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Creating great-looking quizzes has never been this easy. iSpring QuizMaker is the quick yet effective way to create Flash quizzes, exams and surveys.

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iSpring QuizMaker is a professional solution for creating tests that play on all browsing devices: desktops, smartphones and tablets, so that they can reach their learners everywhere. In addition, the new tool features advanced customization opportunities, enhanced scoring system and much more useful options. Thanks to the professional support of the e-Learning standards and community, iSpring QuizMaker quizzes and surveys are easily delivered through any SCORM or AICC compliant LMS. Tough iSpring QuizMaker 7 new interface remains very easy to learn and use, the tool offers many new great features listed below.
  • Create HTML5 and Flash quizzes and surveys that play on desktop computers and mobile devices
  • Design questions with audio, video, images and equations
  • Import questions from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Set up custom feedback messages and branching per answer
  • Design custom quiz look and feel with the flexible WYSIWYG slide view tool
  • Arrange questions into groups
  • Set flexible testing rules
  • Award custom points for each correct answer or use penalty for incorrect ones
  • Use animation effects for answers
  • Develop Tin Can API compliant quizzes
Quiz Creation
  • 23 different question types
  • Creation of a graded quiz or a survey
  • Graded and survey questions combo in a quiz
  • Video, audio, images and formulas in a question
  • Adding Flash movies to questions
  • Formula or image as an answer option
  • Blank Slides with additional information
  • Instant interactive quiz preview
  • Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface
  • Rich Text Editor
Quiz Settings and Controls
  • Quiz branching based on a user’s answer
  • Shuffled questions and answers
  • Question pools
  • Question-specific feedback based on a user's result
  • Customizable player text labels and buttons
  • 7 player color schemes
  • Multimedia resources compression
  • Custom Score in Multiple Choice/Response Questions
Learning Metrics Control
  • Testing time limit
  • Passing score
  • Number of attempts
  • Partial answer
  • Question point value
  • Score normalization
Quiz Publishing
  • Single Flash (.SWF) file output
  • SCORM/AICC compliant quizzes creation
  • BlackBoard-compliant quizzes
  • .EXE quizzes - no Flash player required
  • HTML/XHTML embed code for a webpage
  • Exporting to Microsoft Word
  • Back-up copy creation
Quiz Delivery and Tracking
  • Integration with any SCORM/AICC compliant LMS
  • Detailed tracking at iSpring Online LMS
  • Receiving quiz results via email
  • Receiving quiz results on a server
  • Printing results
Graded quiz or Survey with 23 available question types
Create a graded quiz to track users’ correct/incorrect answers or choose the Survey question type to carry out research.
11 question types for a graded quiz, exam or test:
  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Response
  • Type In
  • Matching
  • Sequence
  • Numeric
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Multiple Choice Text
  • Word Bank
  • Hotspot
12 question types for a survey, assessment or questionnaire:
  • Likert Scale
  • Yes/No
  • Pick One
  • Pick Many
  • Short Answer
  • Numeric
  • Ranking
  • Matching
  • Which Word
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Multiple Choice Text
  • Essay
iSpring features 23 question formats, the most popular and extremely unique. Find a perfect output for every idea you have – make your quiz or survey look professional.Mix the quiz types adding graded questions to your survey and vice versa to create outstanding quizzes that fulfill all of your requirements. QuizMaker also allows customizing font, size, style and color of your text and adding hyperlinks.
Quiz supplemented with images, formulas, audio, video and Flash movies
Every question can be enriched with an image, formula, audio or video file and Flash movie. Answers may include images and formulas as well. Find the content that best illustrates your idea, and iSpring will package it into your question just right.
Enhance questions with multimedia and formulas
Individual feedback on every question
Create a quiz that reacts correctly to any answer by providing individual feedback.
The individual feedback feature can be used to prompt correct answers during the study mode of the e-Learning course.
Set custom feedback for ever question
Branching for navigation through the quiz
Enable branching to have complete control over the testing process. Define questions that you want the user to take depending on his or her current answer.
Say the questions are ranged by complexity in your quiz. If a student doesn’t even know the basics, he will probably have to guess when the questions become more difficult. Choose ‘Finish the quiz’ in the ‘Branch to’ drop-down list to make a student finish after the very first failure.
Shuffle option and question pool for never-ending quiz variations
Question pool allows free drawing of a certain number of questions out of the “pool”. Just specify the number you want, and your learners will get a new set of questions every time they access your quiz.
