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Provides the easiest way to create, edit, sign, and secure PDF files, faster.

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Create + Combine
Nitro Pro lets you easily create industry-standard PDF files from almost any file format. And sharing is seamless: any PDF created in Nitro Pro can be opened and viewed on virtually any machine, and will display identically to what you intended it to. 

  • Create PDFs with a single click from Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® files.
  • Combine different file formats onto a single PDF, including spreadsheets, images, documents, presentations, etc.
  • Easily edit documents: Add, delete or rearrange pages, modify page elements such as text and images, and much more.
Edit Text + Images
From simple typos to extensive formatting, Nitro Pro makes it easy to get your PDF files exactly how you want them. Simply click on the document element to be edited and make your changes – directly within the PDF file.

  • Intuitive editing tools let you revise text, format font face, size, color, etc., add and delete headers, footers and watermarks, and more.
  • Edit entire paragraphs effortlessly, automatically reflowing text as you type.
  • Modify images within a PDF: Insert, delete, replace, resize, and crop images, or change properties such as brightness, contrast, resolution and more.
Convert + Export
Featuring 3 conversion modes and advanced extraction tools, Nitro Pro 8 lets you reuse and re-purpose PDF based content with greater accuracy. You can extract text and images from reports, presentations, and more for reuse in any other application.

  • Convert PDF files back into fully formatted, editable Microsoft® Word files with a range of preset and customizable settings.
  • Automatically extract tabular PDF data into clean, easy-to-use Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets.
  • Export PDF pages as image files that retain full integrity, or convert an entire batch of PDF files in one simple step.
Scan + OCR
Instantly turn any hard-copy document into a searchable and editable PDF file with Nitro Pro’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Digital documents are easier to search, index, archive, share and distribute. They’re also greener and more cost-effective.

  • Scan paper documents directly to PDF in one simple step, direct from your imaging hardware.
  • Transform printed and digital image archives into searchable PDF files.
  • Convert paper- or image-based text into fully editable digital documents.
  • Work with multiple language documents with OCR support for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian* and Dutch*.
  • *OCR for Italian and Dutch languages requires the respective language version (Italian or Dutch) of Nitro Pro.
Collaborate + Review
Sharing feedback has never been easier. Nitro Pro streamlines your review cycles by facilitating communication across multiple teams, documents and geographic locations. Nitro Pro is 100% compatible with Adobe® Acrobat®, Adobe Reader, and other solutions.

  • Contribute and share feedback on text documents, presentations, creative designs, technical drawings, and more.
  • Provide feedback with intuitive markup tools like sticky notes, text highlighting, call-outs, and freehand drawings.
  • View, sort and organize comments by any criteria, or consolidate them in a separate document.
Sign + Certify
No more wasting time with the print-sign-scan-send routine. Nitro Pro lets you convert forms and documents to PDF, then add encrypted digital signatures — making the entire electronic approval process faster than ever before.

  • Turn your handwritten signature into a stamp that you can apply to any electronic file with QuickSign™, and even add password protection.
  • Apply certified, industry-standard digital signatures faster, with reusable one-click Digital Signature Profiles.
  • Use stamps to indicate document status as Draft, Final, Reviewed, and Approved, or create custom, dynamic stamps.
Control + Protect
Rest assured: with Nitro Pro your PDF content is always protected, never vulnerable. You can easily restrict PDF access and usage, set password protections, delete sensitive information, and control how your system interacts with potentially malicious content.

  • Secure your PDF files with military-strength 256-bit encryption.
  • Specify permissions to control printing, editing and copying of information.
  • Permanently remove sensitive and confidential information with redaction tools.
  • Prevent malicious attacks and unauthorized JavaScript-based and by disabling JavaScript in PDF files.

