PowerInteractPoint is a powerful multimedia software that lets you create rich interactive web content, e-learning content or easily embed the interactivity in your PowerPoint presentation.

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With PowerInteractPoint now you can create rich interactive content in Flash format.

PowerInteractPoint is a powerful multimedia software that lets you create rich interactive web content, e-learning content or easily embed the interactivity in your PowerPoint presentation. Each interactivity effect is unique, visually stunning and can be easily created without any programming knowledge. The output file is in Adobe Flash format and can seamlessly be integrated to any e-learning course, PowerPoint file or even on any Web site.

Rich interactive e-Learning Tool

PowerInteractPoint is a rapid, customizable and easy to use E-Learning tool. It is like a non specialist development tool which helps to create variety of e-learning interactivities like ebook, 3D Cube, Calender, Panoramic Zoom effects and much more that are flexible and beyond our imaginations. This helps to achieve outstanding results without any coding or programming thereby saving on huge investments in time, money and programming expertise. It helps you communicate your ideas powerfully.

Rich Flash Interactivity for web 

PowerInteractPoint lets users create stunning web ready interactivities like ebook, 3D Cube, Calender, Panoramic Zoom effects and much more that are flexible and beyond our imaginations. No more Expensive Flash programmers!

Rich Interactivity for Presenters 

Now presenters can impress thier audience with dazzling interactivities which can be embedded in PowerPoint. Interactions include ebook, 3D Cube, Calender, Panoramic Zoom effects and much more that are flexible and beyond our imaginations. Why pay for interactive content creators? PowerInteractPoint helps you to create and present interactive presentations there by turning passive listeners to active learners.

Product Overview

PowerInteractPoint’s innovative interactive technology helps you to create rich multimedia presentations readable over web and Internet browsers to a virtual audience. With interactivity you can capture audience attention and make your presentations/e-learning content more memorable and easy to understand. PowerInteractPoint is easy to use, accessible and has the appropriate features for all your business needs to make your online presentations more effective and engaging.

PowerInteractPoint: Beyond Graphics and Animations.


  • Rapid Authoring of interactive e-Learning content
  • Create Streaming interactive web content
  • Total control over Slides and Editing
  • Easily Publish in Flash format
  • Customized and User Friendly Interface
  • Create presentation Rapidly and Conveniently
  • No Programming knowledge needed
  • Save Time and Effort
  • Engage Audience Interest
  • Unicode Language Compatible
  • Communicate ideas Powerfully and Effectively
  • Fully compatible with all Browsers
Interactive Samples
3D Cube SampleFile Type :Swf Format
Template Size: 1.288 MB
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3D Pyramid SampleFile Type :Swf Format
Template Size: 1.001 MB
View Sample

Numbered Gallery SampleFile Type :Swf Format
Template Size: 1.285 MB
View Sample

E Book SampleFile Type :Swf Format
Template Size: 1.065 MB
View Sample

System Requirements

Processor – Pentium 3 or better
Memory – 128 MB or more (recommended)
Disk Space – 110 MB minimum
Display – 256 color monitor or better
Microsoft Windows – 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
Microsoft PowerPoint – 2000, XP/2002, 2003, 2007, 2010
Software – .NET Framework 2.0 or better, Flash Player 8 or above
Hardware – Mouse or compatible Pointing Device
Internet Browser – IE 5.5 or above, Netscape 7.1/7.2, Firefox 1.0.2 or above, Chrome, Safari