Randomize the questions if you want to show all of them and don’t forget to shuffle the answers to generate a new challenging quiz every time.
Time, passing score and the number of attempts control
To receive informative and comparable quiz results you need to make sure to put every quiz-taker in the same conditions. You can do that by setting time limits and defining the acceptable number of attempts.
Here not only can you select the passing score for your quiz, but also a value for it: points or percentage. Percentage scale is more convenient because the maximum score is always normalized to 100%, which allows comparing the quiz result with other percentage results. To analyze the result in points, it is necessary to know the value of each question and the maximum score.
Customizable player text labels
Every single item in the quiz player can be renamed and the text label patterns can be saved for each particular project. The feature is indeed versatile for creating challenging tests in foreign languages or making quizzes understandable for native speakers.
Live preview of a quiz or a certain question
Preview the whole quiz or a single question to see the test with the end-user’s eyes. Experiment freely with the question content and instantly check up on how the quiz will look. The option is especially useful if you are publishing straight to the LMS and the final version becomes available to the end-users straight away.
Publishing to any SCORM/AICC compliant LMS
Upload created quizzes to any SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd and 4th editions) and AICC compatible LMS or deliver via the iSpring Online LMS and track users' learning activities.
iSpring features special packaging opportunities for the BlackBoard LMS, making the quiz integration easy and hassle-free.
Quiz exported to Microsoft Word
Exporting your quiz to Microsoft Word is very useful for a number of reasons. First, this is the best way to check the spelling in the quiz, as Microsoft Word automatically underlines all the mistakes. Second, having your quiz in Microsoft Word implies access to the multitude of Word editing tools. Finally, printing out the paper copy of the quiz from Microsoft Word can be very practical for the e-Learning process.
Results received to e-mail or server or simply printed out
Keep abreast of learners’ achievements by receiving detailed quiz results with complete quiz content and user’s choices to your e-mail or server. As an option you can get a hard copy of results by printing them out.
Flash Quizzes Created with iSpring QuizMaker
iSpring QuizMaker provides vast opportunities to apply users’ unlimited creativity. Check out these sample quizzes to discover iSpring QuizMaker’ advanced features while learning many interesting facts. Complete sample iSpring Website Survey to experience brand new survey quiz types of iSpring QuizMaker.
US Country Study
US Country Study
Learn more about America with a sample quiz on the US country. While completing the test, check out iSpring QuizMaker branching feature. It navigates you to an information slide if you make a mistake or takes you to the next question in case of correct answer.
View demo »
What do you know about Europe?
What do you know about Europe?
Check how much you know about the history and traditions of the European countries. With the question-specific feedback feature of iSpring QuizMaker, taking a quiz feels like having a dialog with a teacher.
View demo »
Geometry Test
Geometry Test
Test your knowledge of geometry with this sample test. While you exercise your brains solving geometrical tasks, notice how elegantly formulas, graphs and pictures are embedded into both questions and answers. iSpring QuizMaker is now perfect for the creation of math-tests.
View demo »
iSpring Website SurveyiSpring Website Survey
Complete the iSpring Website Survey to experience iSpring QuizMaker opportunities of creating surveys, assessments and questionnaires. The new non-graded quiz type enables you to create an unbelievably attractive and effective survey in a matter of minutes.
View demo »
iSpring QuizMaker Video Tutorials
These tutorials don't yet reflect some new functionality introduced in the new iSpring QuizMaker 6.2, while all the information they cover is valid. The tutorials describing new features will follow shortly.
Featured customers
Thousands of users have chosen iSpring as the quality solution for PowerPoint to Flash conversion, and we are proud to note that the following internationally respected companies are among them.
Rolls Royce
20th Century Fox
General Electric
Dassault Systems
Rapid Intake
Fraft Foods
Tesla Motors
Johnson & Johnson
Texas Instruments
University of New Hampshire
Golden Key International Honour Society
Unversity of Nevada Las Vegas
San Francisco State Unversity
University of Delaware
Cornell University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Florida
Unversity of Winnipeg
University of Iowa
Unversity of Kentucky
Unversity of Oslo
The University of Edinburgh
University of Alabama
The Unversity of Illinois
The University of Manchester
  The University of Minnesota
Arizona State University
North Carolina State University
Bombardier Aerospace
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