Create + Combine

Nitro Pro lets you quickly and easily create professional-quality PDF documents from any format or content type: paper scans, spreadsheets, presentations, reports, and more.
100% Industry-standard
Any PDF file produced in Nitro Pro can be viewed, opened, and accessed by users of Adobe Acrobat® and other popular solutions.
Create from 300+ Formats
Nitro Pro offers a range of ways to create PDF files— such as drag and drop, right click, or within the application — with support for 300+ different file formats.
Combine Files to PDF
Convert a collection of different types of files and then combine them into a searchable, easy-to-share PDF file.
Print to PDF
Use Nitro Pro’s virtual print driver to produce PDF files from any application that can print.
Microsoft Office Add-ins
Easily create PDF files straight from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with one click.
Preset & Custom Profiles
Control file size and quality using three preset profiles (web-, office-, or print-ready), or create reusable, customized profiles.
Create from Clipboard
Create PDF files from your clipboard using the Snapshot tool, or simply a copied image.  
PDF/A & Archival
Preserve the appearance of and access to electronic archives, by creating ISO 19005-1 compliant PDF/A-1b format documents.   
Scan to PDF
Digitize paper and physical documents and create PDF files direct from your scanner in a single step.

Edit Text + Images

Add, manipulate, replace, and correct text and images in PDF files with intuitive editing tools. Extract and delete individual pages from documents.  
Edit Text
Add, delete, and correct text with automatic re-flow and paragraph detection. Adjust formatting, like font face, size, color, and character spacing.
Edit Images
Insert, delete and replace images; even edit image properties – like contrast, color, and brightness – without switching applications.
Edit Pages 
Insert, delete, extract, and replace pages, without needing to recreate files from scratch – even crop, rotate, and reorder.
Optimize Files
Compress images and remove hidden or unwanted objects to reduce file size and prepare for distribution, using preset output modes or completely custom controls.
Bookmarks & Links
Automatically turn headings into bookmarks, and turn page numbers, indexes, and tables of contents into active, clickable links.
Watermarks, Headers & Footers
Insert logos, watermarks, and other graphical elements across multiple pages, all within a single task.
Bates Numbering 
Apply Bates numbering when unique page labeling and identification is required across pages.

Convert + Export

Nitro Pro lets you easily reuse and re-purpose text, images, or entire documents, with tools to accurately convert and extract PDF files and their content.  
PDF to Word 
Convert PDF to Microsoft Word, while retaining graphics, text formatting, paragraphs, columns, tables, headers and footers, and more.
PDF to Excel 
Detect and extract tables from PDF files and convert into fully formatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, with options to specify single- or multi-sheet output.
PDF to Image 
Convert PDF documents to image formats - like TIFF - for compliance and archival purposes.
  Export Text 
Generate plain text files from PDF documents, discarding all formatting, headers and footers, and ancillary elements.
Export Images 
Extract images from PDF documents as JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF.
Batch Export 
Convert entire collections of PDF documents to Word, Excel, or image files – in a single step.
Extract Pages 
Turn individual document pages into images or standalone PDF files.  
Snapshot + Copy 
Use the Snapshot tool to select and copy content from anywhere in a document to your clipboard for reuse in other applications.

Scan + OCR

Apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to image- and paper-based documents and create searchable and/or editable layers of text for digital archival. 
Searchable Text Layers 
Retain document appearance by using OCR to create a searchable and selectable layer of text for digital archival purposes.
Editable Text Layers 
Recreate scanned documents and replace all image-based text with fully searchable, selectable, and editable text.
Scan to PDF 
Scan paper and recognize text all in one task, and batch-convert large collections quickly, direct from auto-feed scanners.
Multi-language Support 
Scan and recognize text in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch1To OCR documents using Italian and Dutch languages requires the respective language version (Italian or Dutch) of Nitro Pro .
Repurpose for Conversion 
Use Nitro Pro's exporting tools to edit scanned content in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Collaborate + Review

Review and markup PDF files faster with a range of text- and shape-based annotations. Easily involve multiple contributors with tools to track, sort, and manage individual comments. 
Compatible With Adobe 
Annotations made in Nitro Pro look and function the same when viewed in other common solutions — you can view comments from Acrobat® and Reader® users, and they can view yours.
Markup & Review 
Use text highlights, convenient sticky notes, drawing shapes, and a range of review tools to share your feedback, and reply directly to individual comments made by other users.
Sort & Manage Comments 
Handle your document review cycles through easy-to-use comment management tools. View and sort feedback in the Comments panel, and generate separate PDF or paper summaries.
Add highly visible annotation ('stamps' like 'Draft,' 'Final,' and 'Approved') to pages, and create your own custom stamps that automatically include details like author, time, date, and location. 
Shape & Pencil Markups 
Use pre-defined shapes (line, arrow, rectangle, oval, etc.) and draw freehand with the Pencil tool – with attached text-based comments. 
Attach Files 
Easily attach and embed any type of electronic file — like Word documents, presentations, and images — inside your documents.

