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Universal Document Converter


Universal Document Converter is the most complete solution for the conversion of documents into PDF, JPEG, TIFF or other graphical files. The underlying basis of the program is the technology of virtual printing. As a result, exporting documents into a chosen format is not any more complicated than printing on a desktop printer.

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Universal Document ConverterProduct Overview
Universal Document Converter is the most complete solution for the conversion of documents of any type into Adobe PDF or graphical files. The underlying basis of Universal Document Converter is the technology of virtual printing. As a result, exporting Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel tables, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Autodesk AutoCAD drawings into a chosen format is not any more complicated than printing on a desktop printer.Universal Document Converter can assist you in preparing documents to be published on websites, protect them from unsanctioned copying and changes when sent by email, save tons of time while preparing PowerPoint presentations, and also simplify the process of sending materials to the printshop or publisher. In addition, you will be able to cut expenses on the development and implementation of a corporate document flow system.
Fields of Application
Document Sharing and Archiving
Documents Sharing and ArchivingThe exchange of documents in the PDF format is a sign of consideration
Business for many companies is not possible without the everyday exchange of electronic documents. However, if there are difficulties viewing files received from you, your image suffers in the eyes of your clients.
We recommend using Universal Document Converter for converting documents of any type into PDF. The exchange of documents in this format protects you and your clients from any technical difficulties.
Benefits of exchanging documents in the PDF format:
  • Compatibility. Adobe Acrobat Reader, developed for viewing PDF files, is free of charge. This program is already installed not only on the majority of workstations and notebooks, but also on smartphones and PDAs.
  • True to the original. Bitmapped PDF preserves documents in a ‘frozen form’. Therefore, a document received by e-mail can be read and printed on any computer without being garbled – even if it is a color catalog or commercial proposals in German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Copy protection. Segments of text in a document are saved in bitmapped PDF in the form of a whole and integrated image. As a result, cutting and pasting becomes impossible.
Benefits of Universal Document Converter:
  • Universality. Universal Document Converter with equal success can convert into PDF not only multipage catalogs, commercial proposals or price-lists, but also full-scale industrial drawings.
  • Ease of use. Universal Document Converter is installed as a virtual printer. As a result, exporting a document of any type into a PDF file is as easy as printing on a desktop printer.
  • Flexibility of configuration. Universal Document Converter makes it possible to choose the optimal ratio between the quality of copies of documents and the size of output files. For example, for publication on a website it is best to choose the maximum data compression and not the highest resolution. On the other hand, for preparing documents to be sent to the printshop, files are required that are high resolution and compressed without quality loss.
Presentation Creation
Presentations CreationUniversal Document Converter reduces your expenses for preparing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint
Inserting drawings and photographs into presentations is a regular procedure since Microsoft PowerPoint easily handles graphical files. The use of diagrams, schemes or technical drawings is frequently required, but occurs less often due to the complication inherent in transferring such documents onto slides.The company fCoder Group, Inc. proposes using Universal Document Converter for exporting documents of any type into JPEG or PNG. The resulting images can be easily inserted into your PowerPoint presentations.
Benefits of using images in presentations:
  • Freedom from routine. During the design of presentations, you don’t have to redo already existing schemes and diagrams since they can be exported into a graphical file and inserted onto a slide.
  • Universal approach. Certain specialized programs do not possess the functionality of OLE-Automation. Therefore, it is not possible to insert a document made with such a program onto a slide as an OLE-object. The only way to include it into a presentation is to export it into a graphical file.
  • Data protection. The placement of one page of a document onto a slide with the aid of OLE-technology does not block access to the whole document. Insert a graphical copy of the page and you prevent the leakage of data if the presentation CD is used as handout material at exhibitions and conferences.
Benefits of Universal Document Converter:
  • Illustration quality. The quality of illustrations obtained with the help of Universal Document Converter is of a much higher quality than screenshots of documents made, for example, using PrintScreen technology. In addition, you save time necessary for cleaning the borders of the image from elements of the interface of the office program.
  • Efficiency. Instead of printing documents on a desktop printer and scanning them to receive graphical file, Universal Document Converter can be used. This not only improves the quality of illustrations, but also economizes your time and expenses on expendable materials.
  • Ease of use. Universal Document Converter is installed as a virtual printer. Therefore, exporting documents of any type into a graphical file is as simple as printing them on a desktop printer.
