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Office Timeline is the only Gantt chart and timeline maker software built for Knowledge Workers, right inside Microsoft PowerPoint. It easily produces elegant Gantt charts and timelines that no other application can match.

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Make professional timelines quickly, right inside PowerPoint
Gantt chart made with timeline maker
Stand out. Impress your audience.
Quickly create professional project visuals that showcase your work and impress customers, colleagues, and managers.
Office Timeline is the only Gantt chart and timeline maker software built for Knowledge Workers, right inside Microsoft PowerPoint. It easily produces elegant Gantt charts and timelines that no other application can match.
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See how it can help you stand out
#1 Timeline maker for business presentations
Office Timeline SoftwareMake professional Gantt charts & timelines with ease.
Professionals trust Office Timeline
The only timeline and gantt chart software built for Knowledge Workers right inside Microsoft PowerPoint.Professional Gantt charts and timelines
Beauty trumps complexity - Stunning project visuals without the effort and cost.
Free yourself from the tedious work of manually creating project visuals that are difficult to manage. 
Pert chart made with Timeline maker
Professional timelines made easy - Quickly create a timeline or Gantt chart.
Office Timeline is designed for working professionals who are responsible for any sort of project. It's a great tool for Project Managers, Marketers, Consultants, IT Professionals, and Knowledge Workers who need a better way to present their project plans to team members, management, and clients.
Gantt chart maker for project planners
With Office Timeline, you can quickly create and manage clear, elegant project visuals that audiences will easily understand.
Project management software for PowerPoint
Creating beautiful timelines is easy! The New Timeline Wizard lets you pick the type of timeline you want to create, enter the data, and click Finish. It's that simple! 

 1Timeline type. Pick the type of Gantt chart or timeline you want to make. The Timeline Wizard was designed to make it simple. It all starts by selecting the type of timeline you want to make. 

2Enter milestones and tasks. Enter your tasks and press OK. Once you've selected a Gantt chart or timeline style, enter key milestones and tasks. Set their dates and press the OK button and voilà! Timeline created. 

3Add today marker, task duration or percent complete. Style to impress. Add impact to your Gantt chart or timeline. Change things such as colors, text placement, date formats or adjust the timeline scale from months to weeks. Add a today marker, task duration count, or percent complete.

Built for Microsoft PowerPoint - Integrated ribbon makes using Office Timeline easy and familiar.
Distinguish your project plan with beautiful timeline slides created from within Microsoft PowerPoint. Office Timeline is integrated into PowerPoint which makes it simple to design and present your project plan or Gantt chart in a way that important audiences expect.Works with PowerPoint 2007, 2010, and 2013
Free project management software
See it in action - Make an impressive timeline in less than 2 minutes.
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Office Timeline creates professional looking Gantt charts and timelines, quickly. Watch how simple it is to create project slides that showcase your work.
Welcome to better project presentations.Welcome to Office Timeline.Whether you use Office Timeline Free Edition or Plus Edition, we are confident that your colleagues, customers and managers will notice your timeline and compliment your work.Give it a try. We know you'll love it!

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Unlock dozens of valuable features and time saving tools
Office Timeline makes it incredibly simple and fast to create the outstanding timelines and Gantt charts that clients and executives expect.
Timeline templates examples
Simple to understand, hard to ignore
Present the right amount of detail in the perfect format
Office Timeline makes it simple to create clear, impactful presentations that are hard to ignore.  Roll over the Gantt chart below and explore valuable features that help communicate project details in a way everyone can understand.
Everything you need for perfect project updates
Get these and dozens of additional features:
  • Copy & paste data directly from Excel
  • Show task progress with % complete
  • 12 Additional templates and chart styles
  • 15 Extra milestone and task shapes
  • 65 International date formats
  • 100+ Languages supported
  •  Display duration in days, weeks or months
  • Customize any text (fonts, colors, sizes, ...)
  • Fit over 30 tasks on a slide
  • Drag & drop to change the order of tasks
  • Custom position the timeline on the slide
  • Position milestones vertically
Copy & Paste data from Microsoft Excel
Office Timeline lets you copy your project information from Excel and paste it into the Timeline Wizard for quick timeline creation and updates.
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Copy & Paste data from Microsoft Excel

Go faster with pre-built templates
Office Timeline has 10 additional beautifully-formatted templates when you need to put together an impressive project presentation quickly.
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12 Additional templates and chart styles

Fit over 30 tasks on a slideFit 30+ tasks on a slide
A typical goal of a project review is to present the most critical and high-level aspects of the project, however sometimes you just need extra details. 
Office Timeline lets you change the size and spacing of tasks so you can add the extra details your timeline needs.

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Use Timeline ConnectorsAdd style and precision with connector lines
Office Timeline allows you to add, hide, or change the horizontal and vertical connectors. Customize colors, customize sizes, or remove them from view.

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Office Timeline allows you to choose from hundreds of fonts, colors, sizes, and styles to help drive important points.
Make Stylish Timelines by Customizing Fonts
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Office Time allows you to communicate more important details such as the how many days, working days, or working weeks each task is.
Show Task Duration on Timeline
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Business meets elegance
Professional timelines, beautifully crafted.
Customers and executives want clear project visuals. Office Timeline was designed to quickly create Gantt charts and timelines that earn their attention and inspire confidence in you.
Project management Gantt chart with sub-tasks
Project management Gantt chart with sub-tasks and a timescale set to weeks.
Project planning Gantt chart showing task durationModern project planning Gantt set in gel style and showing task duration.
Critical milestone timeline displaying elapsed timeCritical milestone timeline showing elapsed time for executive presentations.
IT Project management Gantt chartIT Project management Gantt chart set in modern theme with a flat style.
Quarterly program management gantt chartQuarterly program management Gantt chart with thin task bands.
Progress Gantt chart with percent completeProgress Gantt chart highlighting percent complete for each task.
Gantt for agile project managementGantt template with day timescale for agile project management.
Rounded Gantt with connectorsRounded Gantt with connectors highlighting critical tasks.
Traditional Gantt diagramTraditional Gantt diagram with drop down connectors from time band.
Make professional timelines quickly, right inside PowerPoint!
Turn Microsoft Project Data Into PowerPoint Gantt Charts
PowerPoint Timeline Maker Tutorial
Create a Gantt Chart in PowerPoint
The price per license is 49.00€. If you would like to buy a certain volume, please contact us at