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A world-class diagramming platform that lets you display, communicate, and present dynamically. A versatile, yet easy-to-use tool for organizing ideas and data. Creates mind maps that intuitively illustrate your thought process. A full-featured project management solution with all the necessary functions right at your fingertips. Generates an extensive variety of reports on project and task statuses.

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ConceptDraw PRO 

A world-class diagramming platform that lets you display, communicate, and present dynamically. Powerful enough to draw everything from basic flowcharts to complex engineering schematics. Live Object technology dynamically displays linked data. Compatible with MS Visio XML files, making it the premier cross-platform diagramming solution. 
What is ConceptDraw PRO
A world-class diagramming platform with dynamic presentation power
ConceptDraw PRO offers a professional set of drawing tools, ready-to-use templates, numerous object libraries, and a variety of custom printing and file export options. Furthermore, ConceptDraw PRO prepares and delivers presentations that include dynamic displays of linked data, thanks to integrated Live Object technology.
The integration technologies used in this product are:


ConceptDraw Solutions Park

Live objects


ConceptDraw PRO provides many professional business solutions based on technologies for integrating external data.
ConceptDraw PROConceptDraw PRO contains ready-to-use solutions for project management and corporate dashboards for business management and planning.
Drawing Tools


Create drawings and other illustrations using the ConceptDraw PRO drawing tools, library objects, and sample documents. Then export your drawing to a variety of the most popular graphics formats, allowing you to exchange documents with other users and print on almost any standard paper size.
Diagramming Tools


Effortlessly create flow charts, schematics, and other diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO. Smart connectors allow bend as you rearrange your diagrams to flow naturally around objects. Clone Tool lets you quickly add multiples of the same objects. Hyperlinks let you connect your document to external documents, folder, web pages, email addresses, and more. Rapid Draw allows you to quickly and easily create professional flowcharts, block diagrams, org charts, and other diagrams.
Libraries and Templates
ConceptDraw PRO templates and their associated libraries enable you to quickly get started making the drawing or diagram you want to make. Library objects can be customized and saved for later use. You can customize the scaling, color, line weight, label, and even the fill pattern of an object to use in later drawings and diagrams.
Printing and Exporting
ConceptDraw PRO exports to most popular graphic formats, including Microsoft® Visio® XML (.vdx) and PowerPoint® (.ppt), Adobe® PDF and SWF, as well as .svg, .jpg, .png, and more.
Display and Communicate
Powerful Presentation Display
Create and format dynamic presentations, then collaborate with your audience to incorporate feedback on the fly. And with hyperlinks in presentations, you can quickly navigate to a different part of the presentation, an external website, or even open a different document.
Dynamic presentations use Live Objects technology to display external data in your presentation. Changes to the external data are automatically reflected in the Live Objects in your presentations. For a truly dynamic, flexible presentation, you can set up your presentation to display on a secondary monitor, leaving your main monitor free for making edits and changes to the presentation.
Extensibility of ConceptDraw PRO
Business-Specific Solutions
The ConceptDraw Solution Park offers business-specific solutions that go beyond the core capabilities of ConceptDraw PRO. Find solutions that are custom-tailored to your business or activity and discover the value of extensibility!
Solution Browser
Solution Browser is your window to exploring ConceptDraw Solution Park. Search by solution type or specific ConceptDraw application to find the solutions that are best suited for your specific needs.
Integration Technology
With the introduction of Live Object technology, you can now create documents and presentations that automatically reflect external data sources. ConceptDraw PRO supports scripting languages and third-party tools to modify and program the visual behavior of live objects.
With INGYRE2, your data easily integrates with the other ConceptDraw Office 2 applications. Create Project Dashboards with up-to-the-minute project status, create on-the-fly presentations of your brainstorming sessions, automatically create a work breakdown structure for your project, and much more.
ConceptDraw PRO lets you visualize ideas and data as diagrams, communicate through presentations and varied export options, and meet business-specific needs via the modular extensibility available in the ConceptDraw Solution Park. Multiple built-in presentation modes, easily customized printing options, and powerful export capabilities, allow you to communicate effectively with any audience.