Web Publishing
Universal Document Converter can assist in preparing documents for publishing on the Internet
The growing importance of the Internet as a means of communication makes it necessary for the company site to include information about offered goods or services.We propose using Universal Document Converter for converting presentation materials and product catalogs into the Adobe PDF format. The publication of documents in this format offers clients all needed information in a reliable and change-protected form.
Web PublishingBenefits of publishing documents in the Adobe PDF format:
  • Compatibility. Thanks to the wide distribution of Adobe Acrobat Reader, materials converted in the Adobe PDF format will be available for viewing and printing from any computer or laptop.
  • Document integrity. Raster format PDF preserves documents as an integrated image. This means that viewing or printing them does not require any additional fonts to be installed. You can be sure that documents will appear on any computer exactly as they appear on yours.
  • Data protection. Copying the contents of a document is not possible. Therefore, you do not need to fear plagiarism from your competitors.
Benefits of Universal Document Converter:
  • Support for multipage documents. With the aid of Universal Document Converter you can not only convert documents into PDF, but unite several different documents into one multipage PDF file.
  • Work with documents of any size. Universal Document Converter can convert into PDF documents of any size, from leaflets up to large-scale technical drawings.
  • Ease of use. Universal Document Converter is installed as a virtual printer. Therefore, exporting a document of any type into PDF is as easy as printing it on a desktop printer.
  • Flexible configuration. The flexibility of configuring the program makes it possible to choose the optimal ratio between the quality of document copies and the size of PDF files, increasing the speed of transferring them on the Internet.
Preparing Layouts for the Printshop
The conversion of documents into the TIFF format guarantees high printing quality and simplifies work with printshops and publishers
Printing leaflets and brochures is routine work for any company. However, dealing with printshops can turn out to be extremely tiring because of technical difficulties connected with the absence of required fonts or software.We propose converting documents and vector original layouts into the TIFF format with the aid of Universal Document Converter. The use of TIFF files reduces your dealings with the printshop to sending tasks by e-mail and receiving the finished product by the due date.
Prepress SolutionBenefits of the TIFF format for the printshop and publisher:
  • Reliability. The TIFF format preserves documents in a ‘frozen form’. This allows them to not only be printed without any alterations, but also protects them from accidental changes.
  • Document integrity. For displaying graphical TIFF files you don’t need any additional fonts, while the correct printing of blocks of text does not depend on the local settings of the operating system.
  • Compatibility. The printshop and publisher prefer to receive materials in the TIFF format. This format is an international standard for the exchange of electronic documents and images; therefore, there are programs for working with TIFF files at any printshop.
Benefits of Universal Document Converter:
  • High resolution. Universal Document converter allows you to create graphical files with a resolution of up to 2,400 DPI. This is more than sufficient for high quality printing of original layouts with the highest level of detail.
  • Work with large format materials. Universal Document Converter can convert documents of any size, ranging from business cards up to large drawings or even advertising billboards.
  • Support for multipage documents. With the aid of Universal Document Converter you are able to not only convert documents into TIFF, but unite several different documents into one multipage TIFF file
  • Ease of use. Universal Document Converter is installed as a virtual printer. Therefore exporting a document of any type into a graphical file is as easy as printing on a desktop printer.
Corporate Workflow System Deployment
Universal Document Converter reduces your expenses on the development of a corporate workflow system
Preserving electronic documents in their ‘native’ format (contracts and reports in Word DOC, drawings and schemes in AutoCAD DWG, filled-out questionnaires in Adobe PDF) is an obvious solution. However, constructing a corporate workflow system requires a different approach. There are two reasons for this: the high cost of server components for the processing of documents of all used formats and the necessity to insure access to data from any computer without installing additional software. Therefore, the majority of modern companies employ workflow and archiving systems that work with documents in an integrated and universal file format.We propose using Universal Document Converter as a ‘gateway’ for a corporate workflow system. With its aid, users will be able to convert any document into the TIFF format and automatically submit them to the system. Working with Universal Document Converter is as easy as printing on a desktop printer; therefore, you do not have to waste time on training personnel.
Corporate Workflow SystemBenefits of the TIFF format as a basis for a workflow system:
  • Reduction of expenses for development. The construction of an archiving system on the basis of the TIFF format spares you from purchasing and deploying server SDKs for each type of document. After all, quick viewing and printing TIFF files can be accomplished with the aid of the GDI+ library, which comes with every Windows installation. For example, indexing texts from documents can be handled by means of the Microsoft Office Imaging Library.
