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dtSearch Spider is a dtSearch Desktop, Network, Web and Engine feature that extends a “local” search to a remote Web site.
  • Operating through dtSearch Web, the Spider can expand the scope of the searchable database beyond a site’s own data to content on a third-party Web site.
  • Operating through dtSearch Desktop and dtSearch Network, the Spider can expand the scope of the searchable database beyond a local or local area network database to Web site content.
  • The dtSearch Engine makes available a .NET Spider API (including native .NET 4.x support and a native 64-bit version), providing access to full dtSearch Spider functionality.
Spider Features
  • The Spider can index and search publicly available sites, secure content HTTPS sites, and password-accessible sites. The Spider also supports forms-based authentication.
  • A single search request can return fully-integrated search results, spanning local and remote content, including:
  1. hit-highlighted display of Web-ready file types such as HTML, PDF and XML, including display of images, formatting and links.
  2. conversion of other file types (“Office,”Unicode, ZIP, etc.) to HTML for browser display with highlighted hits.
  3. support for dynamically-generated content (ASP.NET, MS CMS, SharePoint, etc.) withhighlighted hits.
  • The Spider can perform “vertical” searching of pages linked from a URL, as well as “horizontal” crawling of sites linked to a URL.
  • The Spider can limit indexed data by file size, file number, time on a Web site, etc.
dtSearch Desktop with Spider
dtSearch Desktop is a powerful and robust information retrieval tool, having been in continous development since 1991. It enables you to search through terabytes of text in under a second because it builds an index that stores the location of the words in your files.dtSearch Desktop automatically recognises and supports all popular file formats and never alters or moves your original files. You can choose to index drives (including removable media), folders, files, Outlook folders or use the built-in Spider to index Web sites.
Uniquely dtSearch Desktop can perform un-indexed as well as "combination" searches to search files that have not been indexed.
dtSearch Desktop has dozens of advanced indexing options to give you complete control over the content of each index. It will automatically collect Meta data from HTML, Word and PDF documents as well as from media files such as MP3, ASF and WMV to allow field searching. Indexes can be automatically updated by using the Windows Task Scheduler to reflect additions, deletions and modifications to your document collection.
Search dtSearch has over 25 indexed and unindexed text search options.
Desktop - Search Dialog box 
Features to assist in search formation include:
Scrolling word list gives you instant feedback as you type in a search. No more 'blind' searching! If the word isn't in the word list - it isn't in your documents - don't waste time searching for it!
Browse words... lets you see the effect on words retrieved with fuzzy, phonic, stemming or wild card searching activated.
Search History lets you re-use previous search requests.
Thesaurus lets you browse the built-in WordNet thesaurus and selectively include words in your search request.
Display After a search, dtSearch will display a customisable list of all the retrieved files. Simply click to sort (or re-sort) the search results by relevancy, name, date, location, or fields. A second window will display the selected document with hits highlighted.
Some things you can do following a search:
Use multiple hit and file navigation options like "next hit", "previous hit" and "next document" to browse all the retrieved files (word processor, database, spreadsheet, e-mail, etc.) with highlighted hits.
Browse HTML and PDF with highlighted hits as well as embedded links and images intact.
Automatically un-ZIP and display files inside archives. (PKZIP, WinZip, WinRAR, GZIP, and TAR compressed)
See a Search Report (executive summary) of your search results showing hits in context (KWIC).
Cut and paste text, export search results to another application.
Launch a file in its native application.
Desktop Search Results
A built-in image viewer can also display popular graphics formats (TIF, GIF, PCX, BMP, JPG, EPS, etc.). Just click to switch from the text of a file (myfile.doc) to images associated with that file (myfile1.tif, myfile2.tif, myfile3.tif). The image viewer also supports features such as zoom, flip and invert.
Updates & Support
On-line product updates and technical support are free for a minimum of one year with all purchases.
Technical support is to a single point of contact for multi-user licenses.
The License allows a single user to install on 2 machines, for their exclusive use.
dtSearch Network with Spider
dtSearch Network is identical software to dtSearch Desktop, however it is licensed for 5 users minimum. Both products can index and search documents stored on the machine where it is installed or documents stored on a server, provided the user has the necessary network access permissions.
The "Create dtSearch Options Package" feature allows network administrators to quickly deploy dtSearch across a network with common configuration settings for all users.
dtSearch Options Package dialog
Features for convenient network use include:
The ability to provide different users with access to different sets of data via multiple shared indexes and index libraries.
Concurrent indexing and searching using multiple shared index libraries.
