3-Heights™ Document Converter


3-Heights™ Document Converter

The 3-Heights™ Document Converter is a company-wide solution for converting all popular file formats to PDF, PDF/A and TIFF

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The 3-Heights™ Document Converter is a company-wide solution for converting all popular file formats to PDF, PDF/A and TIFF. It addresses various requirements in the field of conversion, in particular:

  • Making documents archivable (especially MS Office documents)
  • Migrating existing archives
  • Exchanging documents
  • Fulfilling standards (ISO) and security requirements
  • Archiving websites
  • Archiving email
  • Standardizing the variety of formats across the corporation
3-Heights™ Document Converter
Product Variants

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition of the 3-Heights™ Document Converters not only offers the conversion of the common work documents, such as Office documents, to PDF, but also the conversion of entire websites and emails.
This makes it especially suitable for processing incoming mail and for archiving emails with attachments and Office documents in the long term. Additional formats can be added thanks to its plug-in architecture.

The Enterprise Edition features an API and a web-service, which allows a simple and quick integration in existing environments. Due to its high speed, availability and scalability it can be implemented as a ready-to-use solution in companies of any size.

SME Edition

The Small-Medium Enterprise Edition offers all essential feature that are required for the document conversion to PDF/A or TIFF by small and medium companies, which do not maintain their own IT department. Besides Office documents, all common image formats can be converted and there is an option to integrate an OCR engine.

This variety of formats enables secure incoming and downstream processing as well as long-term archiving in PDF or PDF/A format. The optional digital signature functionality guarantees document authenticity and integrity.

The SME Edition does not require Terminal Server and allows an interactive monitoring and operating of the service.

Technical Details
Input Formats
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • Documents from older versions of Microsoft Office
  • Simple text
  • WordPerfect
  • HTML*
  • Outlook (MSG)*
  • PDF
  • Internet Mail Message Format*
  • Image files (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, JBIG2, JPX, GIF, BMP, etc.)
  • ZIP and TAR archives
  • Plug-ins for customer-specific formats
Output Formats
  • PDF/A
  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • Standards: ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A-1), ISO 19005-2 (PDF/A-2), ISO 19005-3 (PDF/A-3), ISO 32000 (PDF 1.7), TIFF V6
  • Isartor Testsuite
Installation Requirements (Server)
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008,
    2008 R2 – 32 and 64 Bit
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0
  • Microsoft Office 2003 or higher (recommended 2007 or higher)
Operating Systems (Client)
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 – 32 and 64 Bit
  • Watched file folders
  • Watched email folders via IMAP*
  • Command line for batch processing*
  • API*
  • Shell extension for Windows Explorer
  • Web-service*
Programming Languages

A selection of the following connections to programming languages is available:

  • C#, VB .NET, J# via .NET*
  • Java via JNI*
  • MS Visual Basic, VBA and C++ via COM*
  • C and C++ via native C*

Text recognition via OCR Add-On

*) Only available in the Enterprise Edition



  • Conversion of a variety of formats, such as Office documents, to PDF/A and TIFF
  • Conversion of emails and websites*
  • Support for nested containers such as emails with ZIP attachments that also contain a number of emails
  • Support for proprietary formats*
  • Digital signature
  • Encryption
  • Fast web-view thanks to linearization
  • Metadata management
  • Merge files
  • File compression
  • Compliance check
  • Load balancing*
  • OCR (optional)
3-Heights™ Document Converter


There are various ways of integrating this component. The following interfaces are available:
  • Watched file folders
  • Watched email folders via IMAP*
  • Shell extension for Windows Explorer
  • Programming interface*
  • Command line for batch processing*
  • Web-service*
*) Only available in the Enterprise Edition
Properties and Benefits
The 3-Heights™ Document Converter is scalable and supports load balancing. The solution can be integrated into existing application landscapes and is easily adapted to suit specific requirements. Robust application management achieves high service availability and low maintenance expenditure.
Performance Characteristics
  • Highly scalable distributed architecture (multi-tier)
  • Robust operation with monitoring and both automatic and periodical precautionary application restarts
  • Verification function for ensuring strict ISO standard compliance and monitoring (Validator)
  • Modular design extendible via plug-ins
  • Application integration via API and web service
  • Downstream document enhancement for OCR, digital signatures, assembly, validation and much more
  • Automatic gatekeeper function
  • Cloud-ready
Areas of Use
Incoming Mail
Incoming file scans and emails are received by the 3-Heights™ Document Converter inbox. Email messages and all the attachments are merged to form one single document. Optionally, it can recognize text via OCR, supplement metadata, add digital signatures, compress files and condition them for further processing within the company.
Outgoing Mail
The 3-Heights™ Document Converter employed in email dispatch converts digital documents to PDF/A or PDF prior to sending.
The archive module of the 3-Heights™ Document Converter processes digital documents from all areas of the company. These can be emails, websites, Office documents or other documents. It converts them to a standard format, completes metadata and checks the result for compliance with the standard. As a gatekeeper it ensures that only compliant documents are transferred to the long-term archive.
Other Areas of Use
  • Archive migration
  • Online conversion service
  • Company-wide conversion portal
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