Project Management
PRINCE2® is one of the most successful project management methods of the last twenty years and its popularity & use increases every year. Now with OPTi-P2 you can manage your PRINCE2 projects in MindManager®.

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The most visual way to manage PRINCE2® projects just got BETTER!
  • Navigate your projects & documentation FASTER!
  • Create CONSISTENT project documentation for EVERY project!
  • Align all your projects to YOUR corporate look/feel with flexible PROJECT SCHEMAS!
  • Include YOUR project guidance alongside the official PRINCE2® content!
  • Bespoke versions available to suit YOUR organisation on request!
Version 2 of our flagship MindManager Solution is now available and with it come some new features to put more power in the hands of the OPTi-P2 for creating and managing PRINCE2 projects.
OPTi-P2 Version 2.0
With this new version you can now take more control over your projects and use OPTi-P2 with ANY document type, not just those from Microsoft Office. Here are some of the new features:
  • Project Schemas – Now you can create custom schemas to use when projects have different requirements.
  • Increased Flexibility – Use single files to cover multiple documents
  • Improved Map Design – The maps have been redesigned to include icons to indicate actions required by the PRINCE2 method
  • Improved Map Navigation – Activity maps now include Next and Previous Activity controls
  • User Guidance – Add your own document/URL to topics and display your own tailored versions of the PRINCE2 recommended guidance
  • Quicker Code – we have improved code to make OPTi-P2 faster. Instant Health Check updates etc
  • Localisation – OPTi-P2 will soon be available in other language versions of PRINCE2. The German version will launch in the next few weeks and a Swedish version is planned to coincide with the release of the Swedish translation of PRINCE2. Other languages to follow include Danish and French.
Create Schema’s for Projects with Varying Demands
My Schema IconThe NEW My Schema feature lets you create template schema’s which can then be selected when projects are created to provide differing document sets depending on the needs of the project being managed. You can now change the documents used during project framework creation as well as adding links to your own, tailored guidance documents or web pages that can then be accessed from within the project framework when needed.
Supports More Document Types
Open OfficeVersion 2 now supports ANY document when creating projects. Although by default Microsoft Word/Excel documents are used by using the My Schema feature you can now assign your own files of ANY format to ANY document type in OPTi-P2. This means you could use Open Office documents, PDF’s RTF or any other document file format.
New Map Design with Next & Previous Activity
The newly designed maps now have branches that enable you to move forward and back through activities without having to go back to the Project Desktop. The maps have also bee populated with icons to indicate required actions when required. Simply hover the mouse over an icon to see what action is expected.
Sample-OPTi-P2 Map
OPTi-P2 is designed for both experienced practitioners and also those new to the method. If you are a seasoned practitioner, you will find OPTi-P2 invaluable for enabling quick access to the refreshed version of the method. If you are just starting out on your PRINCE2 journey you will find the solution helps give you a re-inforced understanding of the method while you study for the PRINCE2 foundation and practioner exams and after it will also provide an excellent way to start managing your first projects and help cement your newly learned knowledge in the process.
By using the leading business information management application, Mindjet® MindManager® to deliver its visual framework, OPTi-P2 gives you unprecedented flexibility allowing you to customise and tailor your project from beginning to end in a way that no other solution currently offers with the newly updated material from the Office of Government Commerce.
Wider Coverage & More Value with Site Licensing
Our popular range of MindManager Add-ins are now available with a new range of licensing options for Schools, Colleges, Charities, Not for Profit Organisations, Government Departments and Corporations.
Site Licensing provides a single license key for simple license management and allows utilisation of the add-in(s) for all versions of MindManager (Windows) through MindManager Pro 7 to MindManager 2012.
The Site License options are:
    • School, Charities & Not for Profit Organisations
    • College & University (including Management Colleges & Business Schools)
    • Government (both Central and Local)
    • Corporations (business users)


1 user - £75.00
3 user - £150.00
5 user - £225.00
10 user - £375.00
For quantities above 10 or for Site Licensing please contact us at sales@unitedaddins.com.