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Auto Publish


Auto Publish Ensures decisions are made base on up to date information by automatically publish Gantt charts to Project Server

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In Project Server 2010, Project Managers determine when to publish a saved project. 
Unfortunately, for many organizations, this means that some data in the Project Server database is not up to date because MS-Project Users may save their projects, but forget to publish them.
The consequence is that Executive decisions in the organization are made without up to date  information. Such decisions could be costly for a business in terms of time, money and lost productivity.
Auto Publish resolves that issue by allowing the Administrator (or anyone with admin permissions) to define when projects should be published. Typically this is scheduled to occur overnight, although the frequency is configurable.
Compatable to: Project Server 2010
Auto Publish works by selecting specific projects or all projects.
Auto Publish responsible for publish projects automatically at a specific time.
Auto Publish
Project Server 2007
Project Server 2010
 Configuration changes limited to administrators
 Ensures reporting are up to date
 Minimal configuration required
 Low maintenance overhead for users
 Quick and easy to install and configure
Executives and PMOs don't need to chase MS-Project users for publish projects
An option to choose if a site will be created
Price (USD)
Payment type
Auto Publish
One time
Annual Support and Upgrade Renewal for Auto Publish
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