Integration with the Windows Task Scheduler, for scheduling index updates, etc.
Support for heterogeneous language environments for international organisations and other mixed-language network users (including Unicode support). Optional Language Packs for stemming in multiple languages.
UNC support.
Numerous index management functions.
Shared capabilities such as macros and shared synonym rings in the user thesaurus.
Optional file segmentation for the treatment of long text files as multiple logical sub-documents, for older legacy data or other long text files such as logs.
Optional sharing of indexes with dtSearch Web and dtSearch Engine.
Updates & Support
Product updates and on-line technical support are free for a minimum of one year with all Desktop and Network purchases.
Technical support is to a single point of contact for multi-user licenses.
dtSearch Web with Spider
The easy out-of-the-box browser based search solution
Just a few clicks lets you add a dozen search options to your site.
Display HTML and PDF documents with highlighted hits, with all links and images intact and functional.
Built-in file converters to convert word processor, database, spreadsheet, ZIP, Unicode and more to HTML for display with highlighted hits.
Multiple hit and file navigation options.
Licensed for unlimited concurrent client users, with *no limit on number of documents*.
How dtSearch Works on the Web dtSearch Web uses an index that it builds to search instantly through Terabytes of text. Just select the folders that you want to index, dtSearch automatically recognizes and supports all popular file formats, and never alters or moves your original files.
Requirements dtSearch Web requires IIS 4 or later. 
Indexing Select "Add Folder..." as shown below. Once dtSearch has built an index, it can automatically update it using the Windows Task Scheduler to reflect additions, deletions and modifications to your document collection.There is no limit on the number of folders (or individual files) that dtSearch Web can index. You can have dtSearch Web index all of your drives and folders in one index, or you can create separate indexes for groups of related documents. Indexes can overlap -- i.e. the same documents can be placed in separate indexes.
update index dialog-box
Web Setup With a few mouse clicks, dtSearch Web Form Builder lets you designate multiple indexes to search on your site, and automatically generates a search page. The Form Builder lets you customise the contents of search results, the document display, and the search form itself. (You can also use an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver to edit the search form.)
Searching The form builder will automatically install the search form on your Internet or Intranet Web site, so visitors can instantly carry out a search.
dtSearch Web for your Intranet
Search Options dtSearch Web supports the following search options:
  • single word, phrase and boolean (and, or, not)
  • All the words, Any of the Words, Exact Match. Built-in relevancy-ranking by "hit" density and rarity (so that words which appear more rarely in your documents will receive a higher relevancy ranking)
  • fuzzy searching, adjustable from 1 to 10, to sift through typographical or spelling errors
  • stemming, to automatically find different word variations (like find, finds, finding)
  • phonic searching, to find words that sound alike (like Smith and Smythe)
  • thesaurus searching, to find related concepts and synonyms, using dtSearch Web's built-in thesaurus and/or user-defined concepts or synonymsWhile dtSearch Web supports all of these search options, Webmasters can easily customise published Web pages to include or exclude any of these options.
Display After a search, dtSearch Web will display retrieved files with hit highlighting, and all links and images intact. The result looks just like the original HTML or PDF page, but with highlighted hits. HTML links remain fully functional in the document. "next hit", "previous document", "next document" buttons let you quickly navigate through your hits and documents.
For XML, you can perform indexed searches using the full range of dtSearch features across an entire XML database, or limited to a highly specific combination of fields or sub-fields.
For other file types, dtSearch uses built-in file converters to convert non-Web-ready formats such as wordprocessor, database, spreadsheet, ZIP, etc., to HTML for display with highlighted hits.
Updates & Support
Technical support and product updates are free for one year with all purchases of dtSearch Web
Technical support is to a single point of contact, please Register your purchase
Popular uses of dtSearch products include ...