  • Compatibility. The TIFF format is a standard for the exchange of electronic documents and images. As a result, programs for viewing this format are available on any computer or notebook.
  • Data integrity. TIFF files preserve text data in a ‘frozen state’. Therefore, problems do not arise, even if the fonts used in the document are absent on the computer of the user.
  • Protection from accidental changes. Documents that are converted into TIFF are read-only files. You can be sure that invoices, contracts and orders submitted to the archive remain unchangeable for the whole period of their storage.
Benefits of Universal Document Converter:
  • Universality. Universal Document Converter makes it possible to convert documents of any type into TIFF. Thanks to this, even transferring over to a new set of office programs will not require your workflow system to be redeveloped.
  • Save time on training personnel. Universal Document Converter is installed onto the system as a virtual printer. As a result, submitting new documents to the workflow system becomes as easy as using a desktop printer.
  • Remote usage. Universal Document Converter is compatible with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix technology. Therefore, it can be installed on a server and used from remote computers.
  • Scalability. Universal Document Converter can be installed on a separate computer and used from workstations as a network printer. Transferring the majority of the workload onto the print-server will significantly increase the speed of conversions and allow for efficient processing not only of multi-page documents, but also full-scale industrial drawings.

Benefits of Universal Document Converter:
  • Universal Document ConverterExport into 8 formats. Documents of any type can be exported into Adobe PDF or graphical files in 7 popular formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, DCX, GIF or BMP.
  • Work with multipage documents. Several documents of various types can be united into one multipage file.
  • Universality. The technology of virtual printing makes it possible to convert documents of any type, including multipage reports, technical drawings and commercial posters, into a chosen format.
  • Practicality. The direct export of a document into a graphical file (instead of printing and scanning a paper copy) economizes on expendable materials and time.
  • Ease of use. For exporting documents of any type into Adobe PDF or graphical files all that is required is to print them using the printer labeled 'Universal Document Converter'.
  • The advanced algorithm of quantization. Advanced algorithm for image quantization makes it possible to produce the highest quality copies even when converting them into a black and white format.
  • High resolution. The ability to export documents with a resolution up to 2,400 DPI enables you to save all elements of design of advertising materials and the minutest details of drawings and electronic diagrams.
  • Automatic margin cropping. The function of automatic cropping of empty margins makes it unnecessary to edit graphical copies of tables and diagrams before placing them in presentations or text documents.
  • Economy of system resources. Low consumption of system resources enables you to export documents of practically any size which can contain hundreds of pages.
  • Flexibility in configuration. The flexibility in configuring the program makes it possible to choose the optimal ratio between the quality of documents copies and the size of output files. For example, for publication on a website the smallest possible files are needed. On the other hand, for preparing documents to be sent to the printshop, files are required that are high resolution and compressed without quality loss.
  • Quick configuration. A profile library (collection of settings with optimal conversions for standard conversion tasks) makes it possible to configure Universal Document Converter with two clicks of the mouse.
  • Remote usage. Compatibility with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix makes it possible to use Universal Document Converter from remote computers.
  • Scalability. The possibility to share Universal Document Converter over a network and use it from workstations allows for a significant increase in speed for the conversion of documents.
  • COM-interface. The presence of a COM-interface simplifies the compatibility of document flow systems with Universal Document Converter.
We are very satisfied with Universal Documents Converter, which we use many times every day. We are mainly using the Universal Documents Converter for converting our original Word documents to PDF, which we are distributing among our customers and service offices. As it is only a printer driver and NOT a program which start the conversion it is fast and easy for us to use. 
Peter Hovmann, MAN B&W Diesel A/S
The City of Mississauga uses Universal Document Converter to reproduce high quality GIF images for our web portal. We use Bentley Systems MicroStation to produce street maps for the City and have found that the quality of GIF images, as exported from MicroStation, gave us a poor reproduction of the fidelity of the base map data. With Universal Document Converter we redirect MicroStation's printout to GIF and are able to have an expected quality in a GIF file. 
