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Flowcharts Made Simple
Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way you could create flow charts that was as effortless as typing? A flow chart tool that picks the flowchart symbol for you based on the words you type? A flow chart tool that adds connectors between the flowchart symbols for you? A flow chart tool that integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Office, so anyone can edit and maintain flowcharts?
Well there is. It’s called FlowBreeze. It won’t cost you a bundle of cash and only takes minutes to learn.
Value Stream Mapping
In addition to flowcharts, FlowBreeze makes it easy to create Value Stream Maps in Excel with two time-saving tools. First, FlowBreeze features a value stream mapping template designer. The template designer generates reusable Excel templates that provide a basic starting point for your diagrams. Second, FlowBreeze offers a VSM symbol panel that lets you add symbols at the click of a button.
Value Stream Mapping ToolsSimple Present State VSM Sample
FlowBreeze makes it easy to create Value Stream Maps to model the material and information flow through a process. Excel is a perfect environment for creating value stream maps because it allows you to summarize and analyze the process metrics in the same environment that you create the diagram. Plus, Excel is an environment that many people are already familiar with.
FlowBreeze offers two tools that make creating value stream maps a snap:
  • A Value Stream Mapping Template Generator, that lets you kickstart VSM diagrams preloaded with common symbols.
  • VSM Symbols Task Pane - a side panel with click-to-add symbols.
Value Stream Mapping Template Generator
Value Stream Mapping Template Generator Output
Much like the FlowBreeze template designer for flowcharts, the value stream mapping template generator lets you create re-usable Excel templates to speed up the process of making diagrams. It allows you to create a standard title block (including logo, if needed), and a basic outline of the value stream.
It includes preset Customer, Supplier, and Production Control symbols. Additionally, you can specify how many Process symbols you want, and include a Data Table and Timeline below each Process. And, of course, since they are Excel template files, you can modify the template with additional symbols as needed, so you don’t end up reinventing the wheel everytime you need to create a value stream map.
VSM Symbols Task PaneValue Stream Mapping in Excel
The Value Stream Mapping symbols are accessed via the VSM Symbols Task Pane – a panel the opens on the left side of Excel worksheet. You simply select the symbol and click a button and the symbol will be added the worksheet in the cell you have selected. Plus, the task pane has optional data entry fields for many symbol types (e.g. title and text fields for Process symbols) for added convenience.
The image to the right shows a snap shot of how the VSM Symbols Task Pane is used in Excel.
FlowBreeze Feature Highlights
Text-to-Flowchart Flowchart Wizard Flowchart Templates
The key to interactive flowcharting with FlowBreeze is the ability to convert text into flowchart shapes as you type. It also selects the symbol type, applies formatting, routes connectors, and many other time saving features. The Flowchart Wizard takes a lot of the pain out of making flowcharts. You enter the process steps into a worksheet cells, and the wizard does most of the neavy lifting. Watch the demo to see it in action. FlowBreeze features an easy to use template designer that allows you create re-usable templates. You can create vertical swim lane, horizontal swim lane, SIPOC diagram, or simple title block templates.
The Fastest Way to Make Great Looking Flowcharts
FlowBreeze Standard Flowchart Software is a Microsoft® Excel® add-in that automates the flowcharting process by converting your text into flowcharts. FlowBreeze lets you create flowcharts by just typing. You simply type in each flowchart step, and press <Enter>. The text is replaced by a flow chart symbol. Formatting is applied, symbols are aligned, and a connector is added automatically.
Flowchart Software Demo
Save Time
FlowBreeze is the perfect tool for creating flowcharts because it makes flowcharting easy. You will benefit from many handy features that save you time and make flowcharting painless:
  • Create flowcharts just by typing.
  • Pre-layout flowchart content on a spreadsheet.
  • Convert existing text or documents (e.g. Word) into a flow chart with the Text-To-Flowchart Wizard.
  • Automatically add Start and End Terminator symbols.
  • Assign keywords to generate specific flowchart symbols.
Make Flowcharting a Painless Process
  • Apply formatting styles in a single click.
  • Generate a flowchart symbol key at the click of a button.
  • Automatically add connectors from the previous symbol.
  • Create uniformly sized shapes.
  • Design custom cross functional (swim lane) templates.
Be Creative
  • Style your flowchart symbols with up to 84 built-in formats.
  • Style your connectors with 21 built-in formats
  • Includes 124 available symbols, including flowchart symbols, block arrows, callouts and more.