Sign + Certify

Electronically sign and return documents in seconds with QuickSign™ and streamline certifiable digital signature workflows with one-click, reusable profiles. Certify and approve documents with preset and customizable dynamic stamps that include the time, date, location, and author.
QuickSign™ Documents 
Turn your handwritten signature and initials into stamps that you can apply to any electronic file.
Digital Signatures 
Use encrypted digital signatures, fast, with reusable one-click profiles. Easily track all signed versions of the contract from inside one PDF file.
Digital Certificates 
Track digital signature and approval workflows with co-workers, clients, and partners, using certificate-based security.
Approval Stamps 
Use a range of predefined, commonly used stamp types, like ‘Reviewed,’ ‘Draft,’ and ‘Approved,’ or define custom stamps for individual needs. 
Dynamic Stamps 
Apply stamps that automatically populate with relevant details like author, time, date, and location, to track and manage approval workflows.

Control + Protect

Control document access and usage with individual user permissions and digital IDs. Protect confidential information using military-grade 256-bit and remove sensitive content with Redaction. 
Add simple and secure password protection to documents.
Redact Content
Permanently remove text, numbers, images, illustrations, and metadata (such as author) from any PDF file.
Search & Redact
Use the smart Search and Redact tool to quickly find all instances of a word or number, and then quickly remove them individually or in batch.
Digital Certificates
Share sensitive files with co-workers, clients, and partners faster and with more control using certificate-based security to define levels of access.
JavaScript™ Controls
Safeguard against malicious activity and attacks by disabling or enabling JavaScript functionality as needed.
Restrict and control individual user permissions at a document level, including printing, copying, editing, and extracting.
Document Encryption
Secure PDF files with 40-, 128- and 256-bit AES encryption – the current standard.  
Restrict Web Access
Protect yourself online by specifying which Web domains are accessible from the PDF files you open.