information management: “dtSearch took its file indexing and searching expertise, moved it to the Web, and now offers a variety of tools to help users and companies avoid ever losing a file again on a desktop, a network or the Web” — Network World. “dtSearch will become the centerpiece of our digital library” — case study
technical documentation: “We chose dtSearch to create an advanced search portal for the DOD document library”— case study. “Aviation firm earns wings with new text search,” using “dtSearch Web, to serve the information up in an easily indexed manner online”— Computerworld Canada
forensics and intelligence
forensics and intelligence: dtSearch is “so good that even criminal investigators use it for forensics” — The London Morning Paper. “The FBI and local law enforcement agencies ... have used dtSearch and [its customer's] software to sift through massive amounts of computer data.” “Dramatic examples where the product has helped catch criminals” include ”a money laundering and black market gem operation“ and ”a police shooting in California”— Washington Business Journal
other government
other government: in the past two years alone, 4 out of 5 of Fortune Magazine’s top Aerospace and Defense companies have purchased dtSearch developer or multi-user licenses. dtSearch provides “the portability, speed and accessibility that our defense security customers require”— case study. “The speed at which results are returned is blazing.  Thank you for making an excellent product that does an exceptional job at helping our citizens discover content in our document repository” — case study
international government: “The multi-language support was also a great benefit, given the international character of our client base” — case study. “dtSearch's multilingual support was key for the European Parliament project” — case study
legal and compliance: “There is no quicker way to find a needle in a digital haystack” — The Lawyer’s PC. dtSearch “raises the bar in text retrieval, providing an industrial strength search engine that is an absolute must-have for Web-based data information management ... dtSearch outmaneuvers the competition. It's a robust, sophisticated and powerful search tool ... If you want speed and accuracy, dtSearch is the only way to go” — Law Office Computing
financial and accounting: in the past two years alone, dtSearch has sold multi-user or developer licenses to 3 out of 4 of the “Big 4” accounting firms
news and real-time data: “The dtSearch APIs were easy to use and enabled us to integrate the product in a real-time environment, where a fraction of a second matters” — case study
medical: “PET data are extracted from the NUC-NET database using dtSearch”— Newsline, The Journal of Nuclear Medicine
retail and non-profit: searching of retail and not-for-profit organization information
developer tools & resources:searching of developer tools and resources
recruiting and staffing: “The result is very fast online searching of our resume database“ — case study
service bureaus: publishing and searching of OCR'ed or other retrieved text typically delivered on CD/DVD or portable hard drive to clients
email archiving and filtering
email filtering and archiving:searching of inbound, outbound, and archived emails (along with the full text of attachments). “Fishing expeditions are easier with features such as fuzzy searches, which can find words even when they are misspelled, and a built-in thesaurus ... Functioning equally well against both email folders and text files, these are very powerful and useful capabilities for an investigator”— Computer Forensics: Incident Response Essentials
other software: “Our users have been begging for this functionality for years”— case study. “The search features ... have been well-received and widely praised by customers, partners and pundits” — case study. “Customer response has been phenomenal” — case study. “The door of my office is plastered with printouts of positive feedback” — case study
Corporate Snapshot

In the past two years, 4 out of 5 of Fortune Magazine’s top Aerospace and Defense companies have purchased dtSearch developer or multi-user licenses. dtSearch
dtSearch Corp. has sold multi-user network or developer licenses to 3 out of 4 of the “Big 4” accounting firms.
dtSearch has a strong international presence, including sales to over 70 countries.
A leading supplier of text retrieval software, dtSearch Corp. develops, manufactures and sells the dtSearch® text retrieval product line. dtSearch products have been the Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991. The product line is known for its "industrial-strength" (PC Magazine) ability to instantly search terabytes of text.The dtSearch product line includes end-user, enterprise and developer text retrieval products. The product line includes publishing capabilities, for publishing large document collections to Web sites or CD/DVD. The product line also includes Spidering capabilities, for remote site and distributed searching access.dtSearch products have received multiple awards and hundreds of excellent press reviews. Fortune 500 companies and others with some of the most demanding document search needs in the world rely on dtSearch. Typical corporate use of the dtSearch product line includes general information retrieval, Internet and Intranet site searching, access to technical documentation, email archiving and email filtering.
Large legal, medical, recruiting, and accounting firms are also common users of dtSearch products. For example, in the past two years alone, dtSearch Corp. has sold multi-user network or developer licenses to 3 out of 4 of the “Big 4” accounting firms.
Government customers include defense, space and law enforcement agencies. In the past two years, 4 out of 5 of Fortune Magazine’s top Aerospace and Defense companies have purchased dtSearch developer or multi-user licenses. dtSearch Corp. also provides search solutions to a variety of international government organizations.On the development side, some of the largest IT companies have embedded dtSearch in their commercial applications. Many high-traffic, content-rich Web sites also deploy dtSearch. A compilation of over 100 dtSearch developer case studies further details such usages.dtSearch has a strong international presence, including sales to over 70 countries. (The product line supports hundreds of international languages, through its Unicode support.) dtSearch has multipledistributors worldwide, including coverage on six continents.The company started research and development in text retrieval in 1988. Incorporated in Virginia in 1991, dtSearch Corp. began marketing the first dtSearch product in the first quarter of that year.
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