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    Copernic Agent Professional

    More Than a Simple Web Search Engine. Copernic Agent makes every Web search a super-search with this intelligent tool, trusted by millions of users worldwide.

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    Copernic Desktop Search

    Stop searching, find your files and emails fast.¬†Instantly search files, e-mails, and e-mail attachments stored anywhere on your PC’s hard drive. The application executes sub second searching of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, Acrobat PDFs, multimedia, etc.

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    Copernic Summarizer

    Copernic’s easy-to-use summarizing software dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating concise document summaries of any file or Web page so you spend considerably less time reading without missing any important information.

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    Instantly Search Terabytes of Text

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    UltraFinder is your personal search engine for your PC, network, and remote servers! Find every file, every word, every string, every duplicate and everything else you need in seconds…on your hard drive, shared network volumes, backup and removable drives, or FTP/SFTP servers!

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    X1 makes accurate searching fast and easy – so you can instantly find and act on the information you need.