Simplifies and enhances presentation generation with flexible slide construction, automated processes, and Live Object technology for displaying external data. Contains an extensive library of over 20,000 ready-to-use objects, with hundreds of templates and examples to get you started quickly.
ConceptDraw PRO also supports dynamic presentations that contain live content and can be edited on the fly to reflect input from collaboration or feedback. Presentations can be exported to numerous graphical formats or emailed as a slide show. ConceptDraw PRO presentations can be displayed in full-screen, automated playback mode, or using dual monitors — display on one, edit on the other — for team collaboration.
Dynamic Presentations
Dynamic Presentations
With Dynamic presentations, you can display your presentation on a secondary monitor or projector, while your main monitor is left open for you to make edits as you move through the presentation. This allows you the unique ability to collaborate with team members in a meeting setting or quickly respond to feedback from your audience.
Any diagram or drawing you make in ConceptDraw PRO can be a dynamic presentation — everything from flowcharts and block diagrams to network diagrams and wiring schematics.
Presentation Preparation
Creating a presentation, slide by slide, in a multi-page format provides maximum flexibility when presenting and using presentation content.
Presentation Preparation
You can take additional control over your presentation by formatting the appearance of each slide with background pages, color schemes, and clip art.
You can hyperlink to other objects and pages within the presentation or hyperlink to external documents and web pages. The benefit of this feature is your presentation is not confined to the content inside the presentation; all resources are available for your audience.
You can create presentations that contain live objects. Live objects can be set to respond to external data sources, such as a file database or different data feeds on the internet.
You can export your presentation to Microsoft PowerPoint for local presentation or to Adobe Flash (.SWF) for presentation over the web.
You can have complete control over the pace and direction of your presentation by manually progressing slides and navigating with hyperlinks, or set the slide order and let your presentation play automatically.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP

A versatile, yet easy-to-use tool for organizing ideas and data. Creates mind maps that intuitively illustrate your thought process. Outputs a wide variety of document styles and formats. Delivers presentations from mind maps with built-in modes and MS PowerPoint export. Perfect for brainstorming, project planning, meeting management, note taking, and more.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP
what is mm schema
input-mmWhat are The Output Capabilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP?
ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers a variety of outputs, making it easy to share map content in the appropriate format. Creating output is simple; just one click allows you to output to other applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, as well as ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw PRO. You can generate text and tables that are pertinent to your work. The output capability of ConceptDraw MINDMAP unlocks the information in your maps to build documents.With one click, you can communicate status, update tasks, write articles, and build presentations from your map, choosing the appropriate document type and template. For example, you can generate a task list with one click.Helpful copy and paste capability built into ConceptDraw MINDMAP can be used to manage spreadsheet data from MS Excel. Data can easily be moved from one of the applications to the other by using copy and paste functionally, preserving data structure as data is transitioned into a different visual format.
features-mmWhat are the Presentation Capabilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP?
ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers a set of tools to create presentations from a mind map. With one click, you can generate a slide show. You can build multiple presentations and store them in a single map.Different audiences require different types of presentations. You do not want to make a different map for each presentation. ConceptDraw MINDMAP can create many types of presentations from a single map. Using the View Navigator tool, you can select the map parts you want to present, sequence your slides, and preview the presentation. 
What are the Input Capabilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP?
ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports inputting external data into a map with one click. Input capabilities are critical because it makes your data visual. After the data is visual, you can manage and communicate your data using newly generated documents or presentations.Data comes in a variety of formats. You are able to input your data from many different file formats. You can input data as a task list, resource list, Gantt chart, or even input brainstorming or search results in the maps you build. The flexible copy and paste capabilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP allow you to input data from Microsoft Word or Excel.