David Marion, GIS & CADD department of City of Mississauga
Universal Document Converter is equal with Adobe Acrobat in terms of providing a generic document format that any user on any platform can view. Further in some cases it is better than Acrobat simply because you do not need to install a special viewer. Combining these advantages with the easy of use and the ease of outputting your documents to a graphic file format makes Universal Document Converter a must for any business, webmaster or individual user. 
Darren Blackley, Information Services of Curtin University of Technology
Universal Document Converter is the best converter software I have found and tested. It is easy to install, easy to understand and to manipulate. The result of each conversion is very, very close to the original. It's important for us because we have to print on preformatted paper and we can't accept any difference. 
Marc Dubray, Honeywell International, Inc.
In our department we are creating documents with Microsoft Access and Microsoft Visio. In the past we had first to print these documents from the both applications and then to scan them to TIFF format for archiving. Now we are using Universal Document Converter, which enables us to save a lot of time and paper. Furthermore, this software is able to generate one multipage TIFF file from the both applications. 
Hartmut Trepte, Transportation department of Siemens AG
We have been using Universal Document Converter for many years. The most important aspect in which we use UDC, is on generating TIFF G4 single-page and multipage images, from files in multiple formats. UDC's performance is excellent and we are very satisfied for having decided in this regard. 
Dr. Mauricio Goldring, OptiFiles SRL
I use Universal Document Converter to convert documents to PDF and JPEG to embed jpeg's in emails and send PDF's to clients. Sending a PDF is much more professional than sending a word document. I have created letterhead for my business and I simply write a quick note to a client, convert to JPEG and then send the embedded JPEG in the body of the email. This is an awesome program and I use it everyday it makes life so much easier!  
Derek Coombs, Tradebank SWO
I use the Universal Document Converter all the time! I am not a trained Graphic Designer and it allows me to create a document as a PDF and then make a JPEG image. From there I can do anything! Post on our website, Facebook, paste to documents... and so much more! It has been so easy to use and I recommend it to many people. 
Jessica Rieckhoff, Cambridge Schools
Universal Document Converter works with any application that can print a document. It allows you to convert a document to PDF, JPEG, TIFF and so on. To my mind, this sort of functionality is something you will like.  
Jerome Johnston, FindMySoft.com
We produce monthly reports that go out to exec members of the organization. These reports are produced in Excel and all the results are collaborated on a slide deck with spend analysis and information. We use the Universal Document Converter to copy the analysis to the slide deck. Before the Universal Document Converter the total file size of the slide decks were huge. Now using the Universal Document Converter we can get the file size down half as much...which is much better when sending out to a long list of execs within the organization as they do not appreciate large files in their mailboxes! 
Nick McMahon, Reuters Limited
In the preparation of our proposal document I use now Universal Document Converter to generate JPG files from pdf document or MS PowerPoint presentation. My objective is to insert the generated JPG files in our MS Word proposal document. The result is nice and the tool is very easy to use. It gives a very professional look and the quality is very good. 
Pol Chapelle, Account executive manager in Siemens Belgium
We opted finally for Universal Document Converter because it could be controlled by Visual Basic, had a typical interface of any other printer, and appeared excellent value. 
Greg Page, Page & Pearce
As a division we support our company as well as our subsidiaries with archive facilities. For that purpose, we are operating TOPAS, an IBM-HOST based archive with multifarious interfaces. So in winter 2004 there was a subtask to provide about 2,500 Microsoft-Word-Objekt to a part of our clients. Due to the fact that the archive-client doesn't support Microsoft Word documents, we decided to convert them into an usual archive format, the TIF-Format. We look for a tool to do this job. My internet research showed several tools, the second I tested was Universal Document Converter. Functionality and batch-processing, handling and performance were well capable. So I ordered the production release in Febr. 2004 and we did the job without any problems. 
Hassow Drews, BHF-BANK
Universal Document Converter provides an incredibly easy way perform a task that other software can make difficult. Great performance makes it very usable in high volume situations. We have tested many similar applications which claim to provide an image printer driver, but they prove only to be a slow application with several steps to complete before producing the image. Universal Document Converter is seamless when having multiple users on the same computer, it simply appears a windows printer and behaves as it should. Great work! 
Joey Vargas, California Credits Group, LLC.