  • Add straight, elbow, or curved connectors.
  • Export flow charts as 5 picture formats (PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF).
  • Copy and paste flowcharts directly into Word or PowerPoint.
  • All flowcharts are editable by anyone using the built-in Microsoft Office drawing tools.
  • Save flowcharts as Excel files.
  • Anyone with Excel can view, edit, or maintain the flowcharts.
Empower Your Team
  • Easy to use and easy to learn.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Familiar Microsoft Excel working environment.
  • Users can get started at the click of a button.
  • Helpful Getting Started guide makes flowcharting simple to learn.
Combine Data & Diagrams
  • Include process data on the same sheets as your flowcharts.
  • Use FlowBreeze's Extract Text tool to easily tabulate process metrics.
  • Exploit Excel's powerful functions to merge flowcharts with process data analysis.
  • Integrate graphs, data, and process flowcharts in the same drawing.
  • Create multi-level process flow diagrams on separate sheets.
Save Money
  • Create flowcharts in a fraction of the time.
  • Other Text-To-Flowchart tools run for more than 4X the cost of FlowBreeze.
  • Anyone with Excel can edit the flowcharts without extra licenses.
  • Reduce overhead by maintaining a single file in your document control system.
  • Volume discounts and site licenses available.
Edit Flowcharts Easily
  • Select multiple shapes by symbol type.
  • Toggle between shapes via the Tab key.
  • Move symbols with the keyboard arrow keys.
  • Connectors stay attached when the shapes are moved.
  • Insert or delete cells, rows, or columns for fast re-positioning.
Automate Many Flowcharting Steps
  • Create Decision symbols (diamonds) by typing a '?'.
  • Create On-Page Connector references by typing all caps (e.g., A, A1, BB, etc.).
  • Automatically add branch labels (e.g., Yes/No) to Decisions.
  • Create Off-Page Connector references by typing numbers.
  • Create prefixes that generate specified symbol types.
  • Insert a flow line connector by typing "FL".
  • Add comments using callout symbols.
  • Insert a text box label by typing "LBL".
Enforce Good Flowcharting Style Effortlessly
  • Automatically align shapes as they are created.
  • Preset all your formatting.
  • Auto-capitalize the first letter of every entry.
  • Enable entry "guidelines" to ensure proper symbol alignment.
  • Snap to grid and snap to shape for easy positioning.
Customize Your Drawing Canvas
  • Span multiple pages in a single flowchart canvas (and display page breaks while flowcharting).
  • Preset page size, margins and orientation.
  • Customize the list of your favorite symbols.
  • Toggle gridlines on or off.
  • Automatic cursor positioning for top-to-bottom or left-to-right layouts.
Friendly Flowcharting Environment
  • Eliminate most (wrist-aching!) drag and drop steps.
  • Insert pictures in symbols or directly on the drawing.
  • Isolate flowcharting to a single worksheet without interfering with your other work.
  • Stop and restart flowcharting at any time.
  • Lets you generate a flowchart on the fly by copying the process steps from Word.
Our Guarantee
  • No hassle 30-day money back guarantee.
  • No malware or viruses.
  • Free 30-day trial download.
  • Digitally signed to ensure trust.
Core Flowcharting Features
FlowBreeze offers three ways to automate creating flowcharts - Interactive Flowcharting, the Flowchart Wizard, and the Add Shapes / Add Connectors task panes. Interactive flowcharting operates in direct text-to-flowchart mode, while the wizard is optimal for text that can be converted in bulk. The wizard is well suited for linear flows, while interactive flowcharting is more adaptable. For even more flexibility, the task panes are handy for creating shapes and lines whenever you need them.
Interactive Flowcharting
Interactive flowcharting is the primary method of creating flowcharts with FlowBreeze. Available on demand, you can Start a flowchart session, have FlowBreeze convert your text into a flowchart as you type, then Stop the flowchart session to resume normal worksheet operations.
Flowchart Wizard
You can pre-layout flowchart content on a spreadsheet and convert the text into a flowchart with the Flowchart Wizard in a few quick steps. Like interactive flowcharting, the wizard formats the shapes, applies styles, and automatically routes connector lines.
Shape & Connector Panels
FlowBreeze has two task panes (side panels) used for adding shapes and lines. The task panes are used primarily when editing a flowchart and are a convenient way to add formatted shapes and lines.