How to go about selecting an Interactive Model
After installation of the software, click on the PowerInteractPoint short cut menu from desktop.
This will open up the PowerInteractPoint interface where you can select an interaction model for customization. All the interaction models are grouped and packed here in different categories with the template Thumbnail view listed on the right corner for you get a glimpse of the effect.
You can keep moving from one category to another and view all the interactive effects. After selecting a category, select an interactive model and a thumbnail view is displayed.
There is an option for a show large preview of the interactive template that displays a large preview of the template. You also get a complete feel of the interactive working here.
After an interaction model is selected from the category template list, click on the Create button. This will list that interactive model for you to customize using a user friendly interactivity editor.
There are two set of options for you to customize using the interactivity editor. On the right panel of interface you will find two properties options.
  • Current Properties
  • Full Properties
Select and click on the FULL properties option. This is the customization parameters for the background image of the interactivity. Here you can set parameters or variables for the background.
For the background you can either set an image, video or color. Depending on the option selected, browse and select a file for that option. You can set a sound with ON/OFF selection. Set the background dimension to your requirement.
Likewise you can set and customize the Title and Instruction texts with colors, fonts, alignment etc.
After making parameter modification, click on the ENTER button to activate the changes and the preview is updated to show the change. Click on the PREVIEW tab at the top of the interface to view the changes.
Once background is set up, you can now proceed to customize the face or body of the interactivity.
Click and select a face of the interactivity. You will notice the customization panel property activated. Make the changes to the parameters and you are done with. Click on the PREVIEW tab at the top of the interface to view the interactivity in its final output. After viewing the interactivity, you can make additional customization if needed.
When preview is displayed, click on the face of the template to get a LARGE PREVIEW of the file. You can provide a description of the slide in this preview.
Select the CONTENT / TEXT option of this face and incorporate the text matter. When you switch on to the large preview you can select the text drop down preview to see the texts. A volume control button is provided to control sounds.
Once you are done, you can save the interactivity by selecting the SAVE or SAVE AS button.
Select the CUSTOM option to save presentation in the interface itself. You can open and view presentation within the interactivity.
The PUBLISH button allows you to publish your interactivity to web pages.
Wherever you have to select images, you need to select the JPEG files of standard type. You cannot use the JPEG files of progressive type. Almost all the image editors provide the option of creating standard JPEG files. You can also use files of type .PNG or .GIF.
Use PowerInteractPoint in an Effective and Meaningful Way...
Interactivity Samples
PowerInteractPoint has reliable and proven interactive software web technology that helps in such interaction with users through text or graphic interface.
Click on the images shown below to see all the PowerPoint/Web Interactivity Samples, which you can create using PowerInteractPoint.
3D Cube3D Cube
Create an amazing interactive 3D Cube gallery with cool perspective effects and give your photos stunning and dazzling camera effects. Use the auto scroll option to scroll and rotate the gallery with free mouse movement. Also support multimedia effects like text, images, sounds and videos to present information in a powerful manner.
Flip-BookE Book
Flash Flip Book is an interactive multimedia web tool to display Images, Photos in the form of a book, Catalogue or Brochure. The page transition animation is like feeling the pleasure of flipping pages of a book. The interactivity can be completely customized without any programming knowledge and the output to a single Flash file can be easily embedded to any web pages. Flipping is Interesting and keeps everybody engaged. You can add Images, Text and Videos to jazz up your content.
Brighten your website with a memorable, vivid and animated element. It is simple and elegantly designed with Flash animations and easily integrates to any web site. Easily manage different types of events to represent them on your web site with animated images and dynamically calculated layers. Gives you a chance to organize future seminars and upcoming events.
Flash-AlbumFlash Album
Turn your digital photos and videos into stunning photo albums. It enables you to transfer a group of pictures into your own slide show. You can add Animated Clipart, Sounds, Narrations, Background Music and Animation Effects. It can be a good choice to make slide shows for clients to save time and cost.
3D Pyramid3D Pyramid
The pyramid will display faces on every rotation. Click on the face to view its descriptions. Each display will support Text, Sound and Videos. It is supported by an additional background that allows you to select customized Background Image, Sound and Videos. The navigation panel allows to you Flip, Select and Rotate Pyramid to your liking.
3D Hex Gallery3D Hex Gallery
3D Space Gallery allows you to click thumbnails to watch large flash images in an interactive animation style. Allows you to transition from one gallery to another by click of mouse. With its 6 dimensional shape, it allows display of 24 Flash images. Also supports Sounds, Videos and Texts.
The Flash Panorama Viewer is an exciting interactive technology and is a great power to web utilities. It provides a panoramic (unobstructed and wide) view of the images. This enables audience to interact with panoramas, so that one can look around, zoom in and out and look up and down - all of which creates a sensation of virtually being there.
Lens EffectLens Effect
It is an efficient, versatile and easy to use flash interactive display enhancing tool that can easily magnify or zoom a potion to clearly present every detail of that selected image. It is simple easy to use and always handy when you need to retrieve minute details. A ideal magnifier useful to Designers, Engineers, Visually Impaired users.
Zoom EffectZoom Effect
Zoom Effect helps in making high-quality images zoom fast and easy making it bigger and better. Zoom your image 250 to 1000 times of original size. The zoom viewer is easy, free and redistributable on web sites. It has a marker to highlight important locations like Airports, Hospitals, Major Roads, Schools. Make it easy for others to reach out your office easily.
Rapid GalleryRapid Gallery
Get a natural looking tool emaluating your website. The gallery design allows an elegant way to present media content. You can publish Photos, Images or Videos in minutes. Use these features for displaying your Products, Portfolios, Services in an elegant way.
Carousel is a stunning Flash image gallery with a dragger control, The Gallery design allows an elegant way to present media content. Use Carousel gallery for displaying your Products, Portfolios and Services in an elegant way.
Tab is an easy way to create interactive multimedia web tool to display group related items and compare items each other. The Tab design allows an elegant way to present media content. User can also intergrate Image, Sounds and Video in PowerInteractive Tab Design.
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