Offers a variety of presentation, input, and output solutions that make creating and sharing map content simple and effective. From incorporating new data into a mind map, to preparing presentations, to sharing your mind maps with others, ConceptDraw MINDMAP saves you valuable time and energy.
New Presentation Styles Make You the Master of Your Presentations
Whether you are pressed for time, need to share only specific content with your audience, or want to create a polished presentation narrative, ConceptDraw MINDMAP has the appropriate presentation style. Instead of being at the mercy of your presentation tool, you are in charge of your content.
Every presentation has to satisfy a specific need — sometimes you need to focus on a particular audience or topic and sometimes you need a traditional slide presentation. Trying to use one tool or presentation method for multiple situations does not work — you end up investing a lot of time to create an imperfect message. In addition, when you build slide show presentations the traditional way, you spend unnecessary time creating a presentation that is quickly out of date.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP addresses both issues of slide show generation and keeping information current — you can now create presentations with one click from your mind map and your content stays relevant, saving you time.
Presentation Styles
The simplest presentation style is the default presentation style. With a single click of the mouse, ConceptDraw MINDMAP creates a presentation for you. The default presentation style is ideal when you have no time to prepare a presentation and want to share a map’s entire content.
If you have only five minutes, and you want to customize the presentation, you have several options. The default presentation style supports using the View Navigator to select and sequence the content you want to share. Using your mouse and right-clicking, highlight only the map branches and topics you want to present. Alternatively, create an instant presentation using Keywords in the filter field to instantly highlight all instances of a term in a map.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP introduces another presentation mode based on Intelligent Topics, which bring data into the map from external sources. When you present from these topics, you have the most current data. Use Intelligent Topics to create presentations that are repeatable, such as financial and status reports.
Presentation Features
Each presentation style in ConceptDraw MINDMAP is simple to prepare and present.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP View Navigator window allows you to drag and drop presentation screens so you can arrange and preview your content. While you are presenting, navigation is simple — advance your presentation one click at a time. You can easily zoom in and out, allowing you to further focus on specific ideas. While presenting, the application spotlights current topics to further focus your presentation.
One of the most powerful new presentation solutions is Full Screen Edit Mode. In this mode, you can project the entire map, hide the application interface, and continue to edit. This solution gives the presentation polish, focuses attention on the content, not the tool, and allows you to incorporate feedback instantly into your map. Full Screen Edit Mode supports shortcuts and mouse-clicks to control editing, so you don’t have to toggle out of your presentation to edit and then launch presentation again. This feature also supports all other presentation styles.
Sometimes you need the power of a polished slide presentation — an impromptu presentation will not do — and you want to construct a slide by slide narrative. For this scenario, ConceptDraw MINDMAP provides a comprehensive export to Microsoft PowerPoint solution.
If you need more presentation power, ConceptDraw Solution Park provides a range of presentation functionalities you can download to your application. Many of these solutions are free and as more of them become available, you can download them from the ConceptDraw Solution Park using the ConceptDraw Solution Browser.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP reduces the amount of time you need to prepare your presentation. You can focus on the content that matters, navigate and incorporate content easily, and maintain all of your data in one source document. You can pre-plan the presentation with your current map data by saving your presentation settings.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP Supports a Variety of Inputs and Outputs
The value of your presentations depends on the quality of your content inputs and outputs. ConceptDraw MINDMAP makes inputting and outputting data intuitive. You can gather information from multiple sources and share them in a way that works best for you and your audience. The flow of information from input to output is seamless, which saves you time and allow you to focus on other matters.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports numerous map inputs, including importing content from external sources such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Project, and Outlook. Even more importantly, ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports the most important inputs to mind maps — input from your teams and your own thoughts and analyses. Numerous brainstorming options and usability improvements make inputting content easier than ever.
After you create your content, sharing it becomes your next goal.
In addition to the presentation styles described in ConceptDraw MINDMAP, you can share map content using automatic document generation features, using intelligent topics, and exporting to Microsoft Office products. 

