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SlideProof is a PowerPoint Add-In that helps you improve visual quality and will help you with proofing presentations.

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Flawless presentations. Faster than ever before.
SlideProof is a PowerPoint Add-In to improve visual quality and help with proofing.
  • Ideal for consultants and professionals
  • Increase quality of important presentations
  • Save time on finalizing presentations
What Is SlideProof?
PowerPoint Add-In for visual quality

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SlideProof makes proofing of important presentations safer, much faster and less annoying. 
For flawless presentations
SlideProof analyses presentations, spots inconsistencies and recommends improvements by comparing slides to the design master and a database of common mistakes.
Spots any kind of inconsistencies
SlideProof identifies wrong font types, sizes or colors. It checks for alignment, margins and bullet types and even detects of wrong page numbers and many more.
Increase visual quality
No more unpleasant surprises while on stage. Increased confidence leads to better presentation.
Check for flaws faster
SlideProof saves several hours per week and lowers cognitive effort of proofing! Keyboard shortcuts make it even faster.
Stay in Control
Choose between alternative options and undo or ignore warnings.
Safe & Secure
Can I install SlideProof on my work computer?
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Yes! SlideProof is installed in many corporate environments and works with firewalls and proxies.
Will SlideProof slow down my PowerPoint?
No! SlideProof runs only when you are checking the presentation and thus uses minimal system resources.
Does SlideProof collect any data about my clients or the content of the presentation?
No! SlideProof does not store the content of the presentation and feedback data is completely free of sensitive information.
For Consultancies and Corporates
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Strong Brand & Consistent Corporate Identity
SlideProof helps to strengthen corporate identity. Flawless presentations with consistent design are fundamental for a strong brand.
Ensure professional impression
Nobody’s perfect – SlideProof fixes flaws that happen during collaboration under time pressure and prevents embarrassment during presentations.
Full customization
SlideProof adapts to corporate design standards and can even handle the many different client formats in a typical consultancy environment.
SlideProof First Steps Video
Learn how to use SlideProof to check your presentations!

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SlideProof Enterprise Pricing
Starting at € 149 per user (volume discounts available)
  • Unlimited Checks
  • Supports PowerPoint 2010 & 2013
  • Updates for 12 months
  • 24/7 Priority Support via Telephone & Email
  • Custom rules for company & client corporate designs
  • Special version for production/DTP departments
  • Mass deployment via MSI
For volume license pricing and site licensing, please contact us at sales@unitedaddins.comThank you!