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Create full-color Gantt charts quickly and easily using data from Microsoft Office Excel. OnePager Express makes Microsoft Excel schedules look more professional, while building them just got a whole lot easier.

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Product Overview

OnePager Express works with Microsoft Office Excel to create full-color Gantt charts, complete with milestones and progress bars. OnePager Express is ideal for simpler schedules that do not require the advanced features of Microsoft Project, or for creating timeline views using data exported from other project management tools like Primavera or PlanView.

How it Works

OnePager Express takes the guesswork out of creating Gantt charts in Microsoft Office Excel:

  • Build a schedule or task list in Microsoft Excel
  • Launch OnePager Express to create a high-level or detailed project view
  • Customize colors, fonts, and layouts
  • Share in Microsoft PowerPoint, web, or e-mail

OnePager Express Demonstration Video

The video below will give you a high-level overview of OnePager Express, a project management add-in for Microsoft Excel. Be sure to view the video in full-screen mode.

Import and Export
Import Directly from Microsoft Excel
OnePager Express is a Microsoft Excel add-in, so your project data is immediately available to you in OnePager Express when you open Microsoft Excel.
Filter Your Excel Project Plan
Tell OnePager Express which tasks and milestones to include in your report by using an Excel filter column.
Map Excel Columns into a Gantt Chart
Pick and choose the Excel columns that you want to include in your Gantt chart.
Export to Multiple Formats
Distribute snapshots for inclusion in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, web pages, and emails.
Format and Layout
Create a Project Legend
Automatically generate a legend for your project based on resources, teams, or any other data field. Each task in your snapshot will use the color and shape that you define in the legend.
Customize the Style of Your Timeline
Format the snapshot to your liking. Choose colors from a color palette, including your custom corporate palette, change fonts, and move shapes to different swimlanes to create the best visual effects.
Group, Sort, and Label Each Row of Tasks
Collect tasks and milestones into rows, and then control how each row is formatted and labeled.
Group Tasks and Milestones into Swimlanes
Group tasks and milestones into swimlanes based on any Microsoft Excel column.
Project Data Display
Track and Compare Baselines
Visually represent baselines for tasks and milestones for comparison to the actual dates.
Show Percent Complete and Task Progress
Illustrate the percentage of each task that is complete with dynamic Gantt bars and fillable milestone markers.
Show Dependencies Between Tasks and Milestones
Visually link related tasks and milestones to underscore their dependencies.
Attach Comments to Tasks or Milestones
Attach comment boxes to tasks and milestones. OnePager Pro supports multiple comments per task or milestone.
Customize Timeline Axes
Show up to three levels in the time axis, including years, quarters, months, and fiscal periods.
Use Curtains to Mark Time Spans
Vertical curtains allow you to highlight spans of time that impact the entire project schedule, like holidays, vacations, or organizational changes.
Versioning and Standardization
Make Regular Updates and Version Your Timeline
Quickly create an updated snapshot in an existing graphical format whenever a Microsoft Project file changes.
Compare Different Versions of your Project Schedule
OnePager Pro enables access to different snapshots from the same project.
Create and Share Templates
Standardize project reporting through the user of user profiles, which serve as style sheets or templates.
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