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Collaborate with your teams by linking Microsoft Project to any Microsoft SharePoint 2007 or 2010 workspace. Using the Project Publisher is fast and simple! Build your schedule or use an existing Microsoft Office Project plan, publish to your Microsoft SharePoint Workspace and share critical tasks, milestones, schedules and project information. Its that easy!

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Project Publisher connects Microsoft Project 2003, 2007 or 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2007 or 2010 to make working together on projects easier. By publishing Microsoft Project .mpp files to SharePoint, all team members can access and update their own tasks and key project information. Finally, the solution project teams have been waiting for!
The Project Publisher for Microsoft Project allows you to collaborate with your teams by linking Microsoft Project to any Microsoft SharePoint 2007 or 2010 workspace. Using the Project Publisher is fast and simple! Build your schedule or use an existing Microsoft Office Project plan, publish to your Microsoft SharePoint Workspace and share critical tasks, milestones, schedules and project information. Its that easy!
Product Overview
Collaborate more effectively with Microsoft Project
Take full advantage of Microsoft Project and take it to the next level with the Project Publisher. Publish your schedules to any Microsoft SharePoint workspace and begin sharing and collaborating with others on your teams.
Integrate teams, stay informed and stay in control
Connect virtually anywhere in the world and keep teams up to date on all critical items affecting the schedule. Publish assignments and tasks to your workspace to notify your team of new tasks and assignments. Keep your teams informed and notify them immediately of any critical schedule changes by publishing the latest schedule changes to the Workspace.
Get more from your teams
Need to know the status of upcoming tasks? Empower team members with easy to use web based collaboration tools to get task updates and know when to get involved. Capture % Complete from team members to monitor progress more closely. Request progress and status on tasks, risks and issues from team members and approve updates prior to updating your Microsoft Office Project schedule.
Use what you already own
Project Publisher for Microsoft Project works with any existing Microsoft SharePoint 2007 or 2010 deployments.
Publish Microsoft Project Files to SharePoint
Publish And synchronize your .mpp files with any SharePoint site
Description: With Project Publisher, you can easily publish and synchronize Microsoft Project 2003, 2007 or 2010 to any SharePoint 2007 or 2010 site. Connect your .mpp files to existing project sites for greater team collaboration and coordination and stay in control.
Flexible Task or Assignment Based Publishing
Description: The flexible Task or Assignment based publishing feature allows you to choose between Task-Based or Assignment-Based task publishing. This allows you to choose the status method best for your project team. Choose Task-Based Publishing option to allow any of the assigned resources to report the overall progress for each task assigned or choose the Assignment-Based Publishing option to allow all assigned team members to report task progress individually to drive overall task progress.
Capture Project Level Information
Description: When custom Project Center fields (columns) are created in SharePoint and a Project is Published to that Project Center, the user publishing the Project will be prompted to fill out the custom Project Center information.
Example: A team has several different departments publishing projects to the same SharePoint site and would like to group the projects by department in the Project Center view of SharePoint. By creating a choice column in the Project Center list entitled "Department", each Project Manager who publishes to that site will be required by Project Publisher to choose which department the project belongs to.
Publish Microsoft Project fields to SharePoint
Description:  Choose which Microsoft Project fields you want to publish to SharePoint. Publishing a field will automatically create the column in the SharePoint Project Center or Task Center list and populate that column with information from Microsoft Project.
Example:  Project or task information is being captured in one of Microsoft Project's custom fields and you want that information to be published to SharePoint.
Choose Editable Fields
Description:  Choose which Task Center and Project Center fields are editable in SharePoint.
Example:  A Project Manager may only want Team Members in SharePoint to update Remaining Work and Percent Complete and not Start and Finish dates.
Map Resources
Description:  Map resources in your SharePoint site with the resources in your Microsoft Project schedule by using the Resource Mapping functionality within Project Publisher. This functionality will help you assemble your team quickly and provide your project team with quick access to their tasks in SharePoint.
Attach Project Schedule To Project Center List
Description:  Use the Attach Project Schedule feature to attach an .mpp file to its associated SharePoint Project Center list item. This allows the Project Manager to share schedule information with the entire project team.
Task Updates
Update SharePoint Tasks
Description:   Once the Project Publisher publishes tasks to SharePoint, depending on which fields are defined as editable, the following fields can be updated from SharePoint: Percent Complete, Physical Percent Complete, Start, Finish, Actual Start, Actual Finish, Remaining Work.
Update SharePoint Tasks in Microsoft Outlook
Description:  Use Microsoft Outlook to update SharePoint task status.
Request Task Updates
Description: Request updates by email from your project team using the Request Updates feature within Project Publisher.
Review and Approve or Reject All Task Updates
Description: With the Project Publisher you can review and approve all task progress and updates in one single view.
Task Delegation
Description: The Project Publisher allows Team Members to delegate assignments to other team members. Once approved by the Project Manager all new assignments are automatically updated in the Microsoft Office Project schedule and resources are notified immediately.
Import New Project Tasks From SharePoint 
Description:  Give your team the power to easily and quickly create new project tasks using SharePoint. Review and approve all new tasks before updating your schedule.
My Tasks Center Views
Description: The Project Publisher not only publishes tasks to SharePoint it creates dynamic tasks views that enable team members to easily sort and group tasks. View My Active Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Milestones, and Project Schedule to name a few.
Share Key Milestone Information
Description: Publish key project milestones and deliverable dates and always keep the team informed of major events.
Publish Resource Information
Description: Publish team assignments and provide high level visibility into resource workload and resource commitments in a centralized place.
Publish Summary Tasks
Description:  Publish Summary Tasks from your Microsoft Project Schedule to SharePoint allowing the entire schedule to be viewed through SharePoint.
Feature Comparison - Project Publisher vs. Microsoft Project 2010 SharePoint Sync
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