Value Stream Mapping Features
VSM Symbols 
Like the shape and connectors side panels, the value stream mapping symbol panel clicks you add shapes and arrows at the click of a button.
VSM Template Generator
Create re-usable Excel templates containing core VSM symbols and a title block to jump start your value stream mapping efforts. The template generator lets you select preset title block headers and footers, as well as add common symbols such as supplier, customer, production control, and a variable number of process blocks and time lines.
Smart Symbol Creation
When FlowBreeze generates a symbol from text, it goes one step further and applies a set of rules to automate flowchart creation even further. The rules can be configured in the FlowBreeze Settings screen, and most of them apply to both the Flowchart Wizard and Interactive Flowcharting.
Assign keywords to generate specific flowchart symbols (e.g., you can map the word “wait” to the Delay symbol).
Create prefixes that generate specified symbol types (e.g., you can set “doc:” to generate a Document symbol). Prefixes are useful when the flowchart shape's text does not contain a keyword and you want to force FlowBreeze to create a symbol type.
Special characters
“?” - FlowBreeze generates a Decision shape for entries containing question marks (?).
ALL CAPS - FlowBreeze generates labeled nodes for entries containing one or two ALL CAPS characters, e.g., A, B, AA, B1.
Numbers - FlowBreeze generates Off-Page Connector nodes for numeric entries.
Add Flowchart Elements Quickly
Template Designer
The Template Generator lets you create re-usable cross-functional (swim lane) outlines and title blocks.
Decision Labels
Flowchart Decisions usually have two branches (e.g., Yes / No). You can set FlowBreeze to create preset branch labels next to Decisions whenever they are generated.
Borderless Labels
If you want to add a label to the diagram, you can just type “lbl:” followed by the label contents.
Connector Lines
FlowBreeze automatically adds a connector line (arrow) from the last shape when you add a new shape.
Insert Branches
Easily insert branching structures (i.e., tree or org chart-like arrangements) with the Insert Branches tool.
Insert Group Box
You can surround a group of shapes with a labeled Group Box to show that they are part of a related set of steps.
Insert Decision Blocks
The Decision Blocks tool allows you to quickly create a series of Decisions, useful for decision support layouts and binary logic flows.
Symbol Key Generator
After creating the flowchart, you can make a symbol key to identify the meanings of each of the flowchart symbols used in your diagram.
Automate Many Other Flowcharting Steps
Autosizes Symbols
Symbols are created with a fixed width and the height is autosized based on the amount of text.
Aligns & Spaces Symbols
New shapes are aligned and centered on the last shape, horizontally or vertically as appropriate.
Detects Flow Direction
After you add a shape, FlowBreeze positions the cursor on the next cell, ready for your next entry.
Export As Image
Saves the flowchart and / or worksheet content to an image files. Supports PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, and TIF formats.
Export As HTML
Generates a striped down HTML file containing an image of the flowchart.
Split Connectors
Splits a connector line (arrow) into two lines ending in labeled nodes. Useful for lines that go from one part of the flowchart to another.
Extracts Text from Flowchart
The Extract Text Tool takes all the text contained in the flowchart shapes and outputs it to the worksheet. Useful for creating tables of process metrics.
Hyperlink To Documents
You can use the hyperlink tool to link a flowchart shape to documents, email addresses, web pages, and other parts of the same Excel workbook.
Shared Settings
You can import and export the settings to standardize them across computers.
Apply Formats and Styles with Ease
Automatic Styles
You can set FlowBreeze to format different symbol types with different styles, with 84 preset styles to choose from.
Flowchart Editor
Loads all the shapes on a sheet into an editor form that allows you to change the text, font, individual shape types, and styles. Upon applying the changes, it resizes the shapes if needed.
Automatic Capitalization
For faster entry, FlowBreeze will apply sentence case capitalization to text during interactive flowcharting and when using the Flowchart Wizard.
Dashed Lines for Alternate Processes
Connector lines in to and out of Alternate Process shapes can be set as dashed to highlight that they are not part of the normal flow of operations.
Apply Styles
The Apply Styles button will re-format the entire flowchart in a single click, based on the styles you have chosen in the FlowBreeze Settings form.
Selection Tools
Selection Tool (Filtered )
The FlowBreeze Shape Selection Tool allows you to filter your selection by shape type or select shapes individually.
Select All
Select all the shapes in a single click.
Select Flowchart Shapes
Select only the flowchart shapes in a single click.