As a software developer fCoder's Universal Document Converter has brought many benefits to my working environment a couple of which I will relate here. The ability to show customers the actual output generated in real time from a program cannot be understated. In the past, in order to have the same impact we have needed to carry printers around with us; using the Universal Document Converter allows us more freedom and the ability to provide copies to prospects in a form they can easily re-use. Working in a small company I often have to produce on-line help and documentation for the projects I work on. Universal Document Converter allows me to capture print output of any description and include it in printed documentation or HTML help files etc. Previously, I had to print to PDF and convert to JPEG which does not produce the quality of output that Universal Document Converter does. Well done to fCoder for an excellent product. 
Glenn Espie, School Solutions Ltd.
We have an automated Filemaker program that creates diamond memos on a form. There are several images and text, and we need these forms in a high quality JPG format. For each record, Filemaker prints to the Universal Document Converter printer with a standard file name, then exports a command line to a batch file and executes it to rename the file appropriately. It works every time without a flaw! The quality is excellent. I recommend Universal Document Converter to anyone who wants to print to a JPG file. 
Ken Hanson, GemEx Systems, Inc.
I have been very happy with Universal Document Converter as it has solved many of the problems that we experience as a printing bureau when dealing with the public. We have successfully used your program to print large posters from Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel to name but a few and we use it often to rasterise parts of documents supplied to us. It is far more predictable and successful than trying to produce a postscript file or any of the other options that we used previously. I would not hesitate to recommend your product to anyone. 
Gary Catlin, ColourKo
I've found Universal Document Converter to be very useful to use. I like the fact that I can create different types of output on the fly, control the DPI, form size, and other document attributes. 
Dale Lacy, Action Mailing, Inc.
We have been using the Universal Document Converter for the past six months. It enables us to easily create TIFF documents from PDF files. The graphics conversions work very well. The Universal Document Converter was easy to install, runs quickly, and is very reliable. The option settings and stored profiles enable us to conveniently change the output format and resolution, which gives us greater flexibility when creating TIFF files. Early in our usage, we found a minor technical issue that did not function as expected. fCoder Group, Inc. support was very responsive, quickly fixed the issue and provided us with an update. 
Gary Rosner, iCue Corp.
I originally purchased Universal Document Converter because we do a lot of Computer Aided Design using various CAD packages. Often CAD software packages, although great for design, do not have lots of options for printing and file conversion. We found that we could not always produce copies of our designs that could easily be printed, incorporated into documents or sent to clients, who don't use CAD, for design review. Universal Document Converter has eliminated those problems. 
Ric Otton, Dosec Innovations Pty. Ltd.
As a sales company with an in-house machine shop, we receive many different electronic files from our customers, including PDF files, CAD files, image files, and computer models. As the company engineer, I am constantly having to convert files from one type to another, and also make changes or add notes to drawings and customer documents so we can communicate both inside our company and to our vendors. Until we purchased Universal Document Converter, I had no way to modify these electronic documents without printing them out, writing or drawing on the prints, then re-scanning them to convert them back into electronic file formats. Not only was this process time-consuming, but often the results were not professional-looking.<br>Now, with Universal Document Converter, I can "print" any file from any application to an image file, then use my image-editing software to add notes or changes before printing or converting back into a new file. 
Scott Baer, Boedeker Plastics, Inc.
We're an engineering services firm specializing in contract drafting for the construction industry. As such we constantly receive contract documents in every format imaginable (DWG, PDF, TIF, JPEG) and some we've never heard of before. With Universal Document Converter we've never been unable to print out contract documents for our drafters to work with. Universal Document Converter has expanded the capabilities of our current large-format printers to include support for PDF & TIF documents. Its almost like having another printer, only Universal Document Converter doesn't take up any floor space in the office. In addition we send drawings to customers throughout the U.S. When they ask if we can supply them with a specific format, Universal Document Converter lets us answer 'We can do that'. Universal Document Converter is simple, easy to use and meets our needs week in and out. 
Tony Sherfinski, Nu-Way Engineering Corp.
We have been using Universal Document Converter for several months now, and to say the least, we are impressed. We bought it to use with AutoCAD, we frequently have to put an AutoCAD drawing in document for a client. AutoCAD was not made to do this sort of thing and doesn't do a very good job of it. When we first downloaded the trial version, we tested it with our biggest baddest DWG file, and as soon as we finished, we ordered the full version. Now we use it in almost every program that we have. This is quite possibly the best $70 we have spent in years. I use it almost everyday in some form or fashion. 
