With the Outlook Add-in Lookeen, you can optimize your search speed for email searches (even for advanced email searches) in Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010. The Lookeen indexer makes it possible to achieve each search result in record time!

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Lookeen is more than just a search tool for Outlook
Lookeen will transform your everyday work dramatically. You receive and send countless e-mails every day. That leads to a lot of time being wasted when you sort your Inbox or searching for relevant information in your archives or on the Exchange server. Lookeen is an extension to Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010, with which can help you stand against the daily flood of e-mails.
Find quickly your important information – anywhere
The concept of indexed search allows you to find any information in seconds. Lookeen changes minutes of fruitless manual searches into successful results in seconds. Lookeen searches through all the archives and all the data within your Outlook workstation, e.g. emails, contacts, appointments, notes, etc. while also conducting searches within attachments of all kinds, e.g. in Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., or even PDF files. Local and network files are also scanned with Lookeen. This makes Lookeen the central authority for finding everything on your PC. Due to the unique real-time indexing, data is immediately available for search. A few moments after a new email or a file system is changed, Lookeen is informed.

Targeted Search

The more data there is, the more important the ability to search accurately is. Lookeen has a wide range of meaningful and effective ways to filter your search results. One button, for example, is View the e-mail correspondence between you and another person. You can also search specific time periods or specific file formats such as .docx, .xlsx or restricted .pdf (and others). All search parameters can be saved as favorites and, with short keys, instantly executed.
Lookeen as Desktop Search
With Lookeen you will not only quickly find within Outlook the information you need – local folders and network paths can also be indexed with Lookeen and searched instantly.
Indexing important folders with Lookeen allows you to search the contents of Office documents (.xlsx, .xls, .doc, .docx), PDF files or web content such as HTML or PHP pages at the same time. The integrated search results preview window will show you a quick view of email or document content. Your search words will be highlighted in the preview window in different colored markers (highlights). Make Outlook the information center of your entire system. Don’t waste time searching – Get results!
Lookeen Shared Index for companies
Shared Outlook data in company shared indexes – that is the new Lookeen “Shared Index”. The advantages: “Shared index” reduces the traffic on exchange-servers and within networks, as well as preserving the user’s processor time and storage resources. Last but not least, it saves precious working time for each individual user.
Der Lookeen Shared Index schont Exchange-Server Traffic
Do you have a lot of Outlook archives which are not opened in Outlook? With the help of the Shared Index, you will have all your information under control. Usually, every user has their own personal index for their data. However, it can be very useful to have not only a personal index but also several external Lookeen indexes to search in. In a situation where there are a lot of public documents or big public files in the company network which are to be browsed by many users, on an exchange-server, it would usually be the case that each user would have to bear the responsibility of indexing this data themselves. However, this increases the network traffic in an undesirable way, and at the same time puts a burden on the user’s computer and costs precious time.

Externe PST Archive einfach durchsuchen

You can save your own index, or one from a separate Outlook profile to the network, so that selected users can access them through the “Shared Index”. This is done in a very easy way by providing the index path. Now individual users can browse through personal and external indexes at the same time. Do you have a lot of Outlook archives in the form of PST-files, that you don’t always want to use all at once in your current profile? With the help of the Shared Index you will have all your information under control. To achieve this you only have to generate an external index for your PST-archives. 
Lookeen in your enterprise
Why your company can’t live without Lookeen:
According to market research by well-known industry analysts BASEX, businesses in the US market lose about 588 billion dollars through email issues alone.1 Studies by SER Solutions Deutschland GmbH prove that email search costs in Germany amount to EUR 10,6 billion.2
  • Save time by simultaneously searching for emails, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes and contacts! The perfect add-on for Outlook!
  • Using Lookeen is all about finding, no longer about searching. You will be able to manage and organize a large volume of Outlook information efficiently. Your employees will save valuable time that can be spent on important business matters!
  • Many Outlook users have several PST files and additional archives. Or they perform a daily sync with Exchange Servers or public folders. The Lookeen-AddOn indexes all your Outlook account archives autonomously. You can even start searches if access to the Exchange Server happens in uncached mode!
  • No matter whether you use Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010, or you search synced exchange servers or local file folders, Lookeen will be your best friend in your daily usage of Outlook!
  • Find crucial information and answers! Who is my best customer? How quickly are email requests being processed? Create intelligent analysis of your e-mail traffic with Lookeen Analytics!
Take Control with Group Policies
Configuration, restriction and roll out – with the included Lookeen Group Policies you control the use of Lookeen as a system administrator within your company. With the purchase of our Business or Enterprise Edition, certain features are unlocked to make it easier for you to manage multiple licenses.
  • Business Edition: With the Business Edition, you can perform an unattended installation and will receive a detailed GPO guide (with more than 60 setup commands, several examples of ADM files and Reg files, etc.). You can use it for license key distribution, or to centrally manage the setup of Lookeen options during roll-out.
  • Enterprise Edition: The Enterprise Edition includes all the same features as the Business Edition, plus you have the ability to add your own external indices to the index.
For larger organizations or teams, the introduction of new software that can be used throughout the entire company is always a challenge. It is important to ensure both that the new program runs on each workstation, and that it works uniformly in every workplace. For Lookeen, this usually means standardizing certain settings on each workstation or satisfying certain indexing requirements and constraints, for example.
A central administrator usually performs large roll-outs. The Group Policy that we provide simplifies the roll-out of Lookeen (installation and license key distribution) significantly and requires no interaction at the individual workplace. The Lookeen GPO gives the administrator full control over the installation of the software, as well as over the implementation of settings and registries. In addition, the indexing and search of specific PST archives and Exchange Servers can be centrally controlled.
The following functions are possible with our Group Policy:
  • centralized license key distribution
  • full control over certain features being switched on or off (e.g. installation wizard options, indexing of Exchange Servers, network data or public folders, indexing of PST files)
  • creation and distribution of a specific Lookeen setting from a central location
  • ability to set Lookeen settings and index path
  • possibility of adding to MAPI stores and archives
  • control of Lookeen behavior in different Exchange Server modes (online, offline, uncached, cached)
  • creation of settings for individual users (HKEY_CURRENT_USER) or entire computers (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)
  • possibility of adding external indexes (Lookeen Enterprise Edition only)
Shared Index
By using the Lookeen Shared Index function (Lookeen Enterprise Edition only), your employees can access information from external indexes (i.e. from colleagues or team members) without each person having to activate the index. With Group Policy, the distribution and setting of the ”Shared Indexes” can be centrally managed and adjusted. We provide you with our GPO Guide, which contains extensive information about the roll-out of Lookeen on Citrix and Terminal Servers, sample ADM files, sample registry files, and more than 60 registry commands.
Supporting Terminal Server and Citrix Systems
Supporting of Terminal Server and Citrix SystemsAre you using Terminal Server or Citrix-System? Do your employees work with Outlook? Would you like to have maximum efficiency and still continue to use your distributed system? Lookeen has been developed for large companies and therefore also for distributed systems. That’s why we fully support Terminal Server and Citrix Systems. Install Lookeen on your host server and work efficiently on any client.
Volume licences
Lookeen - VolumenlizenzenOnce acquired, a Lookeen workplace licence can be used immediately without time limits. Any questions that arise can be addressed to our 24/7 support via e-mail. Make a saving by buying several Lookeen workplace licences together.

