareTM .
Pocket Presentations
SmartDraw brings presentations into today’s mobile world. Use the SmartDraw presentation builder to generate an entire slide deck from a series of SmartDraw visuals, both in PowerPoint and SmartShareTM .
Pocket presentations
View and show your SmartShareTM presentations anywhere. Even give a presentation with your phone, just by connecting it to a projector. 
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