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View .msg or .eml files
MsgViewer Pro lets you view, convert and manage email content stored in .msg (Outlook) and .eml files. It installs on Windows desktops and in Citrix/Terminal Services environments. Microsoft Outlook is not required for rendering .msg files, including rich text formatted emails.
With MsgViewer Pro, you search your email, then reply to or forward messages using your favorite desktop email client. Convert your email to PDF, text and other image formats.
MsgViewer Pro’s user interface can be customized by commandline settings, allowing administrators to remove unnecessary product features or menu items.
MsgViewer can render and export .eml and .msg messages that are formatted in rich text, emails, HTML.
MsgViewer Pro is well suited to application sharing environments, such as Citrix. Command line options allow system administrators to control the user interface by disabling the features of MsgViewer Pro. For example, if you want your users to be able to browse a directory of .msg files, but not to print or copy, you can disable those features. 
Install MsgViewer Pro the as default application for .msg or .eml files.
MsgViewer Pro may be optionally installed as the default file handler for Outlook .msg files, or Outlook Express .eml files. Once installed, you can open an email message by simply clicking on it.
default .msg or .eml file handler
Manages emails in recursive directories
By clicking a simple check box called “Read Subfolders,” MsgViewer Pro will automatically search subdirectories, and display any .msg or .eml files that it finds. Uncheck the box if you only want to display files residing in the selected folder. Even if your emails are organized in multiple folders, this powerful feature allows you to search multiple folders without having to select each folder separately.
Export to Image Functionality, and other powerful features
MsgViewer Pro makes it easy to batch export your .msg or .eml files directly to these formats: PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP, TXT or CSV (ansi or Unicode).
You can choose to automatically extract file attachments from a single message, or from many messages as a batch.
Automatically rename messages (or exported messages) using a flexible “Bates Stamp” like naming system.
export .msg and .eml files to images
Extract or Open File Attachments directly from the email message
MsgViewer Pro makes it easy to access file attachments in .msg files. By clicking on the attachment in MsgViewer, users can either run the attachment in its native application (i/e open a .zip file in WinZip, or .pdf file in Adobe Reader), or they can extract the file to a directory of their choice.
MsgViewer Pro provides access to the full internet header information.
View msg header
Search Capability
MsgViewer Pro lets you search a directory (including subdirectories) of .msg files to find .msg or .eml files that match your search criteria. Interesting email messages can then be copied directly to a new file directory for further investigation.
View Extended MAPI Properties
View msg file MAPI properties
Used in Large Corporations and by Governments
MsgViewer Pro is user driven software. It is in daily use around the world, by governments, large corporations, law firms, investigative forensic organizations, small businesses and individuals. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. If there are features that you require that you do not see in MsgViewer Pro, please contact us so that we may consider improving MsgViewer Pro. Our best development ideas come from our users.
Shared Environment
MsgViewer Pro has been developed with consideration for a shared user environment. It allows for simultaneous multiple sessions. Command line switches that work at the installer level or program level give you great flexiblity over how MsgViewer Pro appears, and over functionalty that users can access.
Site License, Custom Development.
Please contact our sales department at if you have a special request or requirement.
MsgViewer Pro has many powerful features, including:
  • Reads .EML(mime) emails
  • Reads Outlook .MSG Files (including email messages, notes, tasks, calendar items)
  • Renders Rich Text formatted .msg files, including ole embedded objects
  • Access file attachments. Save attachments to disk or open in another application.
  • Reply to Messages using your default email client
  • Forward Messages and attachments using your default email client
  • Export Selected Messages from EML or MSG into the following formats: PDF, JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF, TXT
  • Can read, search and export Outlook .PST files if Outlook is present
  • Export email files from PST to MSG files.
  • Display HTML and Rich Text formatting, images and colors. Alternately, may select to view all messages in Plain Text format.
  • Toggle between HTML or Text view.
  • Search the following field(s): Message Text, From, To, CC, Subject, Date Range, Header
  • Reads Messages in Recursive Directories
  • Reads Messages stored in a Read-Only state
  • Select All messages for processing
  • Copy Messages to a folder
  • Print Mesage
  • Print Header
  • Export selected messages to CSV (comma separated values) for importing into a database or Excel spreadsheet.
  • Rename files accordint to a Bates Stamp-style naming scheme
  • Batch extract file attachments from selected email messages
  • Law Firms: In a single operation, you can export a batch of messages to an image format or PDF, extract and rename attachments, insert the file name at the top of the image file, and apply Bates Stamp-style naming system to the results.
  • Batch export an email and attachments into a separate file directory.
  • Export Selected Messages to CSV, Comma Separated Values file, for use in Excel or import to a database. Select ANSI or Unicode format.
  • Add important emails to a "Favorites" List for quick access
  • Single instance supports access by multiple users in a Citrix or TS Environment
  • Commandline switches allow deactivation of specific features or functions
  • Register MsgViewer Pro as the default handler for MSG/EML files. Open files simply by clicking on them.
  • Resize windows to your preference.
  • Print emails on separate pages, or as continuous print job (saves paper).
  • Delete selected emails and move them to trash bin
  • Multiple language support, including English, French, Spanish, Russian and German. Additional languages will be considered, especially with site license purchases.
How are companies using MsgViewer Pro?
MsgViewer Pro is a user-driven software. We love to get phone calls from people who say, "It's perfect, except for one thing..." Listening to our customers has allowed to create an application that is right for some very vertical or specific requirements.
If MsgViewer Pro is not right for you, please email or call us, and tell us why. We just might use your suggestions!
Below are some of the uses for MsgViewer Pro that our clients have told us about.
Legal Firms, Police, Governments, Forensics
  • Analyzing email messages
  • Searching and organizing messages during discovery
  • Renaming/renumbering, and Bates Stamp identification
  • Preparing emails for import into litigation mangement system
  • Responding to Freedom of Information Act requests
Corporations and Redistribution
  • Useful when cross company teams are collaborating, but teams are on different email systes.
  • Project-based collaboration, where emails are stored to a common folder. MsgViewer
  • In-house email archiving systems: MsgViewer is used as the "viewer" component of the in-house system
  • A content management system redistributes a white-box version of MsgViewer as part of their own solution
System Administrators
  • Proving remote, multi-user access to a cache of messagesEasing the pain of converting between email applications, such as from Outlook to Lotus Notes, or vice versa. With MsgViewer, the large footprint of the legacy system can be removed and users can still have access to their stored .msg or .eml files. It helps with finally "breaking" the user of the habit of the legacy system.
Support Teams
  • Used by customer support teams who often have emails forwarded to them from users
  • MsgViewer is used by people who want quick and easy access to their personal .msg or .eml files.
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