Document Management
Almost all MindManager® users link documents and files into their maps. OPTi-Docs allows Project Managers, Technical Authors, Project Teams, Lawyers and Solicitors manage their documents with MindManager®.

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Simple Document Management for MindManager®
One of the first things that most users of Mindjet® MindManager® do when they start using the application is link documents into their maps. MindManager® users in disciplines from Project Management to Technical Authorship and users groups from Project Teams to individual Lawyers or Solicitors are all managing documentation of one type or another in their MindManager® Maps.
Minutes from meetings, project documentation such as Project Briefs, Risk Logs, Plans etc, Customer Proposals, Books,Specifications, Quotes/Tenders and Presentations, the list is endless. All of these documents change during their lifetime creating multiple instances of the document over each iteration/revision and ideally you need to keep records/copies of these changes to provide audit accountability or to reference at a later date. That’s where OPTi-Docs™ comes in.
OPTi-Docs for MindManagerUp until now there has been no real way of controlling the localised documents that MindManager® is linked to and although you can open documents and then edit them there is no simple way to keep a history of the revisions of a particular document (or any file type for that matter) without having to manually create copies and rename files etc. OPTi-Docs™ for MindManager® changes all of that.
Not just documents!
One of the cool features of OPTi-Docs™ is that is really manages any file type which means it can manage more than just documents. Zip files, Image files, PowerPoint Presentation, MP3′s, PDF’s even MindManager Map files, basically any singular file type that the user wants to edit over multiple iterations.
Let the Task Pane take the Pain!
OPTi-Docs™ adds a Document Management Task Pane to MindManager® allowing the user to carry out basic document management activities on selected documents such as document check-out, document check-in, editing of checked-out documents, automatic document version increment, automatic document revision creation and storage as well as visual indication of selected document status and change history.
The system also allows users to restrict the access of checked out documents and only allow them to be edited or checked-in by the person responsible for the document check-out or any other OPTi-Docs™ user with access to the Document History Folder.
OPTi-Docs for MindManagerControlled Documents are identified by a special icon located on the map topic that shows the current status of the document which can be Draft, Approved or Checked Out.
OPTi-Docs for MindManagerAdditional features allow the user to see at a glance what documents are being controlled by the OPTi-Docs™ system as well as those that are currently checked-out for editing. Users can also add all revisions of a selected document to date to their map with a few mouse clicks. This can be done as either hyperlinked documents or as attachments embedded within the map. the features also includes a text file of the Change Log so map reader without OPTi-Docs™ installed can also view the Change Log details.
OPTi-Docs™ provides a very simple, cost effective way to manage localised documents using MindManager®. You could even create Document Control Dashboards with MindManager® and use OPTi-Docs™ to help you update and keep track of document changes in a variety of scenarios.
Revitalise an older copy of MindManager®
Available for MindManager® versions Pro 6, Pro 7, 8 and 9, OPTi-Docs™ is the perfect companion for new MindManager® users and could also revitalise your old copy of MindManager® Pro 6 or Pro 7 if you already have one.
Wider Coverage & More Value with Site Licensing
Our popular range of MindManager Add-ins are now available with a new range of licensing options for Schools, Colleges, Charities, Not for Profit Organisations, Government Departments and Corporations.
Site Licensing provides a single license key for simple license management and allows utilisation of the add-in(s) for all versions of MindManager (Windows) through MindManager Pro 7 to MindManager 2012.
The Site License options are:
    • School, Charities & Not for Profit Organisations
    • College & University (including Management Colleges & Business Schools)
    • Government (both Central and Local)
    • Corporations (business users)


1 user - £50.00
3 user - £100.00
5 user - £150.00
10 user - £250.00
For quantities above 10 or for Site Licensing please contact us at sales@unitedaddins.com.