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ABBYY FineReader Corporate


Convert scans and image PDFs to searchable formats with superior OCR accuracy. Easily extract data for use in other documents, saving time on manual retyping. Automate OCR processing for greater performance in your business.

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FineReader Corporate Edition is the ideal solution for streamlining document processing among workgroups in business, government and academic environments. Combining innovative ADRT technology with ease of use, FineReader Corporate Edition streamlines workflow and provides comprehensive network capabilities and cost-effective licensing options to meet your business needs.
ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition Make Scans and PDFs searchable

Convert scans and image PDFs to searchable formats with superior OCR accuracy.


ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition Easily Quote Documents

Easily extract data for use in other documents, saving time on manual retyping.


ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition Streamline document processing

Automate OCR processing for greater performance in your business.



Main windowCustom TasksOne-step Tasks One-step Task for PDF conversion
Outstanding Accuracy
Use standalone or networked scanners and MFPs to scan and convert documents into editable text and searchable PDFs with up to 99.8%* recognition accuracy.
Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT®) for Less Retyping and Reformatting
ABBYY FineReader precisely re-creates multi-page document structures and formatting, including text size and font styles, tables and diagrams, columns, headers, footers, footnotes, page numbers and more.
Faster Processing and Quick Access to Automated Tasks
More efficient processing and special modes deliver up to 45%* faster results. A user-friendly interface eliminates the need to learn complicated routines and settings: create automated Tasks according to your needs and share them with your workgroup.
Advanced Privacy and Security
FineReader 11 supports security settings in PDF files and makes it easy to redact sensitive information.
Advanced PDF Conversion and Compression
Easily convert scans and PDFs to searchable PDFs and PDF/A documents for reliable archiving.
More Recognition Languages Supported than in Any Other OCR
With new support for Arabic (Modern Standard), Vietnamese and  Turkmen (Latin), ABBYY FineReader 11 recognizes and converts any combination of 189** languages to help you expand your global capabilities.
Automated OCR Processing for Greater Flexibility
Use Hot Folder to schedule conversion at specific times and monitor progress. ABBYY Hot Folder allows you to designate a folder location on a local drive, network drive or FTP server to be monitored by FineReader, which will automatically process any file placed in the specified location.
Cost-Saving, Concurrent/Network Licensing
Install licenses on as many seats as needed, and pay only for simultaneous usage. Use License Manager to assign, add, remove and monitor licenses. Concurrent licenses also allow support of Terminal Servers.
Wide Range of Supported Formats (Including™ Writer)
FineReader supports a wide range of document and image formats. Send results directly to applications prior to saving, or export files to Microsoft® SharePoint® for easy file sharing.
Business Card Reader for Windows
Enjoy an easy way to move data from paper cards directly to your Microsoft Outlook® or export to vCard format.
Additional Workgroup Productivity Tools
ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition supports distributed document processing and centralized installation from a server onto multiple workstations.
Gain Speed, Raise Quality
ABBYY FineReader now converts scans, PDFs and digital camera images into editable and searchable formats up to 45%* faster than before with new Black and white processing mode. Improved Fast Reading mode is up to 70%* faster than Thorough Reading mode, and documents with Asian languages can now be processed up to 40%* faster.
Enjoy More Accurate Formatting with Enhanced ADRT®
Complex documents with tables or charts — such as financial reports are no match for FineReader’s enhanced Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT). The new technology detects and preserves vertical headers, accurately re-creates text in margins and preserves overall layout and formatting when converting to your preferred file format.
Convenient E-book Creation
Convert paper books, articles and other files you want bundled together into EPUB and FB2 formats, optimized for e-readers and smartphones. Send electronic books directly to your Amazon KindleTM account or electronic archive.
Scan and Convert Documents to™ Writer
Convert images and PDFs directly to Writer format (ODT), with their native layout and formatting accurately preserved.
Redact Confidential or Classified Information
Remove sensitive information from documents for secure sharing. Simply select the Redaction tool and apply it to a text or an area in the document to completely remove the selected information in all the layers of the document.
Enhanced Interface for Intuitive Use
Increase your productivity with intuitive interface guiding you directly to the result. An enhanced Verification and improved Style Editor tools make it easy to manage text styles and verify accuracy.
Easier Bulk Document Processing
Scan a batch of mixed-type documents all at once and arrange  them into separate files with our new Split Document Tool.
Custom Tasks
Create your own routine conversion tasks and add them right at the FineReader start screen for easy access and more convenient processing of recurring tasks.
Improved Hot Folder Batch Processing
Fine-tune conversion tasks and schedules with the new Hot Folder wizard. Hot Folder automatically saves to FineReader document format, allowing further manual verification for efficient distributed processing and better results.
Advanced Camera OCR For Better Text Capture on the Fly
Enjoy improved accuracy and layout retention of photos with text or documents, taken with standard digital or smartphone cameras.
More Powerful Image Editing
Improve image quality with new image-processing tools including brightness and contrast selection and tonal values adjusting for an optimal OCR result. Apply changes to all or selected pages at once.
Enhanced PDF Conversion for Reliable Archiving
Benefit from one of three pre-defined PDF saving modes: Maximum Quality, Compact Size or Balanced. Enhanced MRC compression reduces file size up to 80% better than the previous version with virtually no quality degradation.
New Recognition Languages: Arabic, Vietnamese and Turkmen (Latin)
Convert multilingual documents in any combination of 189** languages including new Arabic (Modern Standard), Vietnamese and Turkmen (Latin).
Export to DjVu for easy reading or archiving
ABBYY FineReader 11 enables saving to DjVu, delivering high-quality, readable images requiring minimum of space.
New Business Card Reader (for Windows) Turns Paper Business Cards into Electronic Contacts
Enjoy the easiest way to move data from paper cards to your Microsoft Outlook contacts and vCard format.
Enhanced Screenshot Reader
Instantly capture images and texts on the screen – and now preserve the exact size of the original screenshot.
ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition is licenses per seat or concurrent.The per seat license is priced at 159.00€, and it comes in the desktop licensing model.
There is also an ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition priced at 129.00 per seat.
Below are volume price levels for the desktop license of the ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition:
Price per license in EUR
142,94 €
135,00 €
119,12 €
The concurrent license of the ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition is priced at 299.00€, per license and it comes in the concurrent/network licensing model. See below volume pricing levels:
Price per license in EUR
251,85 €
237,86 €
209,87 €
For volumes above 50 licenses please contact us at to get a quote.
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