Select Connector Lines
Select only the connector lines in a single click.
Select Labels
Select only the labels in a single click.
Improvements to Built-In Excel Drawing Features
Excel has a number of built-in tools for working with shapes, but FlowBreeze improves upon many of them to make their usage even more convenient.
Group All Shapes
Groups all shapes into a single shape in a single click.
Ungroup All Shapes
Ungroups all shapes in a single click.
Create Grid
Resizes all columns, matching the row height, to create a grid for the drawing area.
Re-Align Shapes
Augments the Excel snap to grid feature by re-aligning all existing shapes to the grid.
Straighten Connectors
If an Excel elbow connector lies in a straight line, it will appear jagged. This tool converts “almost straight” elbow connectors to straight connectors.
Remove Line Shadow
By default, Excel will add a shadow to medium and thick lines, which appear fuzzy when printed and are known to cause rendering problems. FlowBreeze removes this shadow.
Change Shape Type
The built-in Excel tool to change shape type has a flaw. Any lines that were connected to a shape become unconnected after changing the shape type. The Flowchart Editor fixes this by re-attaching the connectors after the change.
Font Setting
FlowBreeze lets you configure the default font for shapes, whereas the built-in Excel shape gallery will always set the font to the default Excel workbook font.
Leverage the Capabilities of Excel
While FlowBreeze improves upon the diagramming features of Excel, you can also leverage many of the built-in features as well.
Standard Excel File Format
FlowBreeze flowcharts are saved as standard .xls /.xlsx file formats.
Anyone Can Edit
Because FlowBreeze uses native Excel shapes, anyone with Excel can open and edit the flowchart.
Swim Lane Template Generator
With the FlowBreeze Template Generator, you can ...
  • Create re-usable swim lane templates (aka, cross-functional flowcharts).
  • Make vertical or horizontal swim lanes, in either landscape or portrait layouts.
  • Standardize your title blocks with up to 6 header fields (plus optional logo) and 3 footer fields.
  • Specify the line color, font, and paper size (8-1/2x11, Legal, 11x17, A3, and A4).
Template Designer Screenshots
The Template Generator has three tabs Template Properties, Title Block, and Swim Lanes. On the Template Properties tab you can set the template file info and the template appearance. On the Title Block tab you can set the header and footer from preset layouts, with the option to add your company logo to the template. The settings are preserved between uses. (The Swim Lanes tab is discussed below for each layout type).
Template Generator Properties Tab
Generator Properties Tab
Template Generator Title Block Tab with Logo
Generator Title Block Tab with Logo or 
Template Generator Title Block Tab without Logo
Title Block Tab without Logo
Vertical Swim Lanes - Sample Input and Output
The Swim Lane tab with a vertical lane layout and a sample output. You can also set the paper size and orientation. Beneath the lane listing, FlowBreeze displays the maximum number of lanes recommened given the page layout and lane direction.
Template Generator Swim Lanes Tab with Vertical Lanes
Swim Lanes Tab with Vertical Lanes or 
Template Output - Vertical Swim Lanes
Vertical Swim Lanes of a PDCA Cycle
Horizontal Swim Lanes - Sample Input and Output
The Swim Lane tab with a horizontal lane layout and a sample output. The sample shows Value-Added / Non Value-Added swim lanes, a common method of identifying wasteful operations in a process.
Template Generator Swim Lanes Tab with Horizontal Lanes
Swim Lanes Tab with Horizontal Lanes or 
Template Output - Horizontal Swim Lanes
Horizontal Swim Lanes - Value-Added / Non Value-Added
SIPOC Diagram - Sample Input and Output
A SIPOC diagram is a popular process mapping layout showing the Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers.
Template Generator Swim Lanes Tab with SIPOC
Swim Lanes Tab with SIPOC
Template Output - SIPOC Diagram
Template Output - SIPOC Diagram
Title Block with Plain Grid - Sample Input and Output
The plain grid is useful when all you need is a reusable title block.
Template Generator Swim Lanes Tab with Grid
Swim Lanes Tab with Grid
Template Output - Title Block with Grid
Template Output - Title Block with Grid
Samples with Colored Lines
Most of the samples on this page use black lines, but you can also generate colored lines.