Jon Benton, FTN Associates, Ltd.
The Universal Document Converter offered by fCoder Group is an excellent product. Our team researched several document conversion packages prior to our purchase. The Universal Document Converter software not only offered more options, it was simple to incorporate and it was the most cost effective solution we could find. Being an engineer-to-order company, our needs focused around producing high quality image documents of detailed CAD drawings, both 2D and 3D. The Universal Document Converter delivered exactly that. To date, our users have not reported a single issue the software. And why should they? It's as easy as selecting the Universal Document Converter as your printer and hitting the print button. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a low-cost, high-quality solution for document conversion. 
Travis Clere, Ecodyne MRM, Inc.
We use the Universal Document Converter for converting our PDF-drawings to TIFF-Images. In the past we tried several other converting tools. But we were never pleased with the results of those programs. Especially converting colored PDF-drawings was difficult or even impossible, as yellow lines couldn't be seen in the converted Tiffs. Universal Document Converter was the first program that handled those drawings without problems. And it is also very easy to use. I can only recommend it to anyone who has to convert documents into TIFF or other picture-formats. Two-thumps-up for this great program! 
Fabian Grabau, Bozankaya Metall & Kunststoff GmbH
We were looking for a simple and economical method of rasterizing and/or obtaining image based output from standard desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project and other applications that supported OLE automation. Upon review, Universal Document Converter appeared to be a great fit. After purchasing Universal Document Converter, were able to eliminate much of our custom export code used to automate various applications. This is great as now we can support all applications in our presentation software. 
Scott Mummert, Collabricks Corporation
Document distribution is one of the most important parts of our business, without it we just couldn't survive. Working within the exhibition industry, we design, maintain and distribute exhibition floor plan layouts to literary thousands of people! Therefore it is essential that we can provide files to these people that are readable with the most basic software packages like Microsoft Internet Explorer for instance, not only that we need to provide high resolution files for our<br>clients to use in/on their brochures, websites and even large poster boards. Universal Document Converter is by far the best image file creator that I have found and the speed is incredible! The files we produce are from a CAD package and printing to Universal Document Converter is far superior to the built in export functions, now that's good. I can't recommend it enough! 
Jason Canning, Event Floorplans Ltd.
Universal Document Converter lives up to its claim that converts almost any document, including Microsoft Word file, Adobe PDF, Web page, Microsoft PowerPoint graph and so on, to widely use graphics format. It is extremely easy to use and does not require any special application interface. Universal Document Converter supports various image formats and resolutions, contains pre-built profiles covering the most typical conversion tasks and features flexible settings. Software installation was straightforward with a special Universal Document Converter printer created. The program is pretty user friendly. If you ever printed documents to a printer, you'll be able to start using Universal Document Converter in no time. It is a very handy tool should document need to convert to image format. 
Albert Lai, HWS Group
We use the Universal Document Converter software to image over 2000 documents a day for use with a high volume website. In approximately 7 months of solid 4 hours a day usage, it has not failed once. We are an extremely satisfied customer. The price/features ratio is a knockout. 
Andrew Rollings, HDI Solutions, Inc.
Part of my duties is to create customer announcement documents for new versions of our Point-Of-Sale software. Before Universal Document Converter, there was not a good way for me to include copies of sample reports without printing them out and scanning them into an electronic format, which was time consuming and did not always produce the best quality. Now, with Universal Document Converter, I can simply "print" to a graphics file. It was very easy to use and learn. It paid for itself in the first hour of use. Thank you for making this product available. 
Harold Guthrie, DRB Systems, Inc.
We use Universal Document Converter in an ocean wave data collection system to output to a gif file, time-series plots of wave height, wave period and direction received from a Datawell Mark II directional wave buoy deployed off the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. These plots are updated three hourly to the web. Universal Document Converter makes it easy for me to generate the plots from a Time-Series Management software tool (TIDEDA) using its standard print function. Since Universal Document Converter appears as another Printer Device in the Windows Printers Dialog, I only need to specify this as the output device. I find Universal Document Converter a very useful tool that is simple, well presented, and extremely easy to use. 
Jeremy Walsh, NIVA Group
We have been using Universal Document Converter for approximately 6 months and have found it a very useful tool. We use it to convert AutoCAD DWG files to raster image files such as JPEG or Bitmap. There really aren't many products out there that do those conversions. We found that Universal Document Converter gave us the greatest variety of choices for document conversion. 