Electronic Forms

Create and distribute custom forms to gather information that are as intuitive as their paper counterparts – but much more efficient – and easily fill, submit, and save PDF forms. 
Fill, Save & Submit
Fill, save, and submit any PDF form, including AcroForms™, and static or scanned forms, using Type Text.  
Streamlined Form Creation
Turn static PDF files into interactive forms that can be used to capture data from anyone, while a customizable grid assists you in laying out form fields and other objects faster and more precisely.
Auto-calculate Form Data
Add logic to automatically calculating field values or validating text entries, saving time and assisting users while reducing manual processing.
JavaScript Controls
Make intelligent forms using JavaScript to support automated forms handling, Web and database communication, commenting, and more.  
Add Interactive Fields
Quickly insert common field types such as text fields, buttons, check-boxes, radio buttons, and list boxes.  
Export & Report
Export form data into standalone FDF files for convenient distribution and reporting.
All the essential tools, one-third the price.
Nitro Pro gives you everything you need to create, edit, sign, and secure 100% industry-standard PDF files in a package that’s easier to use, and easier on your wallet.
These are just some of the reasons why 300,000+ customers and 50% of Fortune 100 companies rely on Nitro, every day.
Nitro Pro Acrobat Standard
Pricing $139.99 $299
Upgrade $49.99 $139
View and collaborate on PDF files created using Nitro Pro, Adobe® Acrobat®, and other third-party applications.  
Create industry-standard PDF and PDF/A files using drag-and-drop creation, batch conversion, and custom add-ons for Microsoft® Office®.  
Combine different kinds of files into one PDF file.  
Edit text, images, pages and document properties.  
Review and annotate documents, designs, spreadsheets, and more with sticky notes, call outs, drawing markups, and stamps.  
Fill in, save, submit, and design your own PDF forms.  
Manage your PDF files via industry standard document management systems, such as SharePoint, Hummingbird, and iManage.  
Secure and protect your information with 256-bit encryption security, digital signatures, and content redaction.  
Sign and return any kind of electronic file in a few seconds using your handwritten signature — all without printing and re-scanning.  
Permanently remove (redact) sensitive information such as text, images, and illustrations.  
Get up to speed quickly with a familiar, task-centric application, that works just like Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010.  
Perform major edits to images in your PDF files.  
Enhance the usability of longer and more complex PDF documents with tools to automatically create bookmark- and link-based navigation.  
Keep important PDF files organized and accessible from anywhere with built-in Evernote integration.  
Industry-leading customer support services.  
* Adobe restricts the distribution and collection of form-based data to a maximum of 500 people.
Better service, better support.
Your success is our number one priority, and our 93% support satisfaction rate would suggest we’re doing something right.
We provide 24/6 access to dedicated, knowledgeable reps via phone and live-chat, and a guaranteed 8-hour first response time on all ticketed requests.
Our support model is subscription-based, with no cost-per-ticket or access tiers, so you can get the help you need, when you need it, free of charge.
Fit for businesses of any size
The Nitro Volume Licensing Program equips workgroups and small-to-mid-size businesses with enterprise-grade PDF capabilities and support.
For large organizations, it provides all the robustness required for deployment at scale, at a much better value — so you can give more users the tools they need.
Whether you have 10 staff or 10,000, Nitro Pro enables your team to use their PDF solution the same way they use Microsoft Office.
Designed for Office users
Nitro Pro’s ‘ribbon’ user interface is instantly familiar to Microsoft Office users, and designed with information workers in mind.
It makes electronic review and approval as easy as pen and paper – only far more efficient – and lets users work with PDF the same way they work with Word documents and spreadsheets.
That means increased adoption rates, fewer IT helpdesk requests, and immediate return on your investment. Your bottom line will thank you.
Simple, streamlined deployment
The Nitro Volume Licensing Program makes deployment, implementation, and administration at scale easy. System administrators get access to automated software rollout and site-wide license management.
It also plays nice with your existing systems, integrating with popular DMS solutions such as Documentum, Sharepoint, Autonomy Worksite, and more.
Cost-effective volume licensing
With discounted pricing starting at just 11 licenses, the Nitro Volume Licensing Program is an affordable option for businesses of any size.
We can equip your entire team with all the PDF tools they need to be more productive, for around 1/3 of the cost of Adobe® Acrobat®.
That means you won’t have to sacrifice features or functionality, and will still save money — all of which adds up to one really smart investment.
Better for businesses of every type
From companies like Boeing and IBM to small and home businesses with just a few staff, more than 300,000 businesses rely on Nitro solutions, every day.

Banking & Finance
Products financial professionals can bank on. Nitro Pro enables banking and financial services firms to streamline customer account and processing workflows, improving customer service and meeting compliance. 
Compliance and regulation made simple
From Wall Street to Capitol Hill, Nitro Pro takes the headache out of compliance in external communications and submissions to regulatory bodies and institutions. Long-term electronic file preservation is also effortless. Maintain the appearance and accessibility of electronic documents by converting them to ISO 19005-1 compliant PDF/A-1b format for archival.
Streamline financial workflows of every kind
Increase customer satisfaction and organizational efficiency by digitizing and minimizing the costs associated with laborious financial document workflows. Process, distribute, and create all types of financial documents for internal, partner, and customer distribution, such as contracts, applications, financial statements, explanation of payments, internal policy, and stakeholder communication.
Digital documents as secure as your assets
Nitro Pro provides easy-to-use redaction tools for omitting sensitive or confidential information before sharing or releasing documents. Easily identify multiple instances of a string of characters (SSN, claimant names, account numbers, etc.) and apply redaction all at once, or instance-by-instance.
Digitize your paper archives, easily and affordably
Text-searchable documents are now commonplace for court filings. For compliance and environmental reasons, transitioning to a digital workflow just makes sense. Nitro Pro’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and scan-to-PDF capabilities let you create electronic versions of paper documents in seconds. Digital files are easier to share, archive and track history, streamlining your document review and approval process.

