Copy and convert AT ONCE hundreds of charts and tables from MS Excel® to PowerPoint, Word, HTML or PDF.

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EzPaste (to be pronounced easy-paste) is a unique productivity booster tool intended for completely automating the otherwise manual copy/paste process of charts and tables from Excel. It let you export AT ONCE hundreds of Excel charts and tables , while giving you complete control over the process 
Even for performing an isolated copy/paste of the current Excel selection (chart or data), EzPaste replaces the 4-5 steps usually involved with a swift One-click button, making in a must have Excel feature on your desktop
EzPaste is a professional application referenced by Microsoft in its relevant tutorial regarding copying and pasting objects from Excel to PowerPoint
Main features
  • Automatic identification of charts and named tables
  • Complete control over what to paste and in which order
  • Complete control over the pasting format (Picture/Excel editable/Linked)
  • Handles 3 Excel  objects (Embedded chats, charts-sheets and rectangular data ranges)
  • 2 operating modes while pasting to PowerPoint (to new slides automatically added or to predefined slide numbers)
  • Complete control over the positioning of the pasted objects on the PowerPoint slide
  • Titles may be added directly from EzPaste
  • Built-in utility for creating and editing data-range objects to be pasted as named tables
  • You may apply attractive visual effects (reflection, shadow…) to the pasted objects
  • All the EzPaste settings of a specific Excel file are saved within the file and automatically retrieved once the file is reopened
Why EzPaste
Copy Excel to PowerPoint, Word and PDF with full control and flexibility
Copying data and charts from Excel to other applications is a very common activity. You build the tables and the charts in Excel, and present them to your audience in PowerPoint, Word or other destinations
Usually, this basic operation is accomplished by copying separately each data/chart from Excel to the clipboard and then pasting  it to the application
Have you ever asked yourself, why isn’t this operation automatic and more efficient? We have, and EzPaste is definitely our answer!
With  EzPaste, the copy/paste tandem is replaced by a completely new and automatic procedure: when loading EzPaste, all the tables and charts in the active Excel file are identified and displayed. You select those you want to paste , and EzPaste   does all the work,  would you have to paste one or one hundred tables/charts.
Moreover, EzPaste  enables you to control every aspect of the pasting process:
  • The order in which to paste
  • The slides numbers where you want each table or chart to lay
  • The format of the pasted object
  • The layout within the slide
  • And much more....
EzPaste  advantages  are obvious when you have to prepare the same presentation again and again based on the same Excel file where only the data changes. With a click of a button, all the work is done!
EzPaste  emerges from the real world and from real needs. Its concept and design are driven by the user in mind
If from time to time, you need to copy a few charts or some data from Excel to PowerPoint, you will find  EzPaste very practical and even enjoyable
If your work involves frequent copying and pasting charts and data from Excel to PowerPoint or other applications, you will find EzPaste indispensable
In both cases, after using it 3-4 times, you may come to ask yourself, how could  I have managed without it?

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For corporate/commercial usage Single User License starts at $129.00 USD per license.
Volume pricing/discounts available, see below.
Please contact us at sales@unitedaddins.com for quantities above 1,000 licenses and for special arrangements.