For volume discounts contact us at sales@unitedaddins.com.

Easy integration with your company processes
As Lookeen can be installed on every work station in your company, your IT department will need to have an automated installation with pre-configured customization in order to keep administration efforts and time costs to a minimum. Though integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010, Lookeen can be distributed and administrated centrally. The add-on technology makes it possible! You may even want to use your own existing central software distribution instance for installing Lookeen on, or syncing it with, individual work stations.Do you need an ADM file for your rollout? Or do you rather need extensive Group Policy to centrally administer Lookeen too?
Look ahead with Lookeen
Your company is shaping up well for the future with our customer email support, regular updates and improving corrections. In order to sample Lookeen without any obligation, you may want to download the trial version which offers you the opportunity to test all features and functions within your own company environment. Lookeen is seamlessly integrated with Outlook – due to the add-on technology! 
Lookeen – a success story for your business!
Lookeen integrates perfectly into the existing Frequentis AG Microsoft Outlook environment and can support 500 employees searching personal e-mails, appointments, contacts and files. In the course of the company-wide switch from Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2007 it became evident that the Outlook Client did not cover the search function regarding personal data in a satisfactory manner. Lookeen stood out among the many tools that were tested because it fulfilled all the requirements regarding search results; it also offers an extensive range of functions and excels in easy installation, as well as having a low impact on computer performance. Please find the complete success story as a PDF here.
The Lookeen toolbar integrates itself smoothly into your Outlook – just continue working like you are used to. Simply type in a search word and press ENTER. Lookeen will then start a search enquiry throughout your complete Outlook-data.
The Lookeen search result window will provide you with your search results at lightning speed and in a well-arranged as well as clearly structured way. Your located search words will be highlighted in colour within the familiar Outlook-preview feature. The individual tabs will sort the search results according to types. You can further restrict the search results by using the extended serach fields arrays “date” or “file”.
 Click on the button “Lookeen Analytics” after you have entered the search words. Your inbox will now be analysed in accordance with your search enquiry. In which month was the highest number of invoices sent? Who is my best customer? To display the actual mail traffic during this day or month, simply double click on the corresponding line.
Convenient: Lookeen is also integrated into your Windows notification array (system tray). In this way you are able to start a search, to activate indices or to access the Lookeen options via the quick access feature.
Would you like to further restrict your search or to immediately work on the located email without going back to Outlook? To do this, click with the right mouse button on a search result – the Lookeen context menu will display all required features.
The Lookeen options can be operated very easily. You only need three clicks to add, for example, a new index source. You can set the indexing times, add further file formats for indexing or include new shared index sources.


Lookeen is the award-winning email solution for Outlook users – 100% integrated into Microsoft Outlook 2003-2010.
Lookeen is available in three editions: Standard, Business and Enterprise. 
StandardEdition – 59.80€
  • Outlook Search
  • File Search
  • Exchange and Public Folder Search
BusinessEdition – 89.80€
  • Outlook Search
  • File Search
  • Exchange and Public Folder Search
  • Group Policies (GPO)
Quantity Unit Price
1-9 EUR: 89.80
10-19 EUR: 86.80
20-49 EUR: 83.80
From 50 EUR: 80.80
EnterpriseEdition – 119.00€
  • Outlook Search
  • File Search
  • Exchange and Public Folder Search
  • Group Policies (GPO)
  • Shared Index
Quantity Price
1-9 EUR: 119.00
10-19 EUR: 116.00
20-49 EUR: 113.00
From 50 EUR: 110.00