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Build PowerPoint-ready project presentations and versioned project snapshots using one or more Microsoft Project plans. Summarize Microsoft Project schedules for executives, stakeholders and clients.

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OnePager Pro is the easy timeline add-in for Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server
Product Overview
OnePager Pro is a Microsoft Office Project add-in that creates project presentation Gantt charts for use in PowerPoint, SharePoint or e-mail. Whether you need to present a single project or a multi-project portfolio, OnePager Pro goes beyond simple schedule management by allowing users to show a project’s progress and how it has changed over time, all in a simple timeline view.
How it Works
OnePager Pro makes it easy to create project presentations using data from Microsoft Project:
  • Select data from one or many Microsoft Project plans
  • Launch OnePager Pro to create a high-level or detailed view
  • Customize colors, fonts, and layouts
  • Share in Microsoft PowerPoint, web, or e-mail
OnePager Pro Demonstration Video
The video below will give you a high-level overview of OnePager Pro, a project presentation add-in for Microsoft Project. Be sure to view the video in full-screen mode. 
Import and Export
Import Directly from Microsoft Project
OnePager Pro is a Microsoft Project add-on, so your project data is immediately available to you in OnePager Pro when you open Microsoft Project.
Use Microsoft Project Flag Columns to Select Tasks
Tell OnePager Pro which tasks to display by putting "Yes" in a Microsoft Project flag column of your choice.
Export to Multiple Formats
Distribute snapshots for inclusion in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, web pages, and emails.
Format and Layout
Create a Project Legend
Automatically generate a legend for your project based on resources, teams, or any other data field. Each task in your snapshot will use the color and shape that you define in the legend.
Customize the Style of Your Timeline
Format the snapshot to your liking. Choose colors from a color palette, including your custom corporate palette, change fonts, and move shapes to different swimlanes to create the best visual effects.
Group, Sort, and Label Each Row of Tasks
Collect tasks and milestones into rows, and then control how each row is formatted and labeled.
Group Tasks and Milestones into Swimlanes
Group tasks and milestones into swimlanes based on any Microsoft Project column.
Project Data Display
Track and Compare Baselines
Visually represent baselines for tasks and milestones for comparison to the actual dates.
Show Percent Complete and Task Progress
Illustrate the percentage of each task that is complete with dynamic Gantt bars and fillable milestone markers.
Highlight the Critical Path
Call out the tasks that must be completed on time if the project is to finish on time.
Show Dependencies Between Tasks and Milestones
Visually link related tasks and milestones to underscore their dependencies.
Attach Comments to Tasks or Milestones
Attach comment boxes to tasks and milestones. OnePager Pro supports multiple comments per task or milestone.
Customize Timeline Axes
Show up to three levels in the time axis, including years, quarters, months, and fiscal periods.
Use Curtains to Mark Time Spans
Vertical curtains allow you to highlight spans of time that impact the entire project schedule, like holidays, vacations, or organizational changes.
Versioning and Standardization
Make Regular Updates and Version Your Timeline
Quickly create an updated snapshot in an existing graphical format whenever a Microsoft Project file changes.
Compare Different Versions of your Project Schedule
OnePager Pro enables access to different snapshots from the same project.
Create and Share Templates
Standardize project reporting through the user of user profiles, which serve as style sheets or templates.
Project 2010 Timeline View
Making the most of Microsoft Project's presentation capabilities
If you've ever been asked to present a project schedule to a client, executive, or team member, you know that it can be a tedious and time-consuming process. This article offers a look at Microsoft Project 2010's new timeline view feature and then presents methods of expanding the timeline view's capabilities even further with OnePager Pro from Chronicle Graphics.
Microsoft has taken a giant leap forward in Project 2010 by introducing the timeline view. The timeline view gives project managers and schedulers a way to create basic project presentations using the data they already have in Microsoft Project. Getting started with the timeline view is simple: just right-click on any tasks you want to include in your presentation and select Add to Timeline.
Microsoft Project 2010 will then create a timeline view that looks something like this, which you can access by navigating to the View tab, clicking on Other Views, and then selecting the Timeline option:
Basic output from Microsoft Project 2010's Timeline View
From here, you can make some basic edits to your timeline, just like you would in PowerPoint
  • Manually change fonts and colors
  • Rename tasks
  • Reposition tasks vertically on the page
After you've finished editing, you can copy and paste your timeline view into a PowerPoint presentation or an e-mail, or you can save it as an image file for future use.
Enhancing your Timeline View with OnePager Pro
OnePager Pro, a Microsoft Project add-in from Chronicle Graphics, takes the timeline view much further by letting you build graphs that are rich with vital data and show the changes that occur from week to week.
OnePager Pro lives on the Add-Ins tab of Microsoft Project 2010, and can be launched with a simple button click. Your project presentation can show as many or as few tasks as you want--just use any flag field to indicate which ones:
Easily add tasks to a OnePager Pro project view by using a Microsoft Project flag field.
Once launched, OnePager Pro lets you easily emphasize the most important parts of your schedule:
  • Automatically assign task colors by resource name, phase or any other Microsoft Project field.
  • Generate a project legend that makes it easy for your audience to understand your schedule.
  • Visually display important project data like percent complete, baselines, and critical path.
  • Group and sort tasks by any field in Microsoft Project.
  • Change task labels without corrupting your original Microsoft Project file.
  • Customize the time axis to show all or part of a project, and to show any time unit (quarters, fiscal years, etc.)
  • Show links between tasks
With a few simple edits, it's easy to create professional-looking project presentations like this:
OnePager Pro lets project managers take their timeline views to the next level with simplified editing, snapshot archiving, and multi-view capabilities.
OnePager Pro is designed for use by individuals or the entire PMO, and offers users maximum flexibility when presenting to different audiences:
  • Save snapshots of your project as it changes (e.g. weekly, monthly) and flip back and forth between old and new snapshots to illustrate important changes.
  • Create multiple timeline views of the same project for each audience (e.g. clients, executives, team members).
  • Standardize your project presentations across your organization with customizable templates and profiles.
OnePager Pro is a great way to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Project 2010's timeline view and create professional project presentations with ease. If you haven't yet upgraded to Microsoft Project 2010, you will be pleased to know that OnePager Pro is also compatible with Microsoft Project 2002, 2003 and 2007.
Compare the Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View to OnePager Pro
If you're using the Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View today, you know that there are some limitations in terms of the types of reports you can create, and how flexible those timelines are. OnePager Pro is an add-in to Microsoft Project that creates Gantt charts, project timelines, and executive summary presentations all using data from Microsoft Project, and offers much more flexibility than the timeline view by itself.
"Our organization has used Microsoft Project for many years, but has always found that it lacked effective reporting capabilities. The timeline view in Project 2010 really only gave us very basic reports, so we still needed a more robust way to report on our projects and programs in a standard way. OnePager Pro addressed that need perfectly, and is now a default installation for every Microsoft Project user in our company."
                            - Tom R., PMO Director 
The sample reports below compare a typical OnePager Pro chart to a basic timeline created in Project 2010. You can also read a side-by-side comparison of some of the most important features of OnePager Pro and Microsoft Project 2010 below.