ConceptDraw PROJECT

A full-featured project management solution with all the necessary functions right at your fingertips. Generates an extensive variety of reports on project and task statuses. Centralizes project information through embedded documents and hyperlinks. Unique Multiproject Dashboard manages multiple projects from a single file. Powerful integration with other ConceptDraw products makes project management easier than ever before.
What is ConceptDraw PRO
ConceptDraw PROJECT contains an extensive tool set to help project managers. The rich data visualization capability that is provided by ConceptDraw products builds project dashboards, one-click reports, multi-project views, Gantt charts, and resource views. The rich visual data presentation supports important project management tasks such as critical planning and change management.
Visualize Project Data
With ConceptDraw PROJECT, you always have current status available through project dashboards, one click reports, and multi-project views and also Gantt charts and resource views. Your teams and stakeholders are always current and you have the information you need to take action quickly.
The Project Dashboard
  • Consolidates project data onto one screen - See all of your key performance indicators on one screen
  • Updates data dynamically - Monitor status based on the most current project data
  • Represents data visually - Understand your current status from the dashboard, recognize changes to project status as it occurs, and see when critical performance limits are exceeded
  • Helps you take the right action - Instantly recognize what action you need to take now
ConceptDraw PROJECT enables you to generate reports with one click. You do not need to configure settings, walk through dialogs, or click through wizards. Sharing reports is simple because you can output them to HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, or RTF. By integrating with ConceptDraw Office and ConceptDraw Solution Park add-ons, you can extend your reporting capability with numerous resource, schedule, and task reports.
ConceptDraw ProjectBecause your project data is accessible through traditional formats such as Gantt charts and resource views, you can engage in in-depth planning and analysis. Expand your diagramming and chart functionality through ConceptDraw Solution Park add-ons and integration with ConceptDraw Office.
Plan-ProjectsPlan Projects and Manage Change
ConceptDraw PROJECT provides all the tools necessary to plan and manage projects. You can create tasks, assign resources, and load resource costs. By creating a subproject, you can analyze the impact of a change request before approving the change to the project baseline.
Track-ProjectTrack Project Documentation and Knowledge
ConceptDraw PROJECT allows you to track the completeness of your project documentation by tracing tasks back to requirements documents or identifying tasks that have no documentation. Team members know where to get the highest priority and current specifications so they are able to learn more about their current tasks. Project managers are assured of project quality because their teams are using the proper documents. Portfolio managers and executives know if documents are missing so they can be proactive in resolving.The Project Knowledge Dashboard in ConceptDraw PROJECT enables you to manage status and the quality of project input.
ConceptDraw-OfficeConceptDraw PROJECT Supported by ConceptDraw Office
When you use ConceptDraw PROJECT with ConceptDraw Office, you benefit from more dashboards that display key performance indicators for your project methodology. With ConceptDraw MINDMAP you can: leverage brainstorming, presentation, and reporting functionality. Project used in conjunction with ConceptDraw PRO one is able to generate charts, network diagrams, work breakdown structures, and other diagrams.
ConceptDraw PROJECT Supported by ConceptDraw Solution Park
CS Odessa ConceptDraw Solution Park offers a variety of project management add-ons that you can download to ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw Office.
Tool Box Solutions offer an array of enhanced functionality to support project managers, such as planning, team management, and project documentation management. These add-ons will support any project management methodology.
Methodology solutions support specific methodologies, such as Agile project management. A separate methodology solution for neutral project management is also available.


Gives you the tools to evaluate your project planning. Streamlines meetings and ensures more effective planning and control thanks to live project dashboard illustrations, mind map reports, and knowledge metrics.
What Are the Benefits of ConceptDraw PROJECT?
Reporting for Planning
Planning becomes more effective because of reports. Resource assignment and usage, task scheduling, milestones and project events, cost of resources, and budget are some of the reports that assist the planning process. The planning of each project has its own unique challenges. ConceptDraw PROJECT includes many reports to give you the flexibility you require in the planning process.
Reporting for Changes
Generating effective reports is critical to managing change. One set lets you understand the change, the other lets you adapt to the situation. Because milestones are always impacted by changes they must be constantly reviewed. Excellent support for this reviewing process is available in the following reports: Milestone, Phase tracking, Critical task tracking, Multi-project resource usage, and many completion metrics reports.In ConceptDraw PROJECT many reports reflect the high-level impact on your project and let you adapt to the situation.
Reporting for Meetings
Meetings that effectively communicate lead to project success and its strong visual reports are important to communicate quickly to participants. ConceptDraw PROJECT provides visual clarity of reports by using mind maps viewed in ConceptDraw MINDMAP. Clarity is provided by reviewing the project dashboards before any meeting. Dashboards display key performance indicators of single or multiple projects. Meeting communication is effective because of the visual aids — mind maps and dashboards.


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ConceptDraw MINDMAP
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ConceptDraw PRO 
ConceptDraw Pro - Single User License
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ConceptDraw PROJECT
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ConceptDraw MINDMAP for Project
ConceptDraw MINDMAP for Projects - Single User License
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ConceptDraw MINDMAP for Projects - 5 User License + Maintenance Assurance 
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ConceptDraw MINDMAP for Projects - 10 User License + Maintenance Assurance
ConceptDraw OFFICE
ConceptDraw Office - Single User License
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ConceptDraw Office - 5 User License + Maintenance Assurance 
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ConceptDraw Office - 10 User License + Maintenance Assurance 
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