Flexible MS Word Export
OPTi-Word is a very flexible alternative export routine allowing you more selective control when exporting your MindManager Maps to MS Word.

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Flexible Microsoft® Word Export for MindManager®
OPTi-Word™ for MindManager® is an alternative export routine which allows you more selective control over which Map Topics are exported and which Word Style is assigned to the Topics. Version 3 of this popular MindManager add-in is available to download and purchase now!
OPTi-Word™ uses custom topic attributes store MS Word Style information in the Topics. These attributes are then examined when your Map is exported and the MS Word document is created. Version 3 has been re-developed to let you access ALL styles held within a template rather than the limited amount previous versions allowed. This also lets you create unlimited personal styles within any template for you to use giving you more choice and options.
The new version also reads MS Word templates from the users system which means it can cope much better with different languages. In a normal Microsoft Word export using MindManager’s native export routine, the Map Topics are assigned to Styles based on their Topic level. This means that all level 1 (Main) Topics are assigned a specific Style for example while all level 2 (Sub-Topic) Topics are assigned another Style. In this scenario it would not be possible to make a level 2 Topic export as an alternative Style to all other level 2 topics which restricts the flexibility of the output document and means you have to create Maps that are structured specifically to match the native export capabilities.
Quick, Flexible Export
OPTi-Word™ makes it possible to export Map content to Microsoft Word without having to concern yourself too much with Map structure. OPTi-Word™ enables you to quickly “Mark-up” your map and get a Word output that is easily adjusted while maintaining the current view of your map. Because you have the ability to choose which Topics are included in the export and there is no need to filter out unwanted export content so you can maintain your current Map view and content. Once OPTi-Word™ has been installed it will add a new OPTi-Word Task Pane Tab to your MindManager® application; the Task Pane Tabs are located to the right hand edge of the application and the OPTi-WOrd Task pane can also be turned on/off from the command located on the Home Ribbon Menu in MindManager.
The Task Pane is Split into 3 views which house several sections; The Icon Menu located at the top of the Task Pane, the Manage MS Word Templates view, the Manage Topic Export Attributes view and the Manage Map Export Attributes view.
The Icon Menu
This contains commands that enable you to access the OPTi-Word™ User Guide and the Settings which enable you to check for updates, purchase or activate licences and visit the Olympic Limited website. The menu also displays a status light showing whether the add-in in trial mode or is licensed. When in trial mode you will see how many days remaining you have on the trial.
The Manage MS Word Templates View
This houses a tree view that displays the available MS Word Templates that are currently available. The view displays both MS Word 2007 and MS Word 2010 Template types. By default OPTi-Word™ comes with the standard MS Word 2007 and 2010 Templates included so you don’t have to worry about upsetting your existing MS Word installed templates. This view also allows you to add new templates to the collection, delete templates you no longer require, edit existing templates to fine tune your exports and apply templates to your current Map. The commands for exporting and validating your maps are also located on this view.
The Manage Topic Export Attributes View
Once you have a MS Word Template associated with a Map you can then start to apply attributes to individual Topics that you wish to include in the exported document. Once a Template has been applied OPTi-Word™ will then examine all the available Styles within that template and populate the drop down selection box so you can select and apply a specific style to the selected Topic. Once that Style is applied you can select an Indent Value, whether the Topic should be excluded on an export, whether you wish to show the OPTi-Word™ Map Marker on the Topic to identify the Topic has attributes applied or you can clear the current attributes.
The Manage Map Export Attributes View
This lets you specify generic export attributes such as whether the exported document should show an image of the Map in its current format on the first page, whether Topic Notes should be included, whether any hyperlinked items should show as “Additional Information”, whether Relationships should be shown as “Related Information”, whether Custom Properties and Spreadsheets should be included and whether to include Topic Task Attributes.
Templates – Inbuilt and User Definable
OPTi-Word provides a separate Template store which contains the default Word Templates for Word 2007 and 2010. You can also add and manage your own Word templates allowing you to build up a library of Pre-configured Templates that can be selected at export time to provide varying export look and feel to your exported Maps.
Supports Non-English Language MS Office/Word Versions
If you are using non-English language version of MS Office or MS Word, OPTi-Word™ will read the styles from each template you use in your local language.
Revitalise an older copy of MindManager®
Available for MindManager® versions Pro 7, 8, 9 and 2012, OPTi-Word™ is the perfect companion for new and existing MindManager® users and could also revitalise your old copy of MindManager®.
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Site Licensing provides a single license key for simple license management and allows utilisation of the add-in(s) for all versions of MindManager (Windows) through MindManager Pro 7 to MindManager 2012.
The Site License options are:
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    • Government (both Central and Local)
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