OnePager Pro

Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View

Sample Gantt chart created in Chronicle Graphics OnePager Pro Sample timeline created in Microsoft Project 2010
OnePager Pro
Microsoft Project 2010
OnePager Pro, by Chronicle Graphics, is a Microsoft Project add-in that creates summary-level project presentations for use with executives, clients, team members, investors, and regulators.
The timeline view is a feature of Microsoft Project 2010 that    allows users to create very simple project summaries. Users are restricted in the types of timelines they can create, and in how much they can modify the look and feel of the timelines.
Type of application
Microsoft Project add-in
Component of Microsoft Project 2010

Basic features

OnePager Pro

Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View

Summarize Microsoft Project schedules Supported by OnePager Pro Yes Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View Yes
Graphics style Preferred PowerPoint Non-Preferred Visio
Export to PowerPoint, E-mail, PDF, etc. Supported by OnePager Pro Yes Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View Yes
Schedule versioning and historical tracking Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Create snapshots of your project at different points in time
  • Browse past snapshots to see how a project has changed
Not Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • Once the plan is updated, the timeline is overwritten and loses the previous version.
Filter a Microsoft Project schedule Preferred Yes
  • Dynamic formula-based import
  • 20 flag columns
  • 20 number columns
  • 9 additional filters (milestones, critical path, etc.)
Non-Preferred Yes - Limited
  • Select tasks one at a time by hand
Chart templates Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Standard templates
  • Custom templates
Not supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • Templates are not supported. Timelines will not have a standard look and feel.
Display additional Microsoft Project data Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Additional data columns can be displayed on the chart.
  • Track baselines, progress (percent complete), and critical path
  • Group, sort, label and color-code tasks dynamically by any Microsoft Project columnn.
Not supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • Only the basic task can be displayed. No additional detail is available.
Display multiple projects Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Link projects using an integrated master schedule (IMS).
  • Import several independent projects
Non-preferred Yes - Limited
  • Projects must be linked in an IMS. No individual import is supported.
Format and Layout
OnePager Pro
Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View
Adjust the start and finish dates of the timeline
Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Zoom to see as much or as little of the timeline as necessary.
Not Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • Fixed to the overall start and finish dates. No ability to zoom in on a detailed area.
Overlap tasks
Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Overlap tasks to create "ribbon" views.
  • Mix overlapped tasks with waterfall tasks.
Not Preferred Yes - Limited
  • Users must choose to overlap all tasks or no tasks at all. No fine-tuning of task overlap is available.
Text positioning
Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Position task labels anywhere on the page to make better use of space
Not Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • Task labels are wrapped inside the bar, creating an unreadable chart for tasks with a short duration but long label.
Choice of milestone shapes
Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Multiple milestone shapes available.
Not Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • Only one milestone shape (diamond) is available.
Position milestones anywhere on the timeline
Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Milestones can be dragged up and down to be positioned anywhere on the timeline.
Not Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • Milestones are locked to the top or bottom of the chart and cannot be moved.
Annotate the timeline
Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Add comment boxes to highlight important tasks.
  • Link tasks to show dependencies.
  • Curtain off extended periods of time across the entire timeline
Not Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • Schedules cannot be annotated in Microsoft Project.
  • Users must copy charts to PowerPoint or Visio to make further edits. These changes are then lost when the timeline is updated.

Dynamic Graphics

OnePager Pro

Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View

Dynamic color-coding of tasks and milestones Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Color-code tasks dynamically based on any Microsoft Project columns (e.g. color-code by phase, resource, subproject, etc.)
Not Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • All color-coding is done by hand.
Dynamic legend of symbols and colors Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Generated dynamically based on Microsoft Project columns.
  • Can be modified by hand.
Not Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • Legend not supported.
Group projects and tasks into rows and swimlanes Supported by OnePager Pro Yes
  • Group tasks and milestones into rows and swimlanes based on Microsoft Project data (phase, subproject, resources, etc.)
  • Group tasks and milestones into rows and swimlanes by hand
Not Supported by Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View No
  • Tasks can be positioned into rows, but rows cannot be labeled.
  • Grouping into swimlanes not supported.
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