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    Document Management
    Almost all MindManager® users link documents and files into their maps. OPTi-Docs allows Project Managers, Technical Authors, Project Teams, Lawyers and Solicitors manage their documents with MindManager®.

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    Project Management
    PRINCE2® is one of the most successful project management methods of the last twenty years and its popularity & use increases every year. Now with OPTi-P2 you can manage your PRINCE2 projects in MindManager®.

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    Quality Management
    System documentation can be daunting. OPTi-Q makes controlling your QMS easy. Based on ISO 9000, OPTi-Q makes the difference in successful delivery of the QMS.

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    Flexible MS Word Export
    OPTi-Word is a very flexible alternative export routine allowing you more selective control when exporting your MindManager Maps to MS Word.

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    Mindjet and Microsoft Word combined to make an extremely powerful authoring solution. Creating and authoring full, rich documentation has just become powerful and easy with Word4Maps. Create Topic based documents from a single line to a complete book. Create Dashboard Maps for frequently required documents enabling quick access editing & document production. Utilize the full power of images, tables, foot notes and more… Create feature rich text to use as alternative/additional Topic Notes & export your maps with the built-in export to produce high quality documents the way you want them!

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