AutoDWG – DWG to PDF Converter


AutoDWG – DWG to PDF Converter


AutoDWG DWG to PDF Converter allows you to convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, DWF to PDF directly, NO AutoCAD required, batch conversion supported. Supports AutoCAD 2012 Now!

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Convert DWG to PDF for the purpose of:
  1. Distributing your drawings over the internet;
  2. Viewing/Printing your drawing files without the need of autocad.
What can you do with AutoDWG DWG to PDF Converter?
  • DWG to PDF
  • DXF to PDF
  • DWF to PDF
  1. High output quality, Click the links below to compare
    pdf sample1
    pdf sample2
  2. Create a single merged PDF file from several DWG files or create an individual PDF file for each DWG file selected;
  3. Both model space and paper space supported;
  4. Batch mode supported;
  5. Multiple choice of output paper size;
  6. Don't need of AutoCAD;
  7. Customizable watermark (Pro version only);
  8. Support advanced bookmark, create bookmark automatically using layout name and file name.pdf bookmark
  9. Retain true type fonts, TTF, texts are searchable in PDF;
  10. Add permissions for printing, clipboard coping, modification;
  11. PDF encryption and password protection;
  12. Manage line width or using default line weight, import CTB file;
  13. Add SHX font path and manage XREF path;
  14. Command line (Server version only).
Product Features List:
Support Format: DWG, DXF, DWF
Support AutoCAD version: R2.5 ~ R2012
Pen width setting Yes
SHX font path Yes
Product Name
DWG to PDF Converter
DWG to PDF Converter Pro 
(Customize watermark, etc..)
DWG to PDF Converter Server
( support Command line ...)
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Product Name
PDF to DWG Converter Stand-alone + DWG to PDF Converter
PDFIn (AutoCAD Add-on) - PDF to DWG Converter + DWG to PDF Converter 
Product Name Users


DWG to PDF Converter 1








 DWG to PDF Converter Pro
Pro version advantages:
  1. Customizable Watermark
  2. Adding stamp like "As Build"
  3. PDF encryption








DWG to PDF Converter Server License
  1. Supports Command Line
  2. Call DWG2PDF.exe from your program, fully automate
  3. Install on one server, running for unlimited users
1   $990

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