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Locate specific shapes and replace them with another

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In the real world, one type of object is often replaced by another for various reasons. When an object appears many times in a Visio drawing, Search and Replace will locate those multiple instances and automatically replace them with a new choice.
The Search and Replace window can float, auto-hide, or be docked to the edge of the drawing window.
The Search and Replace Window
The Search and Replace window is hosted in a modeless Visio  anchored window.  This anchored window can either dock, float, or even auto-hide and rollback to save you precious screen space. You can even combine the Search and Replace window with other Visio windows, such as the Custom Properties or the VisiPad windows, to create a single tabbed interface for all your data needs.
The Search Tab
Search and Replace has extensive filter criteria that enable you to find exactly the right shape. You can search through shape names, master names, and even text in a shape.
The Replace Tab
Replacing shapes with Search and Replace is very simple. The Replace Options dialog enables you to choose what actions to take during a replacement. You can keep various aspects of the original shape’s ShapeSheet sections,retain its text, resize the new shape to the original shape’s size, and even choose whether or not to retain glue with other shapes.
Screen Captures
Select the Search & Replace icon on the VisiToolbar. In the Search tab, enter a shape name, master name, etc. to identify the shape you wish to find.  Tell the program where to look, then select Find.
Search & Replace displays a list of shapes that match your criteria.  In this case, entering a wildcard * returns all shapes on the drawing in the search results.  Click to insert check marks at the shapes you wish to replace.  Use the Goto button to find the highlighted shape on the drawing, if you want to verify that it is the one you expected.
Go to the Replace tab, and pick the shape you wish to substitute for the shapes you selected in the search results. list.  Complete the operation by clicking on Replace.  The search results area shows that the original shapes have been replaced.
The Replace Options dialog box enables you to customize the replacement.
Finds and replaces shapes, not just text
Search for shape name, master name, text, plus advanced options
Searches active page or document, or all open documents
Properly handles shape size, glue, and text when replacing shapes
Hosted in a Visio 2003 modeless anchored window that can float, dock to the edge of the drawing window, or collapse and auto-hide itself (2003 and 2002 version only).

Scenarios for Use
Your office floor plan contains many instances of a certain chair, which is being upgraded to another model.  Search & Replace will locate and replace the old chair with the new... automatically.
You document your networks with Visio, and have been using old network shapes that are not very realistic.  Use Search & Replace to exchange them with new high quality graphic shapes that improve the visual quality of your drawings.
You have created an HVAC sales proposal drawing that contains many of the same air handling units.  Your customer has just changed the requirements, so you use Search & Replace to swap out the units for a different model... in a matter of seconds.
While most Visimation clients are Fortune 1000 companies, we work with organizations of all sizes to improve productivity for various business and technical tasks. Our growing list of clients includes:
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Software / Services
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