Vertical swim lane template
Vertical Swim Lanes - Blue
Horizontal swim lane template
Horizontal Swim Lanes - Red
Pre-Made Template Pack
In additon to the template generator, you can also download a set of over 100 pre-made templates, available in four page sizes (8-1/2x11, 11x17, A3, and A4), including cross functional flowchart templates with vertical and horizontal swim lanes.
PDCA swim lane flowchart template
PDCA Swim Lane Flowchart
This is an example of a standard template (4 swim lane) that has been customized and resaved for a special purpose.
SIPOC diagram template
SIPOC Block Diagram
FlowBreeze offers several block diagram templates. In this diagram, the process flow is incorporated into a SIPOC process map structure.
DMAIC block diagram template
DMAIC Block Diagram
Although not used for flowcharting, other templates are also included for convenience.
Title block template
Title Block
Provides a basic title block for your diagrams.
Cross-functional flowchart template
Cross-Functional Flowchart
FlowBreeze includes a number of cross-functional (swim lane) templates from 2-5 lanes, both horizontal and vertical, in US and metric page sizes.
Opportunity flowchart template
Opportunity Flowchart
An example of one of the specialized types of templates included. You can also create your own .xlt/.xltx templates that integrate into FlowBreeze.
Sample Flowcharts 
FlowBreeze in Excel
FlowBreeze in Excel: Using tools available via the toolbar and task panes, such as the Add Shapes pane shown above, FlowBreeze makes it easy to create flowcharts in Excel.
FlowBreeze sample flowchart
Typical flowchart: When using FlowBreeze in Excel, the worksheet acts as the drawing canvas, and native Microsoft Office AutoShapes are used to create the diagrams.
Multi-page flowchart example
Multi-page Layout: The Excel work area provides a large grid, making it easy to create multi-page drawings while keeping the entire diagram in view.
Extract text from flowchart example
Data + Diagrams: FlowBreeze's Extract Text tool will grab the symbol text from the flowchart, making it perfect for tabulating attributes and graphing process metrics.
Sample swim lane diagram
Swim Lane Diagram: This picture shows a flowchart created using one of the many templates included with FlowBreeze. Template samples are shown here.
Flowchart Wizard: In addition its interactive flowcharting capabilities, FlowBreeze also features a flowchart wizard that will convert your text into a flowchart. The image above shows a simple before and after example.
FlowBreeze User Interface Screenshots
Settings - Active symbols property editor
Settings - Symbols: Sets the symbol styles, symbol sizes, keywords, and prefixes before you begin flowcharting.
(Keywords and prefixes are optional ways to specify symbol types.)
Settings - General
Settings - General: Sets the default properties for terminators, connectors, symbol size, text alignment, and more.
Settings - Decision Symbols
Settings - Decision Symbols:Allows you to set branch label content, position, and format.
Settings - Connectors
Settings - Connectorss: Allows you to set connector formatting, end points, and flowchart direction.
Start Flowcharting Window
Start Flowcharting Window:When you begin a flowcharting session, FlowBreeze will prompt you to add a "Start Symbol", whether to hide the gridlines, whether to display guides that help keep your symbols aligned, and what you want the page layout to be.
Text-To-Flowchart Wizard
Flowchart Wizard: This tool lets you prearrange the flowchart text on the spreadsheet. The wizard will import the text, and assign symbol types, styling, and connector routings in an easy to use form. Then it convert the text into a flowchart - saving you lots of time.
Flowchart Editor
Flowchart Editor: After a flowchart has been created, the Flowchart Editor provides an easy way to change the text, symbol formatting, symbol types, text format, and the color and thickness of the connector lines.
Solid Fill Styles
Solid Filled Styles: The Standard edition offers 42 solid filled styles. Each shape type can have a style assigned, so formatting is applied as you make the flowchart.
Themed Styles
Themed Styles: The Standard edition also has up to 42 themed styles. The last row of the styles is available only in Excel 2007.
Insert branch screen
Insert Branch: This tool makes it easy to create branch / tree structures for forking process flows and org chart layouts.
Export Flowchart as Image File
Save Flowchart as Picture: This feature supports PNG, JPG, BMP, EMF, GIF and TIF formats.
Export Spreadsheet as Image File
Save Worksheet as Picture: In addition to saving flowcharts as images, you can also capture any spreadsheet content as well.
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 "Site" shall be defined as a single facility or group of facilities in a single metropolitan area or close physical proximity. Separate Site Licenses must be purchased for each Site that does not meet these criteria. We retain the right to grant site licenses to organizations that do not strictly meet these qualifications.