Copernic Agent Professional


Copernic Agent Professional


More Than a Simple Web Search Engine. Copernic Agent makes every Web search a super-search with this intelligent tool, trusted by millions of users worldwide.

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What can Copernic Agent do for you?
Simply put, Copernic Agent is the best meta search engine that queries several search engines and aggregate the results to give you the best search results.
Copernic Agent gives you the ability to search deeper into the Web and to get relevant, high quality results grouped into categories. From a single query, Copernic Agent gives you better search engine results by consulting multiple search engines at once, combining their results, removing duplicates and keeping only the very best of the information gathered from queried search engines.
Find the best web results by combining the power of leading search engines with the best Meta search tool.
What is Copernic Agent?
As the information available on the web is growing exponentially and current search engines push a lot of sponsored links which affects greatly the search results quality. Copernic Agent becomes a true deep web search engine where the results are relevant to your query by ranking them. We do not leave you with thousands of search results to scan through; there are multiple advanced features to assist you in finding any information you need. 
Key advantages of Copernic Agent:
  • Web searching.Search the web using 1000 search engines grouped into 120 categories while eliminating duplicates and broken links.
  • Managing web searches & results.Filter, sort, save your search results while being able to act on your results.
  • Track & Summarize.*Track web pages for content changes, get concise summarizes and key concepts on found pages.
Copernic Agent key features:
  • Target your web searches
  • Manage your searches and results
* Professional version only.
  • Create custom search categories
  • Access hidden information
The most complete version of the Copernic Agent product line- really goes beyond traditional Web searching by integrating innovative Web monitoring features with power search engine tools to find, manage, analyze and track information on the Internet. Get unparalleled control over your search results and do much more with them. Stay up-to-date by receiving email notifications when new, relevant information is found. That's the edge you need to become an advanced Web search professional.
Get more from your Web search results
Web Searching
  • More than 1000 search engines grouped into 120 categories
  • Add new available categories from the Copernic Web site
  • Eliminate duplicates and broken links
  • Web page preview
Tracking Searches and Web Pages
  • Track Web pages for content changes
  • Track searches for new results
  • E-mail notification of new results and page changes
  • Highlighting of content changes in tracked pages
Managing Searches & Results
  • Keep a history of your searches using folders
  • Filter results by result status, domain, region, link validity, etc.
  • Sort and group results by many fields
  • Search within found results using keywords or Boolean queries
  • Save and archive found pages
  • Generate exhaustive search reports
  • Annotate searches and results
  • Keyword highlighting in result lists and Web pages
  • Share, import and export results
Summarizing and Analyzing Search Results
  • Get concise summaries of found pages
  • Extract key concepts from found pages
  • Keep only pages containing search keywords or Boolean query
  • Detect page languages, sizes and dates modified
  • Detect duplicates pages (e.g. mirror sites)
  • Create custom search categories with available engines
  • Select active search engines for each category
  • Availability of result layouts (compact, standard and detailed)
  • Automated software and search engine updates
  • Extensive contextual help
  • No advertising banners
This chart highlights differences between the two different versions of Copernic Agent. However, it does not provide a complete feature list.
Information Sources
Number of accessible search engines and information sources
Number of search categories
Business-oriented search categories
Specialized needs-oriented search categories
Maximum number of results per search engine
Maximum number of results per search
Possibility of creating custom search engine categories
Quick access to most used search categories
Web Page Analysis
Detection of page language
Detection of duplicate pages with non-identical addresses
Extraction of last page modification date
Extraction of key concepts from found pages (using Copernic Summarizer technology).
Removal of irrelevant results following analysis of pages with keywords or a Boolean query
Result Filtering
Region filter (e.g. North America, Europe)
Domain inclusion filter (e.g.
Domain exclusion filter
Page language filter
Date modified filter (time frame or date range)
Result Grouping
Grouping of search results (by scores, dates visited, domains, annotation contents, status)
Advanced grouping of search results (by languages, page modification dates and duplicate page contents)
Task Automation
Automated detection and removal of broken links
Automated Web Page Analysis
Automated saving of found Web pages for offline browsing, filtering and searching in pages
Search Tracking
Automated search updating to retrieve new results
Automated tracking reports to colleagues, clients or others
Page Tracking
Automated page change tracking for Web pages
Highlighting of changes in saved pages
Automated tracking reports to colleagues, clients or others
Miscellaneous Features
Integrated search bar in Office 2000/XP applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Query spell checker (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)
Possibility of requesting a Web page summary for a selected result 
Possibility of annotating search results
Additional information for search results (e.g. concepts, languages, user notes)
No compulsory advertising banners
Price per license (USD)
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