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Anywhere Pad

Take advantage of mobile and cloud technologies to take your organisation’s document collaboration and meetings to the next level. As an enterprise-grade solution, Anywhere Pad is equipped with stringent security controls to safeguard your enterprise data. Anywhere Pad is available on iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows. Available options to install Anywhere Portal on your own server for greater control over your data.

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What is Anywere Pad?
Anywhere Pad is a mobile app for meetings, real-time document sharing and collaboration. It’s integrated with a cloud-based document collaboration and meeting portal. Anywhere Pad is available on iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows.
 Guide discussion with page sync and laser pointer features
 Securely access documents and collaborate in real time
 Meet anywhere anytime with anyone over the Internet
 Starting a meeting is as simple as sending an email
 Manage your documents and meetings on the cloud or your own server
Unmatched Mobility
Anywhere Pad’s full multi-touch support makes taking notes and flipping pages as easy as working on a paper. Without the paper.
Connect to your meeting anywhere with your mobile device. Hold meetings using your own WiFi network, or remote meetings through the internet. Discuss documents as if your collaborative partners are just by your side.
  • Available on iPad and Android – take advantage of the tablet or smarphone’s mobility and convenience
  • Easy-to-use multi-touch interface – just like writing on a paper
  • Eliminate the need for paper, consumables, and even projectors
  • Offline access to documents when the network is unavailable
  • Annotate your documents even if not inside a meeting
  • Organize a face-to-face meeting in any location
  • Supports local WiFi directly on mobile devices
  • Meet and collaborate with people who are at different locations
  • Connect to the internet or your internal network through WiFi
Real Time Collaboration
Effective meetings need collaboration. Anywhere Pad brings you highly responsive tools for collaborative work.
Brainstorm away with a whiteboard meeting where you can synchronise freehand drawings and notes in real-time. Share and store annotations with your team. Or send them messages directly using the private messaging facility.
Collaborate on Documents in Real Time
  • Establish whiteboard discussion anytime with anyone remotely and directly in Anywhere Pad
  • Real-time drawing synchronisation
  • Post-it Notes – Highlight the text and type your remarks on sticky notes
  • Freehand Drawing – Write on your documents as with real pen
  • Synchronisation – Synchronisation is automatic and real-time
Chat with another attendee through private messages during a meeting without being noticed by other attendees.
In just one click, you can immediately jump to the page that the message is about.
Synchronized Viewing and Annotation
Page View Sync allows attendees to see the partner’s view and annotations in real-time. It’s low bandwidth and high quality: once the documents are sent, only the actions are transmitted instead of sending periodic captures of the screen.
Synchronize your Views and Actions to keep Everyone on Track 
Page View Sync
  • Guide the meeting by synchronising your current page view and annotations with other attendees in real time. They see what the presenter sees instantly.
  • Highly responsive, with far lower bandwidth requirements unlike traditional screen sharing software
  • Supports viewing and sharing PDF, JPEG, and Microsoft Office (2003 and up) documents (XLS, DOC, PPT, XLSX, DOCX, PPTX)
  • Attendees have a private view for their own applications
  • Direct the attention of attendees to specific parts of the page using the laser pointer
  • Browse the web together with other attendees in synchronisation
  • Share web contents including video on-the-fly during a meeting
  • Support VGA output to projector even with 1st generation iPad
  • Both the documents and annotations can be projected
Powerful Document and Meeting Management
Anywhere Pad is the only meeting solution that is integrated with a powerful cloud-based document and meeting management portal. Anywhere Portal gives you access to your documents on the cloud from your mobile device or desktop browser.
Document Management on the Cloud
  • Online access to your documents on the Anywhere Portal through the cloud or your own server
  • Offline access to downloaded documents when the network is not available
  • Manage documents with folder structures and access right controls
  • Document versioning with access to past version
  • Share documents on the Anywhere Portal by using the document link
  • Achieve high-performance meetings for your organization with the agenda
  • Organize scheduled meeting with predefined agenda and attendee list
  • Schedule meeting and prepare agenda on Anywhere Portal
  • Browse your meeting schedule directly on Anywhere Pad
Secure Access and Storage
We understand the importance of your data. That’s why Anywhere Pad uses industrial-strength 128-bit AES encryption for storage. Add to that a multi-tier key management scheme; your data has never been safer.
In case you lose your tablet or smartphone, don’t worry. The auto-purge feature will keep your data away from malicious hands.
Protect your Data with Enterprise-Grade Security 
  • Document encryption on both the Anywhere Portal and Anywhere Pad using 256-bit AES
  • Network / transmission encryption using 128-bit AES
  • Multi-tier Key Management
  • Audit logging
  • Enforce user access right control for offline access
  • Easy and consistent file folder access right administration
  • Auto-purge when the device is lost or compromised
  • Activates upon reaching a number of invalid attempts
Meet Now
All it takes is one email. Just send your meeting documents to, cc the other attendees, and you’re good to go. Every attendee will then receive a link by email to auto-join the meeting on their iPad or iPhone.
Anywhere Pad makes it really simple to start a meeting with peaople in different locations. There are two ways to do so depending on your preference.
 Method 1 
All it takes is one email. Send your documents to and cc other attendees. Specify the meeting title as email subject.All attendees will then recieve a link by email to join the meeting on their device.
Method 2
Visit the Meet Now webpage and follow the instructions.All attendees will then receive a link by email to join the meeting on their device.

Anywhere Pad For Enterprise

Simple to Setup. Easy to Use. Secure.
Feature for the Enterprise
Document Access
Meeting Schedules
Remote Meetings
Local Area Meetings
Open File from other Apps Integration
Offline Access
Auto-Backup Annotations
Document Sharing
Admin Console
User Management
Access Right Control
Document Encryption
Network Encryption
Password Policy
Audit Logging
Other Mobile Security Controls
Support & Maintenance
Take advantage of mobile and cloud technologies to take your organisation’s document collaboration and meetings to the next level.
Anywhere Pad is integrated with Anywhere Portal that serves as the access point for remote meetings, provides meeting scheduling functions, and gives enterprise users advanced capabilities for managing their enterprise users and meetings.
The following features are available in the enterprise version
Document Access Right Management
Document access rights management allows you to define your organisation’s folder structure with folder-level administrative rights and control who can access the documents stored on the portal with fine-grained file and folder-based access rights.
User Administration
You can manage and support your organisation user accounts with the User Admin Console and define the organisational access right with the help of user groups.
Enterprise-Grade Security
As an enterprise-grade solution, Anywhere Pad is equipped with stringent security controls to safeguard your enterprise data.
Anywhere Pad and Anywhere Portal use strong AES encryption for document and transmission encryption as well as a 3-tier key infrastructure. The auto-purge feature can guard against theft or loss by preventing unauthorized access to information. 
Hosting Options
You can have a dedicated Anywhere Portal for your organisation, either on a private cloud or your own server for greater control over your data.
  • Dedicated Cloud – Stored on Anywhere Pad’s public cloud at but with a dedicated portal for your organisation
  • On-Premise – Stored on your owns server infrastructure, on which our support team will deploy the Anywhere Portal server software
To trial the software, discuss your requirements, or get to quote - please contact us at, and we will be glad to assist you.
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