Jim Kleiner, Caltech Surveys Ltd.
As a software developer who has to deal with many different third-party imaging tools on an almost daily basis, I can say without hesitation that Universal Document Converter is the most stable and the handiest tool I've got. Other packages I have used simply max out the system memory and stop working if you try to convert a really large file to image. Universal Document Converter does not have such memory problems and has worked quickly and effectively with files of all sizes. I also appreciate the user interface as it is powerful and easy to configure for any application you might need. It allows you to save configurations that you use often so that you don't have to change the settings manually every time you switch tasks. Overall, I recommend Universal Document Converter to anyone who even thinks they might need it, because you can't beat this much bang for so few bucks. 
Eric Whitlow, ACS, Inc.
Universal Document Converter is a very easy to use tool to print documents to graphics. No matter if you have Microsoft Word or PDF-documents - it's easy to print them all to graphics. You can use various image formats and resolutions, there are some pre-built profiles but you can save your own settings using the profile-manager in the printers menu. There are many output formats included, which can be very helpful. Not only TIFF but also JPEG, BMP, GIF, PCX and DCX can be selected as output format. We didn't expect to find a program of this comfort and user-friendliness for that cheap price. We're looking forward to the new version. 
Anton Moser, FIWA Group
Purchase Full Featured Version
If you intend to install Universal Document Converter for more than one user, you need to purchase the corresponding license. For example, if Universal Document Converter is used by 9 users the right license for you is "Business license for up to 10 users". Please keep in mind that in this case each copy will cost you $35 compared to $69 for a single license.
Business License
Price per copy
for single user
up to 5 users
up to 10 users
up to 20 users
up to 50 users
$1 250
up to 100 users
$2 000
If you have more users in your office or any questions about our licensing or pricing policy, please send your request to us at sales@unitedaddins.co
To use Universal Document Converter as a network printer, you should have an appropriate license corresponding to the number of clients who use Universal Document Converter on your server. 
Using Universal Document Converter as a network printer dramatically increases the efficiency in solving complex tasks . Your server with shared Universal Document Converter will take care of multipage documents and large drawings while allowing users to carry on their work without waiting for the conversion process to finish.
1. Server settings
  • System requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000Windows XP, or Windows 2003.
  • Install Universal Document Converter. This computer will function as a print server. It will rasterize documents and save them as image files. Output files will also be saved on this computer if you do not specify some other network location for them.
  • Share the installed copy of Universal Document Converter using Start->Settings->Printers. Specify UDC as the network printer name.
    Share Universal Document Converter as network printing
    Note! To enable network printing, users must be logged in on the server. If you need to forbid access on the server you can use the Lock Computer option instead of Log Out.
2. Workstation settings
  • System requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000Windows XP, or Windows 2003.
  • If a workstation has a copy of Universal Document Converter installed locally with a version number different from the one installed on your server, remove the local printer using Start->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs.
  • If a workstation has Universal Document Converter installed over the network with a version number different from the one installed on your server, remove it using
    Start->Settings->Printers and pressing the DEL button.
  • Restart the workstation if you have removed an older versions of the program.
  • Install the network printer by pressing Add Printer in Start->Settings->Printers and selecting the UDC network printer located on the server.
    Add network printer wizard 
You can now start your work!
Licensing Models
Three different licensing options for Universal Document Converter are available depending on your environment: 
  1. Regular licensing - limited number of users accessing your application.If you are developing small or medium automation systems and you know how many users would use Universal Document Converter, you need a regular "Business License" corresponding to the number of users who would use your application. This license allows you to use Universal Document Converter from your application, install Universal Document Converter on every user's computer and let them use it as stand-alone application or share it over the network.
    We provide great discounts for developers or IT specialists, so this licensing option is the most flexible and convenient.
  2. Server license - unlimited access to your application which functions as a server-side system.This license allows you to install Universal Document Converter on one server and access it locally from your application. This license doesn't allow installing Universal Document Converter on end-users' computers and doesn't allow sharing Universal Document Converter over the network. Server license costs $999.
  3. Developer license - unlimited number of users accessing your application with distribution.This license allows you to include Universal Document Converter into distribution with your application for an unlimited number of users. You can't distribute or re-sell Universal Document Converter as a stand-alone application. The developer license costs $4500.