Want to reduce your test cases? Pro-Test can help you reduce the total number of test cases and increase efficiency. Pro-Test leverages the power of High Throughput Testing (HTT) to accelerate your testing to new heights.

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Pro-Test Features
Software and system testing requirements can explode to an unmanageable number of test cases. As the total number of test cases increases to impractical numbers, you are forced to choose a subset of all possible combinations.
But how do you choose which cases to run and which ones not to? Most people use their “gut” or “intuition” to determine the test cases to run. Pro-Test uses High Throughput Testing (HTT) to generate the test cases that guarantee two-way coverage. Pro-Test is simple to use, doesn’t require that you use any specific test plan software, and can be used with or without automated test tools.
Download the overview of HTT (color version) or the version optimized for printing (requires Acrobat Reader).
Implements High Throughput Testing (HTT) via Pairwise Test Case Generation
  • All Possible Combinations Test Case Generation
  • Test Cases can be Constrained
  • Previous Test can be considered in Test Case Generation
  • Export Test Cases to a variety of formats
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