Streamline applications and processing for Insurance. Whether it's claim-processing, regulatory compliance, or disaster recovery, Nitro Pro equips insurance firms with powerful tools that improve customer service and efficiency.
Easier, safer archival and disaster recovery
Long-term electronic file preservation is effortless with Nitro Pro. You can maintain the appearance and accessibility options of your electronic files by converting them to ISO 19005-1 compliant PDF/A-1b format.
Turn paper into searchable, editable PDF files
Nitro Pro’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and scan-to-PDF capabilities let you create electronic versions of completed paper documents – like claims, contracts, and Explanations of Benefits – in seconds. Digital files are easier to share, archive and track history, streamlining your document review and approval process.
Retain document security and integrity
Nitro Pro provides easy-to-use redaction tools for omitting sensitive or confidential information before sharing or releasing documents. Easily identify multiple instances of a string of characters (SSN, claimant names, account numbers, etc.) and apply redaction all at once, or instance-by-instance. Maintain regulatory compliance and ensure long-term preservation by creating PDF/A files for archival.
Create fillable, electronic forms
Use Nitro Pro’s simple form wizard to create and distribute PDF forms to customers that are as intuitive as their paper counterparts, but much more efficient. Streamline application assessment with JavaScript™ controls to auto-calculate field values, and easily export and report on gathered data.

A complete solution for law firms of any size. From redaction to converting paper to searchable PDF files, Nitro Pro provides all the essential tools law firms of any size need for handling PDF, at an affordable price. 
PDF files that can be shared with anyone
Compatibility is critical to document exchange and collaboration — after all, it’s one of the key benefits of the PDF format. Every PDF file you create in Nitro Pro is industry-standard, so your contracts, legal forms, etc. can be opened and viewed by virtually anyone on any machine, regardless of what PDF solution they’re using.
A full range of intuitive redaction tools
Nitro Pro gives you full-scale redaction capabilities at a very affordable price. Simply mark content for redaction, review it, then apply the redactions. Use the “Search & Redact” tool to identify multiple instances of a string of characters (for SSN, account numbers, etc.) and apply redaction all at once, or instance-by-instance. You can even redact PDF metadata with one click.
Maintain document security and integrity
Nitro Pro lets you add passwords and permissions to control who can access your PDFs and how. Long-term electronic file preservation is also effortless with Nitro Pro. You can maintain the appearance and accessibility options of your electronic files by converting them to ISO 19005-1 compliant PDF/A-1b format
Bates stamping and beyond
Easily apply Bates numbering across one or more pages, edit headers and footers, add encrypted digital signatures and time stamps, and more. Nitro Pro’s powerful editing tools are simple to use and give you full control over your PDF files. You can even edit text within a PDF, automatically reflowing entire paragraphs as you type.
Going paperless has never been this simple
Text-searchable documents are now commonplace for court filings. For compliance and environmental reasons, transitioning to a digital workflow just makes sense. Nitro Pro’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and scan-to-PDF capabilities let you create electronic versions of paper documents in seconds. Digital files are easier to share, archive and track history, streamlining your document review and approval process.
Files of any kind become easier to work with
Modifying legal documents of different formats can be a time-consuming hassle. With Nitro Pro, you can create PDFs from Microsoft® Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with one click, or combine multiple files formats into a single PDF. You can also add, delete and reorganize pages in the order you need, and repurpose pages from other PDF documents.
Your bottom line will thank you
From a start-up based in a garage to a Fortune 100 company, our customers choose Nitro for a reason. The benefits of joining Nitro for Business are unmistakable including volume licensing discounts, software assurance, and priority technical assistance and so much more. Find out why over 300,000 businesses—including 50% of the Fortune 100—have adopted Nitro for all their PDF needs.
For single license pricing and volume licensing, please contact us at and we will be happy to provide you with an attractive quote.
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